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Kidnap victim manages to text location and facilitate her rescue

On April 30th 2 young women went out and made the biggest mistakes possible, they left with 2 strange men while out on the town drinking.

I have written about this subject repeatedly and I don’t want to sound like I am blaming the victims or saying they got what they deserve, I am simply hoping writing about this bad experience will possibly stop one young lady from making the same mistake.

Young women think that just because they have a friend or two with them they are safe to go out and “go wild” but they are sadly mistaken as this story shows.

There were two women and they stayed together the whole time and it did them no good when one of the guys they left the bar with pulled out a gun and started making demands.

When one of the girls tried to resist the scumbag with the guns unwanted advances he shot her in the head, killing her. Cristian De La O Hernandez, 22, and Jose Juarez, 41 then took the other woman to a motel where I am sure you can imagine, lots of bad things happened to her.

Had she not been able to finally text a friend her location after a week she most likely would have ended up like her poor friend, dead. These two animals need to be treated the way they act. They act like animals and should be put down like one.

Here are some easy to follow rules of thumb:

1. Having friends with you does not guarantee your safety. If you are hammered drunk you become that much more susceptible to falling victim. If you want to get hammered do it in the safety of your home, not a bar.

2. Carry some type of self defense weapon with you at all times. It is too easy to do, to not do it. A Lipstick Pepper Spray fits great into a purse of any size and there are plenty of Mini Stun Guns as well to choose from for defense. Anything you can do to sway the odds in your favor you want to do.

3. Don’t leave the bar with strange guys even if a friend comes along. As these two poor young ladies found out, it doesn’t guarantee you any safety at all. The only way to be safe is get the digits and then meet them another day when you are sober and it is in a public place.

Stay safe and sober out there!

Charles Dougherty

A man and 2 women are arrested for murder and cannibalism in Brazil

These three are some sick people and there can be no doubt about that. What they freely have admitted to doing is one of the most heinous things I have ever heard of in my entire life.

It seems 50 year old Jorge Negromonte and his wife, Isabel Cristina, aged 51, and his mistress, Bruna Cristina de Oliveira, aged 25; all took part in black magic killings of at least two women.

Now if that wasn’t bad enough, it appears they ate the women after torturing them to death and what they didn’t eat, get ready for this, they sold to their neighbors in the form of meat pies!! That’s right, their neighbors unwittingly became cannibals as well.

A lot of what they learned they got from a 5 year old little girl they found living in the home where the killings took place. It appears she was the child of another victim from another town back in 2008.

What that poor child must have seen is just beyond belief. I hope to God she is young enough to forget it all forever.

It really amazes me when some psycho man is able to find a psycho woman who willingly participates in his madness but to actually find two of them, that is just totally nuts.

If it wasn’t real I would think this was fiction straight out of some B movie writer’s mind but sadly it is fact, not fiction.

Stay Safe out there and don’t eat things you buy from psychos :)

Charles Dougherty