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Oklahoma man dies after pit-bull attack

Yesterday, a man named Virgil Anthony Cantrell was attacked and killed by a neighbor’s pit-bull. The attack occurred as the man approached his neighbor’s house. The owner of the pit-bull was named Rick Grant.

According to statements from neighbors, this isn’t the first time there was an issue with this dog being vicious. It was reported that the dog had recently bit a child on the hand and was seen fighting with other dogs as well.

Sadly this same story plays out all over the US day in and day out all due to lousy pet owners. You never know when an attack will happen and had the late Mr. Cantrell had some type of self defense weapon, he may be alive today. It is sad.

Don’t wait until you are a victim to act you have many inexpensive options to help give you protection from dogs that you can choose from nowadays.

Be safe,

The judge