Police use a Taser on a pregnant woman

I learned this lesson a few times the hard way back when I was young and stupid but you would hope a pregnant woman would think of her baby before she acted.

I refer to disagreeing directly with the police and their instructions. That never works out well for you, trust me. When you disagree with the police you take the ticket and then fight it in court. If not it will cost you much more.

30-year-old Tiffany Rent who is 8 months pregnant learned this lesson the hard way in Chicago on Tuesday. She allegedly was trying to console her daughter when she parked in a handicap parking spot at the local Walgreens.

It seems the police, who must have been in the parking lot somewhere, pulled behind her right away and started to give her a ticket. She gave them the trying to console daughter so I had to pull into a handicap spot versus the next spot over story but the police didn’t buy it.

Evidently, Tiffany got pissed and got out her car, got the ticket and tore it up in front of the officer. Bad move there I know from experience except it was before the age of video so it was not a fun time for me for sure.

She then went to go get back into her car and close the door but the police were ordering her to not move. At this time the police used a Taser on her threw her window from what she said.

Now I would be freaking out if I believed the cops did this even though they thought she was pregnant instead of just obese but in this day of morbid obesity there are plenty of people, both men and women, that could have 5 babies in there and not look any different.

No offense but looking at the video I could not tell she was pregnant, she just looks heavy around the middle. You can see the video here http://www.wtsp.com/news/national/article/258314/81/Police-use-stun-gun-on-pregnant-woman-

Lesson here, Tiffany knew she was pregnant. Had she been smart she would have fought it in court and got it thrown out but instead she got zapped, arrested and charged. You never fight with the cops, period. You will always come out on the losing end of that fight.

Your time to fight is in court, not on the street with the officers. Take the ticket and move on with your day as the alternatives are much worse. Thankfully in this case it is said that her baby is going to be fine so thank God there and hopefully a lesson has been learned.

Stay smart and safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

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