5 Teenagers die in car crash in New York

This is a very sad sad story. Tonight in New York, 5 teenage girls died when their SUV veered into the path of an oncoming tractor trailer, killing all of them instantly.

It is believed that the driver may have been “texting” on her phone at the time of the accident. Police ruled out drugs and alcohol but say inexperience, speed and distraction may have caused this crash.

The girls were finishing a passing maneuver when for some unknown reason they veered into the path of the tractor trailer. Like I said at the start this is a sad story.

We all remember what we were like at 16-17 even 18. With a bunch of friends in the car common sense goes right ut the door along with attention to the road. Today it is ten times worse with all of the gizmos the kids have to draw their attention away.

It may be time to rethink things. Parents may need to become less flexible to their kids. Maybe even go as far as to invest in the monitoring systems they are coming out with that allow you to see your child as they drive, along with speed and other factors. This way you can see what kind of driver your child really is.

Listen this isn’t anything new, when I was young I had a bunch of friends die in a rollover accident back in my home state. They were speeding, drinking and screwing around when they wrecked. This story has played out all over America and to be honest I am lucky to not have been a story myself.

I am not sure of the answer to this problem but we all have seen how bad teens drive on the road, even when they aren’t getting into accidents. We need to come up with even more restrictions on the children and it will be tougher on parents but I guarantee it will be less rough than what the poor parents of those girls are going to have to go through.

Now before I go off on my tangent I want to state that by no means I am saying this tragedy was caused by cellphones since there is no way to tell WHO was texting on the drivers phone at the time of the accident, it may have been a p

Cell phone usage should be banned while driving for all people. Many may disagree but I can point out who is on the phone by how they drive. People on phones drift in their lanes, ride the brakes and can’t keep a constant speed, they make last minute turns with no turn signal because it would require them to put the phone down, they tailgate with open lanes, they rear end cars at red lights not paying attention it goes on and on.

Watch for these behaviors, not all will be on the phone some are just horrific, ignorant drivers but most of the time you can tell the gabbers. Do everyone a favor and make a choice: drive or use the flippin phone not both!

When I get a call I want to answer I pull over, if I can’t then it rolls to voice mail and I return it when I can. I haven’t had an accident or ticket in over 15 years…coincidence? I doubt it.

Stay safe out there!

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