High gas prices are killing our economy

Today our moronic president had his little speech where he calls for Congress to pass bills to allow drilling in Anwar to help the rising fuel prices. I hope no American was stupid enough to believe this crap.

It takes years to explore, find, plan, build the refinery, drill and then process the oil so this “it can help us with fuel prices” is total B.S. It is yet another way that scumbag Bush and Cheney (oil mongerer and haliburton crony) can yet make even more money down the line. They are gone this year how else will they make millions when they are out of office?

Look we need to stand together and say enough is enough. The only reason our government doesn’t actively pursue technologies like water cars or even air cars (more on these to come) is that they haven’t figured out how to tax it. There can be no other reason.

In France and Australia they developed engines that run on compressed air. The only exhaust being clean air. This is all a reality now so why don’t we pursue this? Check out the videos of the engines here: France Air Car and the Australia Air Car.

Now if you aren’t drooling at the thought of being able to fuel your car with air you can generate from any tiny compressor including those we use to fill our tires now (you know the ones that plug into the cigarette lighter) then you soon will be.

How about a car that runs on water. It is true. A man developed a way to use electricity and water to create a gas that burns clean and can run any vehicle. You can see the news report here for the Water Car.

We should not be held hostage to a pump. Whether it be gas, ethanol, hydrogen or whatever. There is no reason for it. The water car technology broke 2 years ago and supposedly our government was interested in it but do we hear about it? No. They can figure out how to tax it. How do you tax rain water?

We need to contact our legislators and ask why they aren’t pursuing this instead of sending out a measly $600 while we spend $150 to fill our gas tanks. If we let the rest of the world become the leaders in the wave of combustion less engines than we will find even more US companies closing up with more jobs lost overseas.

We need to take the helm and be the country to change the world. Contact your local legislator and tell them to get to work on this right now not later!

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2 thoughts on “High gas prices are killing our economy”

  1. I agree with you whole heartedly. I’m not sure what gas prices are where you are, but it now costs $3.50 a gallon to fill up my tank here in Minnesota.

    Powering your car with water and electricity sounds interesting, but will only hasten water shortages that the western United States are already experiencing. A better idea is plug in electric hybrids. This is just an extension of the current generation of hybrid cars that are already on the market, with the addition of additional battery storage capability. The batteries are recharged overnight by plugging into your household outlet in your garage. You would be recharging your vehicle overnight, during off-peak electrical demand, so an electricity shortage is not an issue.

    If your daily commute is 50 miles or less round-trip, which the vast majority of car travel falls in, then you could drive to and from work using only electricity! If you have to go farther than 50 miles, then your gasoline powered engine would kick in and you would be using some gas, in addition to battery power, but your MPG would be 100+!

    For more information, visit: http://www.pluginamerica.com

  2. Thanks Steve. You’re right electric is definitely something to utilize as well. What I should have added was that I am a firm believer in hybrids. We just need the other part of the hybrid to be something other than fossil fuel. An electric/water or electric/air mix would be awesome. With the 200 miles plus for a tank of air or the unknown but massive mpg of the water added to the city/traffic electric engine savings you would pay next to nothing to commute to work and beyond!

    And remember as for the water car. About 70% of the Earth is water. It doesn’t have to be potable water. It could be rain, sea or snow. The technology is there we just have to get it.

    But I’ll take an all electric in the meantime for sure!!!

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