Father beats man molesting his 4 year old girl to death

This past weekend here in Texas a man came across an acquaintance that he has hired from time to time to work on his ranch, molesting the rancher’s 4 year old daughter.

As any of us would, he jumped into action and in the process of, well let’s say subduing the pervert, he died. Thankfully if this was going to happen, it happened here in Texas.

Here we have a right to defend ourselves, our loved ones, our property and a third person with the use of deadly force should it be deemed necessary at the time.

I am pleased to say that at least so far, they haven’t even arrested the father of the poor little girl this freak was violating for beating that pervert to death, I mean subduing him. ;)

I know some of you out there are saying that it was wrong for him to subdue the man to death but I have to ask you. What you you do if you walked up and caught someone molesting your poor innocent little baby girl? What? Say please stop that sir. No, you would lose it on the guy at least if you cared at all about your baby and what happened to him from there was on him.

This is one less piece of trash in the prison system and in this particular case I have to applaud the father for doing what I would have done, subdue him to death, accidentally of course.

I hope that sweet little baby girl is young enough to never ever remember this incident as she grows up and my thoughts go out to her.

Well done dad!

Read the news story here http://www.kens5.com/news/158375525.html

Stay safe and keep an eye out, it is a sick world!

Charles Dougherty

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