Should we dump ALL social services? Pt.1

Well the short answer is hell no! But we sure do need to revamp the entire system in order to ensure only those truly in need utilize the services as well as keeping it from becoming overly costly to all of us.

I don’t know the actual numbers or even if our government actually knows how much we are being ripped off by crooks each year through the misuse of social services but I have seen numbers in the hundreds of millions and some even billions lost each year as per various watchdog sites.

Here in Texas, the republican state government which it really is now since they have a super majority, is doing all that it can to cut social services and right now seem to be doing all they can to make an already mediocre educational system even worse by cutting deep into the school systems causing them to dump huge numbers of teachers and increase classroom sizes. But I digress.

My point is simple. Social services are needed to keep people from suffering when they can be helped and this holds true especially for the children, the elderly and the mentally and physically disabled. We have to do this, it is what makes us human beings and not animals.

The problem is that there will always be scumbags that try to beat the system and this is where some changes could stop that from occurring as much.

Take the welfare system for example. This alone is nothing but a money sinkhole as it currently stands. There is little enforcement and tons of abuse. That system is broken but can be easily fixed.

Each state should create a “job bank”. Yes I know that this will compete with temp agencies but they can work deals to get staff from the job bank as well or something or go out of business. It would be a small price to pay to drop our tax bills by billions without screwing over our fellow human beings.

When you go on welfare you would HAVE to go to training in some field so that you can be either temp’d out to some company, used in service of the state or hired off. In my welfare system … everyone works, no free rides!

As for the training, we could work deals with various companies in each state to offer training to the job bank workers in various occupations. This benefits the companies by giving them a free look at potential employees and helps us get people working.

Also there is no having children while on welfare. You have to either agree to birth control and not having kids until you can afford them or go it on your own without welfare!

You may be saying but what if they have kids already when they go on welfare, how can they work and train? Easy state run daycare’s staffed by job bank trained employees or third party companies that hire from the job bank that offers childcare at a reasonable rate for job bank workers until they leave the bank.

Even with the daycare and training costs it would keep people from being on welfare for years if they have to work anyway they might as well go find a better paying job instead of leeching off of us and in the long run save tons of money.

Welfare should be a hand up not a hand out!

I got rambling so long here I’ll have to come back to rant about the other social services later in another part of this series which will now be at least 2 parts :).

Be safe!

The Judge

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