Naked and Crazed Cannibal shot to death by Police

This story sounds more like a bad horror movie than reality but it did really happen today in Miami. It all started when a witness saw a naked man “eating the face off another man” and flagged down police.

When the officer got on scene he found a naked man tearing the face and neck off another guy with his frigging teeth! He yelled for the psycho to stop attacking the other man but he would not stop.

The officer then shot the man and he STILL wouldn’t stop eating this guy’s face so the cop unloaded on him finally killing the man.

Police believe the man may have been in a drug fueled craze but toxicology will soon tell us for sure. Either way this guy was long gone in the brain.

How anyone could do such a thing to another human being, even on drugs, is beyond me. The fact he was unarmed will have some idiots crying foul but if it was them or someone they love whose face was being EATEN OFF by some psycho they would say the same as I do, well done officer!

The moment this nutbag decided to pounce on someone else and treat them like steak tartar he sealed his fate in my eyes.

What a world we live in! To see actual video from this crazy scene go here

Stay safe out there.

Charles Dougherty

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