Man irons shirt on his 18 month old daughter’s back

43-year-old Elliott Moore pleaded guilty on Wednesday to aggravated battery to a child in a case which sickens me to my core.

This “man” and I use that term loosely actually said he was having trouble ironing his shirt and since his 18 month old precious little girl was in his lap he decided to use her back as an ironing board leaving a large, open burn on her back.

This needs to be a tit for tat here when it comes to someone hurting a child. Whatever they did should be visited upon them 3 fold. They should iron clothes on his back, stomach and legs until he is at LEAST as burnt in each spot as she was on her back. Not this measly 12 years in prison that he got, which is no more than a slap on the wrist. Sad.

How anyone could that to a child let alone your own child is beyond me. This guy is a waste of air and space and should get much worse than 12 years in jail.

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Charles Dougherty

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