The Best Portable Hidden Surveillance Cameras

With all of the new miniaturization technology coming out in the last few years we have had an increase in the availability of portable hidden surveillance cameras. These days you can get a camera into just about anything which makes finding the right camera for your needs much easier than ever before.

Due to Federal regulations, hidden cameras that can be permanently installed are not permitted to record audio because of the possibility of many different types of abuse. But thankfully this doesn’t apply when it comes to portable hidden surveillance cameras which are allowed to record audio as well as video.

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous types of portable hidden surveillance cameras and the following list only covers a small portion but it will at least give you a good idea of some of your current options.

Spy Camera Video Watch – Just like it sounds, this is a wrist watch that has a built in color camera, microphone and DVR. The watch itself is fully functional and looks very stylish so you can wear it all the time if you choose to do so which is a key benefit of this particular portable hidden surveillance camera. Since you can wear it all the time should you need to record video and audio at any time you will have it there handy and ready to use!

Digital Camera Spy Pen – This is a fully functional ball point pen that has a built in color camera, microphone and DVR. You can carry this device in your pocket or even set it down on a table while you record the audio and video you wanted to catch. Because it is a working pen, you can use it all the time and keep it with you for any time you may need either a pen or to record something.

Spy Camera Sunglasses – These are very modern looking polarized sunglasses with a built in color camera, microphone and flash memory that can record both audio and video without anyone knowing. The camera shoots out the top of the sunglasses frame allowing you to capture video for whatever direction you are facing. To double the memory you can simply add a 4 gigabyte micro SD card using the included slot. It even has a built in MP-3 player so you can enjoy your music when not using it to record audio and video.

Any of the portable hidden surveillance cameras listed above would be great for capturing whatever audio or video you need recorded. Best of all they are all inexpensive in comparison to larger, stationary hidden cameras.

Stay safe,

The Judge

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