What is the difference between mace and pepper spray?

This question has been asked a few times so I figured I would go ahead and answer it here. There is a bit of confusion on the part of consumers and that is obvious by this question.

Mace is a household brand name like Kleenex or Saran Wrap. That is where the confusion comes into play, when you buy another brand of tissue instead of buying Kleenex you still get tissues just different qualities and frills.

Mace is one of the most trusted names in the self defense spray industry and rightfully so as their products are top notch.

But to ram home the idea let me state clearly Mace makes pepper spray as well. BUT they also offer other types (original Mace CN,CS). So to say Mace is different than pepper spray is like saying Kleenex is different than tissues. So now we are clear Mace is a brand of defensive sprays not a specific type of defensive spray.

So you can buy pepper spray from Mace or PepperShot or one of the other major brands. But from Mace you can also get other CN or CS sprays as well as Michigan approved sprays. The also have combo sprays which have all 3 OC, CN and CS.

So what should the real question be? That’s easy!

Ok, what the hell is OC, CN and CS gas?

Just a super fast explanation because I already have 2 whole articles on this subject which you can find here, “which pepperspray is right for me?” and “Best Self defense spray – OC, CN or CS?”.

Ok, OC is what pepper spray contains. It is derived from various insanely hot peppers and is 100% natural and eco friendly; just to list a very few advantages of OC or as you know it pepper spray.

Now CN is a man made chemical as is CS, both are identified as possibly containing carcinogens which we all know can cause cancer. These were the original chemicals used to create the first tear gas, defensive sprays etc..

That is why people mistakenly think of Mace and pepper spray as being two different things. Mace has been permanently intertwined with CN and CS.

I hope all of this helps you to make a more informed decision as you investigate which defensive spray is best for you to use.

Be sure to check out the Mace brand pepper sprays, they are top quality and preferred by law enforcement and the security community due to the trust they have garnered over the years for these products.

Stay safe and be sure to aim for their face then run like hell!

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