21 year old Maryland Man arrested for Cannibalism

You may be thinking “is this another one of those so-called zombie attacks”? Well the answer is no, this is just some severely psychotic whack job that decided to munch on some other guy.

21 year old Alexander Kinyua was arrested and has confessed to killing and eating the heart and brains of 37-year-old Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie who was a Ghanaian national and a former master’s degree student in a local college.

Agyei-kodie disappeared “after going out to jog” according to the Kinyua family. The police got a call from Alexander’s father stating that his other son had found human remains in the basement of their home.

After being confronted by his family Alexander tried to say they were animal remains not human. He also tried to hide them in another part of the house and clean out the metal containers that he had them in.

After executing a search warrant the police were able to find where he had hid the head and hands and Kinyua was arrested.

Here’s what bugs me about all of this. First the victim was here on a student visa but went to jail in 2008 for a fourth-degree sex offense, harassment and stalking conviction for which he served 18 months yet was still in the country.

Second was the fact that Kinyua has been showing signs of upcoming issues for a while before this happened. He used to be a decent student and was even in ROTC. Although classified by other students as “always in his own little world, preaching everywhere he went and talking about how he was writing a book”, he sounds pretty normal.

Well I guess I should have said used to seem pretty normal. Earlier this year in January he was dismissed from ROTC following a “disciplinary incident”. In may he took a baseball bat to the skull of a fellow classmate in what was classified as a random attack and not to mention crazy writings including on his Facebook page. There were definite signs of trouble brewing.

For the baseball thing alone he should have still been in prison. Whenever you decide to take a baseball bat to the cranium of someone you are deciding you want to kill them as that will often be the result.

The poor kid he attacked is reported as to have lost sight in one eye from this horrendous attack as well as having numerous skull, arm and shoulder fractures. It sounds like he really tuned up this poor kid who is reportedly named Joshua Ceasar.

In my opinion many people dropped the ball here from family, friends and the justice system that let 2 people put up their homes to bail this nut bag out. Someone should have done something. I guess we should feel lucky he only killed one person who seems to have been of questionable character himself.

I can only say other than the “bath salts zombies”, you don’t get many people who actually consume their victims which I have to admit is little comfort to me.

This guy is the perfect example of how sick we can be as a human race and it behooves us to take some precautions with a good keychain pepper spray or even a civilian Taser. Anything you can do to give you that edge should you ever run across one of the crazies out there you should do!

Stay safe and in one piece,

Charles Dougherty

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