Good Samaritan foils kidnapping

In Tampa Florida 35 year old Lisa Baker had been allegedly kidnapped at knife point by 54 year old Marcus A. Young. Baker told police that she knew Young and they had got into an altercation earlier that day.

He then used a knife to tie her up and duct tape her mouth shut before placing her in the back seat of his white Blazer SUV.

Another driver had pulled up next to the Blazer on the highway and he say Lisa Baker in the back seat tied up and her mouth taped. She had pressed her face against the window to be sure th driver saw her and he then called police.

They stopped the SUV moments later and arrested Mr. Young and rescued Ms. Baker who was later taken to a local hospital and released.

None of the reports I have found list the good Samaritans name, but whomever he is I have one thing to say to you. GOOD JOB BUD!

More people need to taken an active stance against crime and maybe we can finally live in a better world.

Stay safe out there!

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