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How to drop the odds of your home being burglarized

With the tough economic times we live in right now, more folks are turning to crime and this can lead to a rise in residential home burglaries. Thankfully, there are some economical ways to help bring down your likelihood of falling victim to this brand of crime.

  • Whenever you park your car in your driveway or in the street be sure the windows are rolled all the way up, the doors are locked and you hide any items you leave in your car. The less items you leave out in plain sight the less the temptation to break into your vehicle. If you keep your garage door opener in your car be sure it is secured. Most people don’t lock their garage door entrance into the house so if someone gets your garage door opener they can come right into your home.
  • Employ motion activated lights on all sides of your house to ensure that a criminal cannot use the dark to hide as he attempts to break into your home.
  • Keep bushes trimmed short and slender so that no one can hide
    behind them and use them as cover for a break in or attack. Do not make it simple for a criminal to use your landscaping against you.
  • Install Dummy Surveillance Cameras in extremely visible locations. They are virtually indistinguishable from actual surveillance cameras and are very effective and inexpensive to acquire. They will absolutely give the illusion that you have a full size surveillance system in place.
  • Get “bump proof” deadbolts for all of your outside entrance doors. Bumping a lock is a method that involves making a special key that can be placed in any vulnerable lock and subsequently tapped on the end to unlock the deadbolt in a matter of seconds. If the lock doesn’t say it is bump proof than it means it is most likely vulnerable to this type of access.
  • Employ an inexpensive alarm system like the Voice Alert Alarm
    System. You can setup sensors inside vulnerable areas, including your driveway, and be alerted by voice should something trigger the sensor. Best of all, you will know precisely where the trespass is originating from as you can record your own message for each zone.

With just a small amount of effort on your part you can greatly lower your probability of falling victim to a home burglary without spending a fortune on elaborate alarm systems. Bear in mind common sense also goes a long way to increasing your safety so use your head.

Stay safe!

The Judge