Florida man arrested for 134th time – yup you read that right

I am not sure what is wrong there in Florida but 134 arrests? How does anyone get that many chances to change their life? The judicial system in that state is in obvious need of some serious adjustments to say the least.

Thomas Edward Fuller, a.k.a. Snake Snake has a career criminal arrest record spanning over 33 years and now 134 arrests. This lowlife was last arrested on breaking into a church who now has decided not to press charges.

I guess if you want to commit crime Florida is the place for you, just glad I don’t live there. For those that do live there be sure to get your Mace Pepper Spray Gun or a good old fashioned C2 Taser to ensure that Snake Snake, what an idiot, or someone like him doesn’t have the chance to do something to you.

To Father Fredrick Robinson, old Snake snake’s next victim will be on your head if he doesn’t get convicted because you say it is your fault for not locking a door. What is wrong with you? This guy is pure scum and someone will pay the price for your bad judgment.

They need to throw this piece of trash under the jail to be sure he doesn’t get yet another opportunity to prey on the fine people of Florida who don’t deserve to be constantly let down by the local judicial system. Shame on all of you who gave this guy plea deal after plea deal.

To see a montage of this scumbag’s mugshots go to http://www.wtsp.com/news/topstories/article/254016/250/EXTRA-Sarasota-man-arrested-134-times.

Stay safe out there!

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