ADHD may be linked with pesticides in our foods

You know it is sad that we have let things get so out of control in our country. Under the guise of free market capitalism, unscrupulous people driven by nothing but greed have polluted our food supply in order to line their pockets with boatloads of money.

Now whether they actually even consider our health is beyond me but I do know that they seem to ignore it if they do. The only way to really limit the amount of poisons we take into our body is by growing our own food without any chemicals at all.

You see, pesticides that are on our food wind up inside of us. Recently, researchers have found: “Kids with higher-than-average levels of one pesticide marker were nearly twice as likely to be diagnosed with ADHD as children who showed no traces of the poison.”

This may explain why the number of kids diagnosed with ADHD is on the rise and it wouldn’t surprise me if they found out next that this is also why we have the increase in Autism.

These poisons work by messing with the nervous system of bugs but it has similar effects on humans and they are absorbed by the plants through runoff and penetration. This means we are ingesting this stuff!

We have to stop this “it’s all about the money” mentality. If it screws up the free market then so be it. It is better than the alternative of killing us all off. It is hard to make money on dead people!

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Stay safe!

The Judge

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