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Bullied teen expelled for taking stun gun to school for protection

Lipstick Stun GunHaving our children be armed, even with non-lethal self defense weapons is a risky proposition due to immaturity and peer pressure to do something stupid. This has been shown time after time by kids firing off pepper sprays in school, not to defend themselves mind you they were just screwing around. So when a case like this young man who was expelled for bringing a stun gun to school for protection, it leaves you thinking as to what else we can do to protect our kids.

This young man is an openly gay student and although it shouldn't, it opened him up to ridicule and bullying by other kids in his school. In fact, the stun gun was found because he was cornered by 6 or more kids and pulled it out and fired it in the air to protect himself. Now since it seems the schools and the parents don't seem to be doing enough to stop bullying, what else was he to do?

Kids are dieing by their own hands because they can't take being bullied anymore and we should be ashamed of ourselves that this is a problem that has not been resolved by now. You can read more on the story below.

A bullied teen who was expelled for bringing a stun gun to school for protection is suing Indianapolis Public Schools, WISH-TV reports.

Darnell “Dynasty” Young, 17, says he was bullied because he is openly gay and that his mother, fearing for his safety, gave him a stun gun to ward off bullies at Arsenal Technical High School.

The incident that led to Young’s expulsion occurred on April 16, when six students allegedly surrounded him during a passing period and threatened to beat him. Young then pulled the weapon from his bag and fired it into the air. He was first expelled until January 7, 2013 for having the device, but the district reduced the penalty so Young could start the fall semester on time, according to the Indianapolis Star

WISH-TV reports that Indianapolis Public Schools initially assigned him to the New Horizons Alternative School, but Young declined this invitation to return to the district, electing instead to finish his senior year at Indianapolis Metropolitan High School, a charter school.

In a federal lawsuit filed Friday, Young and his mother, Chelsea Grimes, claim district officials did nothing to stop the “relentless, severe harassment” he was subjected to at school….More at Darnell 'Dynasty' Young, Gay Student Expelled For Firing Stun Gun At School … – Huffington Post

This has been an issue for a long time and far too many good kids have died as a result of complacency. Check out the links below for more stories to prove the point, bullying has caused suicides, school shootings and substance abuse. This is exactly why we our students falling on the list in the world showing our education levels drop to other countries.

Without a strong educational system our country is doomed and providing a safe environment for them is key. All schools should be uniformed to get the whole using school as a fashion show crap. School is where you go to learn…period! Anything else other than school groups, are a waste of time. Schools should also have surveillance cameras in every classroom and hallway so there is no getting away with bad behavior. Schools and the parents of school aged children, need to get tough!

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Just months after being stabbed 32 times a young woman continues her life

On January 24th, 20 year old Melissa Dohme, was trying to get some sleep because she had a nine o’clock class the next day but she kept getting calls and texts from Robert Lee Burton Jr., her ex-boyfriend.

It seems he was begging and crying for her to just come outside and give him a hug and sadly she did. She grabbed her keys and pepper spray and went outside and was immediately attacked by her lowlife ex.

He began punching and stabbing her and bear in mind he is 250ish pounds and 6 foot 4 inches to her meager 5 foot frame. At one point he must not have been satisfied with the damage his pocket knife was doing to her so he went to his truck and got a much larger knife and then began using that on her.

32 times that coward stabbed her until he finally decided he had done enough to her and he left. Some good Samaritans came by and tried to stop him while the attack took place but the guy scared them off and he continued attack until he felt like stopping.

Thankfully a police officer was close by and came and got emergency services on the way. Poor Melissa lost a ton of blood from him hitting arteries and how she made it is pure inner strength because that attack would have killed most people.

They need to execute this trashy little bastard, slowly! He really needs to pay a price. Thankfully she is getting her life back on track but once again it is all due to her inner strength and force of will.

Now to switch gears to have some good come from this let’s pull some life lessons from this. To ALL of the women out there in the world there is one thing you need to understand…any man that puts his hands on you in anger is no real man and does not give the smallest care for you.

No man would EVER hurt the woman he loves…period! The day he hurts you should be the last day he sees you. Change you number if needed, change your habits and hangouts, hell even change friends if needed just stay away from the bastard.

NEVER, EVER fall for the “I’ll never do it again” B.S line because that is what it is. If he cared about you and was a real man he would never let himself get drunk and/or angry enough to get to the point of wanting to actually physically hurt you. It just doesn’t work that way.

Let them beg, let them cry…just turn off your phone or call the police. NEVER, EVER meet with them or let them in your home after they have hurt you. Bad things will generally occur if you do and it has happened countless times. It could just be another beating but it could be much worse like Melissa found out. Stay away at any cost.

Also for the good Samaritans, especially the man who tried to intervene in Melissa’s attack, had he had a Stun gun or his own Pepper Spray he may have been able to stop the attack right then and there. Not trying to put the man down, he did try when others would have run.

Personally, I would have Pepper sprayed him in the eyes (I always have one on me), chopped him in the throat (right in the Adam’s apple) and then grabbed him by the back of the head and introduced him to my knees, both of them. Big boy or not, he will drop with a few well placed knees to the face especially after a good throat chop taking away his breath and pepper spray burning his throat and eyes, trust me.

This is the perfect example of why guys needs to carry self defense weapons as well as women. You may never need it to defend yourself but you may be able to use it to protect someone else! Think about it.

Please stay safe out there ladies. To Melissa, I wish you all the best in life because you damn well deserve it!

Charles Dougherty

Man tries to kill his unborn child by stomping on the mother’s stomach

I use the word man very loosely when referring to this 28 year old piece of trash named Kenneth Turner in Minnesota. He got his ex-girlfriend pregnant and then last month he goes to her home, gets in a fight with her and then over a 3 hour period he attacked her.

This psycho kicked, punched and choked his ex repeatedly and then he ordered her to lie back on the bed and he then stomped on her stomach with both feet in order to kill the baby saying she didn’t deserve the baby.

By the time it was all over she was badly bruised and had abrasions all over her body but thankfully this scumbag didn’t succeed in killing his 2 month old baby. For this babies sake I hope it turns out not to be his child after all so this baby never has to ever have any contact with Turner in any way shape or form.

This little thug, when convicted, should be put down like the rabid dog he is. I personally am tired of paying out money to support these scumbags in prison. Anyone that would do what he did should not be pampered with 3 free hots and a cot, he should be euthanized.

To the young ladies out there, you really need to raise the bar on who you are breeding with because this guy is the bottom of the barrel and this young lady should never have been dumb enough to have unprotected sex with this thing and risk exactly what happened, she now has his baby in her.

Don’t ever let any man put his hands on you with violent intentions, the first time better be the last. Keep a good Pepper Spray or Stun Gun close in case you ever need to, well let’s say “explain” to a man, why he has no right to put his hands on you in anger.

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

The reason kids aren’t allowed to possess a stun gun

The short answer is simply because they are immature and too irresponsible to carry a weapon that although meant for self defense, can be used for offensive purposes.

Perfect example, in Florida today some little idiot teenager got into an argument with another teenager at the pool where they live decided to pull and use a Stun gun on the other kid.

The kid supposedly got the Stun Gun from the trash in his home and what it was doing there is beyond me. I think the parents of this little monster should be held legally accountable as well for allowing him to get access to the weapon.

Parents need to take more care and responsibility with their offspring. You decide to have children then you are on the hook for all problems they create when you don’t do your job.

Simple fact, even self defense weapons MUST be kept out of the hands of kids under the age of 18 and if you have a weapon you need to be careful your kids don’t get their hands on them.

Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty

Lowlife stages car accidents in order to attack women

31 year old Jaunton Carter will thankfully spend 28-34 years in prison after being convicted of first degree rape, two counts of first degree kidnapping, two counts of sexual battery, and three counts of common law robbery. Personally I think it should be even longer of a sentence and the time should be hard time on a chain gang.

Here is what this dirtbag pleaded guilty to doing. He would stage accidents with women and then attack them. The first that we are aware of happened back in February of 2010 when he rammed a woman’s car and when she got out he grabbed her and put his hand over her mouth. Luckily for her when he didn’t find money n her purse he just grabbed her cigarettes and left.

The next victims weren’t so lucky. He rammed a car that had two women in it! He then brandished a gun and joined them in their car. He made them drive him to an ATM while he fondled them both.

When he didn’t get more money he took both women to another area where he raped one of the women while the other had to watch. He then took 6 dollars from them and ran off.

30 minutes later he rammed another woman! Thankfully she about 300 bucks on her purse and he only took it and left after she got out to check the damage and he again pulled a gun.

He was identified through DNA left at the rape scene and was arrested in Georgia after he tried to flee North Carolina where he had committed all of these heinous crimes.

This guy has no business ever see the light of day outside of a prison because he has shown a complete and utter disregard for women.

This is a good lesson for women to remember… everyone… including the victims of this lowlife.. think it will never happen to them, but it can. You need to be on guard as you can see by this story even with a friend because just having someone with you doesn’t necessarily provide you with any additional safety.

If you are rear ended by another car you need to be on guard. This guy wasn’t the first to use this tactic on women and he won’t be the last. Don’t exit your car, they hit you, let them approach you which buys you a little safety since you are still in your car.

Call the police right away even if no one is hurt or there is much damage, call the police. Roll your window down part of the way and ask the person to return to their vehicle until the police arrive and you can then assess the damage.

Don’t let them use the “I’m in a hurry” line on you because they should have thought of that before the were dumb enough to run into the back of your vehicle.

Another thing which would be good is to have some type of self defense weapon in your car to afford you another layer of protection just like staying in your car. A good Pepper Spray, Stun gun or even a Taser would be helpful to have on hand in your car.

You may never ever need them and God willing that will be the case but it is far better to have them and not need them; than it is to need them and not have them.

Had only one of the pair of women that he attacked and raped had a Pepper Spray, Stun Gun or a Taser they may have been able to save themselves the trauma they have had to endure and the fact that they are both lucky to still be alive.

Stay safe and be prepared! It’s not just for Boy Scouts anymore.

Charles Dougherty

Best Stun Guns for Women

There are many great options available these days to the woman who wants to protect herself from attack and we are going to cover the Best Stun Guns for Women. Although most self-defense items are unisex, there are some which are better suited for women because of the type of item.

Here is a list of some of the Stun Guns that are perfect for Women:

Lipstick Stun GunJust like it sounds this item looks exactly like a lipstick making it perfect for the purse or pocket. Although it is only about 3 inches tall it packs a massive 950,000 Volts of scumbag deterring pain waiting to be unleashed with a simple press of a button!

Pen Stun Gun This is another item easily carried and used when needed. It is only 6 ½ inches long and only one inch wide making easily held even with small hands. It can deliver an over-whelming 1.2 million volts of electricity to your attacker.

Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gun - This looks just like a cell phone but you wouldn’t want to try to make a call on it. It doesn’t function as a phone and you just may zap yourself in the head with the unbelievable 4.5 million volts of agony that this baby can deliver. It is only 3.8 inches tall and comes with a holster if you prefer to wear in on your side or clip it to a purse strap rather than keep it inside of the purse or a pocket.

Multi-Function Stun Gun - The reason I added this item is its’ multi-function capabilities of being able to deliver 2.7 million volts of pain, provide you with an extremely loud personal alarm and emergency flashing light as well as a flashlight for times you need to see in the dark. Best of all is that this little wonder is only 4 ¾ inches tall making is very easy to carry and use.

You will probably notice that all of these items on this list are very small and easy to carry because unlike clothing for men, the clothing designed for women generally comes with very little pockets.

This makes all of these items perfect for carrying when you have little space to spare but still want to be sure you have some extra help should you need it.

Stay safe,

Charles Dougherty

Reasons to carry a Stun Gun in case of attack

There are many good reasons to carry a Stun Gun in case of an attack and very few not to keep one on you. Most victims never see their attacker coming which is exactly the way the criminals want it to be. This means you have very little time to react and any advantage you can give yourself the better your chances are of surviving the incident which is one main reason to carry a Stun Gun.

Unlike pepper spray which is meant for distances of usually 3 to 20 feet, a Stun Gun is used for an up close attack which means that the attacker needs to be within reaching distance in order to use it on them. The downside to all of this is that you will also be within reaching distance of your attacker.

Because the Stun Gun is meant for up close action it is very useful should you be attacked without seeing them coming and once the attacker has grabbed a hold of your body you can then send however many thousands of volts through his body.

One of the best features of a Stun Gun is that the voltage does not pass through your attacker and back into you unlike what is shown on television. No matter how long you hold it on them delivering voltage you can touch them without getting shocked. This is another great reason to carry one.

The last reason to carry a Stun Gun in case of attack is how good it is as a deterrent because criminals want the easiest victims they can find. If you see a threat coming and display your weapon to show you are not afraid and that you are ready to use it then you can deter most criminals who will just go look for someone who isn’t as prepared to defend themselves.

Criminals are cowards and with very little money or effort on your part you can make yourself a bad choice of victim and help to lower your odds of falling victim to attack.

Which Works Better – Stun Guns Or Pepper Spray?

Many people wonder which one is better for defending yourself, a stun gun or pepper spray and there is no short answer to the question. The effects and usage of the two are so different that comparing them becomes complicated.

Stun guns are designed to inflict pain in order to deter an attacker and cause him to head the other way. Although the pain level can vary according to what voltage you are using, it hurts either way. Unlike you see on television zapping someone with a stun gun for a second does not cause them to fall unconscious or flop around on the ground like a fish.

This is mostly due to the fact that you need to hold a stun gun against your attacker’s body in order for the stun to be delivered and when zapped your natural instinct is to pull away from the stun gun. In order to render someone unconscious with a stun gun you would probably have to hold it against their body for more than 10 seconds.

With that said I am sure you can see that a stun gun is not a projectile weapon and your attacker would have to be close enough to grab you in order for you to use your stun gun and this can be extremely dangerous.

A pepper spray on the other hand is a projectile weapon that can generally shoot its spray from 6-25 feet away depending on the size and model of your pepper spray.

Not only can you use it long before your attacker can get to you it lasts for up to 45 minutes unlike the stun gun whose effect ends as soon as the stun gun is removed from contact with the attacker’s body.

This means that a pepper spray can buy you quite some time to escape your attacker and make it to safety as he will not be able to see or breathe clearly for more than 30 minutes.

As you can see the two items are like apples and oranges. Pepper spray is meant for an attacker that is at a distance because if they are in too close you may get blow-back from the spray which can cause you to also not be able to see to escape.

A stun gun is meant for an attacker that is in close and within arm’s reach of you. So to answer the original question as to which works better it all depends on the situation. You can find stun guns in all sizes and voltages so it should be easy for you to find one that you would like to carry with you. A mini stun gun can be a good choice if you need something small.

Both items are rather inexpensive and to be honest you would be the safest if you have one of each with you at all times. If you see the attacker coming, you pepper spray him. If you don’t see him coming and he grabs you then you stun gun him to make him let go and then you pepper spray him.

Stay Safe!

The Judge

5 Best ways to attempt to stay safe while Holiday Shopping this Year

During the holiday season people seem to completely loose their minds and as a result the crime rate shoots through the roof.

Unless you want your holiday season to include becoming a victim, you should take a few simple steps to stay safer.

1. Regardless of the time of year people tend to keep too much out in plain sight inside their vehicles. People keep loads of spare change, mp3 players, expensive sneakers and even purses right out in plain sight. All this serves to do is entice criminals to break out your windows and reach in and grab your stuff since it only takes a few seconds.

2. Utilize the buddy system it is a good idea for more than one reason. If you must unload packages into your car be sure you have someone to either stay in the car or drive the packages back to your home. If done right you can safely knock out the holiday shopping for you and your 1 or 2 of your friends or family members

3. Never place packages inside the car if you can avoid it. Just covering things up with a blanket will not do enough to disguise your items and keep crooks away. The best place to place packages in your car while you finish shopping would be inside of the trunk. Just be very careful while unloading.

4. Carry some sort of key chain pepper spray or even a stun gun to ensure should something bad happen you have some sort of defensive weapon.

5. As you go to either get into or out of your vehicle, you need to be paying attention to who is in the parking lot with you. I personally know a man who just got jumped by 4 men a week ago. They severely beat and robbed him after he left a store and went to get into his car. If you feel weird or see anyone who makes you nervous, park somewhere else or leave altogether since it is better to be safe than sorry.

The biggest thing you can do to remain safe during this or any holiday season is to use your head for something more than just a hair holder!

A little common sense can go a long way to helping to keep you safe while you enjoy the holiday season.

Stay safe!

The Judge

How to properly use a stun gun

In order to learn how to properly use a stun gun you need at least some idea of how it works. In the most simplistic of terms, they use high voltage and low amperage to temporarily disable your assailant and provide you with what hopefully will be enough time to escape.

When you press the trigger the electricity stored in the stun gun will instantly dump into the assailant’s muscles causing them to do a great deal of work very rapidly. This instantly depletes the energy supply for his muscles and his body is unable to function properly. The stun gun also interrupts the tiny neurological impulses that control muscle movement and it overwhelms the assailant’s nervous system with electricity.

Although the word gun is in the name, stun guns do not fire out anything at all and can only be used up close by pressing and holding it against your assailant. In order for the stun gun to achieve its effectiveness, you need to hold it against your assailant’s body for more than 1 full second.

Less than 1 second will simply cause some minor muscle contractions and will have a repelling effect, the effect goes away almost immediately after removal from contact. Touch your assailant for 1 to 4 seconds and it should cause them to fall to the ground and it may also cause some mental confusion. The effect also goes away almost immediately after removal from contact. A full 5 seconds or more should cause the assailant to become disoriented and off balance causing him to fall to the ground. It should then leave him weakened and dazed for a few minutes afterward although the actual time will vary by person.

The stun gun is effective on all parts of the body but it is most effective when used on certain areas of your assailant. The lower abdomen area is a prime target area you want to aim for and this includes right under the ribcage and the upper hip areas as well.

Another prime target area should be the upper shoulder and neck region and using it in these areas will help to maximize the effectiveness of the stun gun you are using at the time. There is also no need to worry if your assailant happens to be touching you when you stun him, the electrical current will not pass through to your body. This is especially helpful if he grabs you to try and drag you off to a secondary location.

As I mentioned earlier, stun guns are designed to help buy you a chance to get away from your assailant. You should try and give him a full 5 second jolt if at all possible . If you have a self defense spray with you, spray him before you run off to try to stop him from being able to chase you. Also be sure you scream as you run away for help. You want to do your best to attract as much attention to your plight as possible.

Stay safe!

the Judge