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Jogger Pepper Sprays aggressive dog & is attacked by owner

This story shows how an over reaction can cost you really big as Craig Jones of Salisbury Maryland just found out. According to the news story a jogger was jogging down the road when Jones’ dog apparently began to come after him.

Being smart enough to be prepared the jogger deployed his Jogger Pepper Spray on the dog. Enraged Jones jumped into his call and began yelling and chasing the jogger.

Apparently the jogger was hiding behind a tree for about 15 minutes and when he came out Jones is said to have yelled “you’re a dead man” and again circled around in what appeared to be an effort to hit him with his car.

Jones is said to have ran over some tomb stones in a cemetery in his effort to run over the jogger. Now if all this is true Jones isn’t very smart or very well wrapped tight and of course who marries someone like that? Another nut job.

It is said the wife of Jones was saying the whole thing was blown out of proportion and that the dog was like family and other stupid statements.

I say stupid for a few reasons. Going nutso and chasing someone who is defending themselves from what they perceive to be an aggressive dog is just stupid. Second if the dog was like family, how come it wasn’t fenced in or on a leash for its own protection. Any owner that cares for the dog does not just let it run free.

I applaud the jogger for being smart enough to carry and use a Pepper spray for Runners to protect himself from a perceived aggressive dog. Had the dog not been loose it would not have been sprayed; even if it really wasn’t trying to hurt the jogger the threat still existed as far as the jogger was concerned.

Once again this is all the fault of the dog’s owners and no one elses fault at all. Keep your dog under your control and do the same for your anger.

If convicted of attempted murder, disorderly conduct and malicious destruction it’ll be a long time before this guy will get the chance to be a lousy pet owner again. Lesson learned!

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

Man bitten trying to save his dog from a vicious attack

A New Hampshire man and his dog are both recovering today from a vicious attack by a pit bull and an American Stafford-shire terrier in their own yard a few days ago.

The Dow family was home in the morning when the attack started and I am betting out of pure instinct Mr. Dow dove into the middle of the dog attack saving his dog Izzy from certain death at the hands of two vicious pack behaving animals.

As usual this is yet another case of piss poor pet owners. 43-year-old Scott Lewis is the owner of these two dogs and police say they have had trouble from them before. Looks like the need to stiffen the laws there in N.H. to put a stop to idiots like Scott Lewis from poorly raising and supervising his vicious dogs without any real repercussions.

Quite frankly an eye for an eye or in this case hand for a hand should be in order. Those dogs bit his hand all up so he should be able to take a hammer to Scott Lewis’ hand and maybe then people will start to get the picture. for those that think I am insane, well you may be right ;P

But with all of the people killed, maimed and flat out tore up in dog attacks something drastic has got to be done with lousy dog owners and to be clear this is all Scott Lewis’ fault not his dogs. They are just being dogs. He is the dumb ass that had them to start with and didn’t properly control them.

To read about ways you can protect yourself from an aggressive dog check out a blog posting I did about this a while back.

You can read the news story about this attack here http://www.wmur.com/r/29609991/detail.html.

Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty

The Best Protection from Dogs

Learning how to defend yourself from an aggressive dog may well save your life one day seeing as more people are killed or maimed by vicious dogs every year and the figures don’t seem to be dropping. Depending on where you live there may be laws holding the owner criminally answerable for a dog attack but that does zero for you or your loved ones if you are maimed or killed during an attack.

With all of that said, thankfully we have many options of self-protective weapons from which to select in an attempt to stay safe.

o Mace Dog Pepper Spray – This is basically . It was specifically intended to work on all canine animal breeds. Though the effects are not permanent it will cause horrible pain to the dog as their sense of smell is more acute than ours so the effects on the nose of the dog will be even worse than it is on a human nose. To counter the effects the dog will need to have the sprayed areas flushed with water or the effects will fade in about 30 minutes if left untreated. Even though not designed for use on humans it is quite effective and can be used to help protect you from a human attacker as well.

o Ultrasonic Repeller – This will be the most humane, yet effective device on this list. It uses a extremely loud 130db ultrasonic sound as well as intense flashing lights to scare off a dog from up to forty feet away. Being ultrasonic, humans cannot hear the high pitched sound but dogs sure can! There is no permanent damage done to the dog but it will want to get as far away as possible. Because the sound leaves the device out of the front in a cone shaped pattern your dog will hear it but not be as effected as the aggressive dog will be getting the full cone of sound.

o Retractable Steel Baton – This item can serve a dual purpose as it will work to help protect you from both dogs and humans alike. The retractable steel baton is very effective and easy to carry on you as it comes with a holster so you can position it on your side. With a simple flip of the wrist you now have increased your reach by 16, 21 or even 26 inches depending on which length baton you make your mind up to carry.

While you may not want to injure an animal or person for that matter, if it comes down to letting them to maim or kill you or you hurting them then the choice is easy.

Stay safe!