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Man Pepper Sprayed by Police after Road Rage Incident

On March 30th in Butler County, Pa. Ricky Allison, of Slippery Rock rammed the car of another man in what appears to be possibly a case of mistaken identity.

It seems good old dumb as a rock Ricky thought his wife was in the car he was ramming but of course he was wrong. To show just how stupid this man is after ramming Vaughn Bowser’s car he followed him to a police station where he rammed him again.

Of course the topper was Ricky decided to try and run when the cops came towards him but he got his car stuck in a ditch at which time the police Pepper Sprayed this moron just prior to arresting him.

Let’s just hope this moron isn’t breeding although I would bet he probably has at least a few running around that he isn’t paying for….just a guess. ;)

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty
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Using a Rearview Mirror Hidden Camera Can Prevent a Car Crash

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, there are still blind spots that prevent you from seeing what you need to see in order to prevent a car crash. Many car crashes could have been prevented over the years if only today’s technology had been available. Now that it is available in the form of a rearview mirror hidden camera, you can feel more secure when driving. The use of a hidden camera attached to your rear-view mirror will give you better vision for what is coming up around you and aid in preventing an accident.

Since even today’s newer cars have blind spots, the option to add camera surveillance in the form of a hidden camera aids in better vehicle security and safety. It is a safety precaution we all need in today’s world. Now that you know how a rear-view mirror hidden camera can benefit you in preventing an accident, we will cover how it works and the product features.

This particular hidden camera attaches to your rear-view mirror and has front and rear color cameras along with built in DVR functions as well as audio.

The following is an overview of the features available on the rear-view mirror hidden camera.
• Built-in Color Camera – Featuring digital technology that is compatible with an SD card (8 MB card included but accepts up to 16 MB card) all contained in this small 1/4 inch color camera.

• Rotation and Recording – This tiny color camera rotates 330 degrees and allows for recording via built-in DVR. The rotation includes interior and exterior views so you can see inside and outside of your car with no blind spots.

• External Wireless Camera – Included with this is a wireless camera that can be mounted in the rear dash or to an area on the outside of your vehicle.

• Easy to Read LCD Monitor – The monitor is a 3.6 inch LCD Thin Film Transistor style that plays or replays activity on your rear-view mirror. You can switch from external to front camera options with the touch of a button.

• Battery – This also includes a convenient built-in rechargeable battery that you can charge through your cigarette lighter or a USB option for your computer. This is completely portable and easy to use.

This rear-view mirror hidden camera is truly the most revolutionary way to provide yourself with more effective vehicle safety and peace of mind. You can get more information on this amazing piece of vehicle safety equipment and even see videos of it in action online.

Be Safe!


How to use your PC to record Hidden Camera Video

There are two easy ways to use your PC for recording video from hidden and professional cameras as well.

The first way is to use an IP camera. They are extremely versatile devices that can connect to either your DVR, PC or right into your existing network using an Ethernet/CAT5 cable.

Most IP cameras come with software that you install on your PC or DVR to allow you to view the recorded video as well as to adjust any available features the camera may have.

If you also have your home network connected to the internet. You can generally use the software for the IP camera to create a secure web-page that can been seen only by you across the internet.

This means that you can access either real-time or recorded video from the IP camera across the internet from any PC in the world. This is very useful if you are away from and want to keep an eye on, things at home.

The second way to use your PC to record video is by using an USB DVR. These devices are generally small and are connected to an open USB port on your PC.

Most USB DVR’s come with software that you install on your PC to allow it to record video and for you to view that video live and recorded video across the internet, not unlike the IP camera.

One limitation to the USB DVR is that most only allow 4 cameras maximum to be installed at any time and if your needs require more, this may not be the right option for you.

IP cameras generally allow up to 16 cameras to be installed and are generally a better fit for those with larger needs.

So depending on how many camera you would like installed, either of these two options will allow you to use your PC record the video coming from your hidden or not, camera.

Be Safe!


The main differences between a wired and wireless hidden camera

As their names imply, wired hidden cameras need to have a wire connected between it and its’ recording device; while wireless hidden cameras do not use a wire to send their data but instead it sends it right through the air to a receiver.

There are pros and cons for both wired and wireless hidden cameras. For instance, with wired cameras you must run a wire all the way from the camera to whatever device you may be using for recording which can severely limit your options on where you can place these devices.

A con for the wireless camera is that they are susceptible to interference from other devices and they also have distance limitations but they are small in comparison to wired cameras.

For most decent wireless hidden cameras the range is generally 1500 feet or more, line of sight. Line of sight means that everything in between the camera and the receiver diminishes the signal, shortening the distance.

As far as operation and quality goes, there is generally no major difference in operation and as long as the signal is strong, no difference in quality either.

So as you can now see, the only real difference between the wired and wireless hidden camera is how they send their video signals and how they are installed.

It makes deciding between the two, much easier. With a wireless hidden camera, you simply place the camera where you want it. Supply it power by either battery pack or electricity and plug the receiver into your recording device.

With a wired hidden camera, you place the camera in the location you want it. You then connect the cable to the hidden camera and run it to the recording device. There is no need to worry about power because most wired hidden cameras utilize a Siamese cable to carry video and supply power.

Your main job with a wired hidden camera is to find a way to run the cable from the camera, all the way to the recording device and have it not be noticeable by others.

Be Safe!


How you can check to see if your landlord has hidden cameras in your new apartment

Protecting your privacy from a potentially nosey or just plain perverted landlord, is more of a worry today than it has been in past years due to the volume of options and availability of hidden cameras. Hidden cameras disguised as every day items are the best known but hidden camera can also come in the form of pinhole cameras.

When you first move into your new apartment, rented room or home you need to do a thorough walk through and pay attention to all of the little things. This is especially true if the place comes fully or even partially furnished.

When you do your initial inspection you need to check the following very carefully:
• Air vets for the air conditioning and heat.
• Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors.
• Any mirrors, paintings or wall decorations you don’t install yourself.
• Corners of each room, check the ceiling for small holes this also goes for the walls to any adjoining apartments.
• Check the bathroom carefully paying close attention to the shower and toilet areas

What you are looking for are wires that appear out of place and seem to go no where, and small holes that make no sense. If you turn out the lights and get it pitch black in your place you can look for lights in odd places.

Most cameras come with some type of power on light that can much more easily be seen in the pitch dark through careful examination. As I mentioned before you need to pay close attention as you do your inspection.

The bad thing about apartments and rented houses are that the landlord can come in under false pretenses and install cameras at any time after you move in. So you may also want to consider buying a bug detector.

Bug detectors can let you find any wireless cameras or microphones. Best of all you can occasionally sweep your living area to be sure nothing gets slipped in after your initial inspection.

Another bonus to getting a bug detector is that it can be used to ensure your privacy in dressing rooms and public bathrooms as well. We have all seen the news stories of perverts placing cameras in these public places and you don’t want to fall victim.

A little prevention can save you a lot of heart ache down the road.

Be Safe!

The Judge

Yet another mislead Maryland city bans stun guns

It never ceases to amaze me. Ocean city Maryland was the newest mislead city to ban stun guns and tasers.

What kills be is that they do it under the guise of wanting to keep people safe when that isn’t it at all. They just want another way to get money from people and keep you scared and reliant on them to keep you safe. It is sad really. These people wouldn’t even have the right to concealed weapons if it wasn’t for the fact that the NRA has more money than Bill Gates, ok not really ;) but they have a ton and can buy quite a few politicians’ support.

To say stun guns or tasers should be banned so that scumbags can’t use them in a crime is silly. What is next the hammer, baseball bat, screwdriver the list goes on.

As you can see by the links ALL of these items and many other regular everyday items have all been used in crimes at one point or another.

Like I said it is silly. All they do is make it harder for the non gun toting people to protect themselves by using non lethal weapons like stun guns or tasers.

We need to get a leash on our politicians cause I think they have forgotten they work for us and they may need a reminder kick in the pants!

Wake up Maryland!

Stay safe and keep your eyes open!

The Judge

Call me a sexist but I never have been a fan of the “manny”

Maybe it is the fact that most sexual predators are men or that I just could never see myself doing it but the whole manny thing is a bit creepy to me.

It is different if you plan on being there the whole time and he is there more for support than to be alone for long periods of time with your children. But other than that, you may want to re-think that idea.

Take for example 23 year old Donald Shepherd, who was just arrested for molesting a 10 year old boy he was babysitting. The police believe there may be more victims because he sought jobs all over the US that would put him alone with kids.

This is one sick little puppy you can see him here and read the entire story here

Whether it is a man or a woman, be sure you know WHO is alone with your children. A little diligence on your part can save your child from a lifetime of scars.

Don’t forget nanny cams, they can be a life saver.

Stay safe and keep your eyes open!

The Judge

How Bank of America screwed me, personally.

I have been a Bank of America account holder for many years. When I moved my money into their bank I went ahead and got their credit card since the rate was good at 6.24%. Over the last few years as times got tougher I carried a balance on the card of about 7k which is higher than ever before but at the rate I got it was fine.

Then I get the letter. The we’re gonna bend you over letter, from Bank of America, which states that no my credit rating didn’t drop, no I was NEVER late on a payment even one day one time but they were going to jack my rate to 12.99% anyway.

I called and asked why and they said they were doing it across the board. So in other words not just screwing me but screwing all of their customers (but that isn’t true either I would lay money the wealthy card holders will not get messed with at all).

I called today and spoke to a smart ass little punk in their retention department. I ask “why are you screwing over a loyal customer with multiple bank account types in your bank whose has never been late even once on a payment?”. The answer I get is “we aren’t screwing you over” in a very smart assed tone. I responded “really so more than doubling my credit card rate for no reason isn’t screwing me over?”

He answers “We have a reason, BOA needs to be able to make money too!”

Well isn’t that lovely. Not only am I and every other American footing the bill to help bailout these lowlife banks but not they think we should pay outrageous rates which they change in the middle of a contract.

I borrowed the money at one rate and just cause they want to be greedy bastards they jack the rate and say “well if you don’t like pay it all off now and get rid of the card”.

This is the type of company Bank of America is these days. I hope they fold like the others.

They are greedy and just as poorly run as AIG or any of these other lowlife companies who have totally screwed us all!

First chance I get, all of my money comes out of Bank of America and I am shredding their cards. I will never do business with them again.

A big well done to Bank of America. They just chased away yet another customer. Hope I am not the last.


18 yr old college woman fights off attacker with pepper spray

An 18 year old college woman from Virginia was attacked on her way home a few days ago but she can thank herself for safety now.

She was heading home last week when an “older” male approached her and tried to take her backpack by punching her in the face.

After he punched her in the face she turned and pepper sprayed him which gave her the opportunity to get to safety.

I am really happy to hear she was smart enough to not only purchase and carry a pepper spray but actually decide to use it!

The only issue with this whole story was how long she waited. If you are ever in the same situation, don’t wait until he is close enough to punch you.

Pepper spray him as far away as you and your pepper spray can manage. Most go 6 feet + so the decision to fight made earlier would have saved her some pain.

If you feel threatened warn and then attack and do so quickly. If you say back off (while he is still away from you) and he doesn’t stop….blast the bastage!

The pepper spray will make em back off!

Stay safe and keep your eyes open!

The Judge

8 year old boy shoots his father and another man

I am completely blown away by this case of the then 8 and now 9 year old boy who blew away his dad and a friend of his dad.

It is hard to know what is true in this case, most stories seem to gloss over the boy and how he could do this unbelievably cold act of premeditated murder.

Those that don’t just gloss over seem to shed some light on the how part and even the why, if the people interviewed are telling the truth. Think about it, 8 years old!

For those not familiar with the case at all read this http://www.svherald.com/articles/2009/02/10/news/state/doc49911e9914c1e052142599.txt.

The reason I care so much about the why and how is the fact they just gave this boy a plea deal that basically gives him a slap on the hand for killing two people in cold blood.

You can read about the deal here http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/20/us/20boy.html

This boy has been said to have on more than one occasion, stated that he wanted to kill his father. He has been described as a bully and aggressive by family and friends.

The scariest part is that he followed through with his threats and put 6 holes in his dad and the other guy, yup he had to reload. The father is reported to have been caring and no abuse has been reported of any kind.

This kid has some serious issues and for those people unfortunate to be near this little psycho, I hope he gets the help he needs. 8 years old and already a cold blooded double murderer ….yikes!

The Judge