Man Pepper Sprayed by Police after Road Rage Incident

On March 30th in Butler County, Pa. Ricky Allison, of Slippery Rock rammed the car of another man in what appears to be possibly a case of mistaken identity.

It seems good old dumb as a rock Ricky thought his wife was in the car he was ramming but of course he was wrong. To show just how stupid this man is after ramming Vaughn Bowser’s car he followed him to a police station where he rammed him again.

Of course the topper was Ricky decided to try and run when the cops came towards him but he got his car stuck in a ditch at which time the police Pepper Sprayed this moron just prior to arresting him.

Let’s just hope this moron isn’t breeding although I would bet he probably has at least a few running around that he isn’t paying for….just a guess. ;)

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty
pepper spray

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