Parents refuse treatment to 4 year old after being shot

21-year-old Tyshonna Mercedez Blades and 20-year-old Thomas Charles Sumlin are in it deep now after their 4 year old got a hold of a gun and shot herself.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, these two idiots decide the wound isn’t that bad and that it would cause them too much trouble with the law if they took her to the hospital or a doctor for help.

The parents tried to say that the child must have found the gun at the Days Inn hotel room they were all staying in together. They both are swearing up and down it wasn’t their gun.

The problem? The cops allegedly found a matching holster, clip and ammo for the gun at the home of these two rocket scientists.

While this is all being investigated the child and her two siblings were all taken in to state’s custody.

At least for now those children are safe. They need to neuter and spay these two so that they are unable to procreate ever again with anyone.

They have both shown that neither is worthy of being a parent to any child.

Hopefully these two will do a lot of time and those children will finds a foster home far away from those two idiots.

It also stated in the news story that Sumlin’s mother, Deanna Edwards, also was arrested for allegedly attempting to stop investigators from getting to her son.

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Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

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