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Keychain Essentials — What you need to carry for safety

My key chain essentials. As you can see on my key chain, I have a kubaton, this is called the heart attack, and this is pepper spray. Each one of these tools is effective in and of itself.

I have them all on my key chain because you need to be prepared for anything. From a standpoint of a single mom, I want to know that I can protect my children and myself. Now obviously these tools are to defend yourself and your loved ones, not to start fights or to threaten anyone!

All 3 of these tools can deter any attacker; none of these tools are sharp. As you can see, it is pointed but it’s not sharp to the touch and neither is this one.

The pepper spray comes in a holster so it protects you or your child from accidentally spraying it. You have to unsnap the holster and then turn the spray into the correct position, holding it up and then pressing the button in order for it to spray.

All of these are legal in the United States and the Heart Attack is $4.95, the Kubotan is $5.00, and the Pepper Spray is $9.95. On my other videos, I will show you how to use each one of them individually.

The most important thing to remember is that you have the right to not be a victim or be afraid that you cannot protect yourself or your loved ones. Thank you very much!

Kubotans- The Basics

Kubotans are very effective tools for self defense. They come in 2 different styles,  a flat end and a pointed end.  They also come in a variety of colors: Blue, Silver, Black, and Red.  They are light weight and 5 ½ inches.

You attach them to your keys and it makes finding your keys that much easier.  You can carry your keys when you are walking, jogging, carrying grocery bags, pushing a stroller, or even walking the dog.  You can hold just the kubotan and all the keys dangle and you can also stick them in your back pocket that way and all the keys dangle out which make it easier for when you are walking.

They are legal in all 50 states and they are only $5.00 to purchase and I have had mine for over 20 years and after 20 years, as you can see, the only thing that has happened is that the black coloring has worn off, they don’t rust, and they are very durable.

In my other videos, I will show you proper uses of them, and again, these are for self defense, not to harm anyone and they are not to threaten anyone.  Thank you very much and have a great day.

Hidden knives – what are the benefits for women?

Many people have never thought of carrying Hidden knives before and would have no idea of how or when they would ever need one. But what they are missing are the benefits for women that carry one of these weapons in the off chance they are attacked. You see these weapons have numerous benefits and uses which we will discuss briefly in this post. 

Basic Benefits of Hidden Knives - 

Let's explore some scenarios and how you could use a hidden knife to save your life or at the very least give you a fighting chance. Take for example you are out walking or jogging and someone grabs you from behind and attempts to drag you off to do God knows what to you.

If you had a hidden knife> like the pen knife, you could easily keep it in a fanny pack from which you grab it and use it to stab the man in the arm to make him let go at which time you, if possible, stab him in the neck or face region and then fun for it while screaming as loud as you can.

In the above scenario you also have the option of stabbing him in the groin with the knife while he is positioned behind you. Worst case you stab him in the leg making it much more difficult to pursue you as you try to escape. As you can see there are numerous options where it could save your life just in this one scenario alone.

Think about if you are attacked, knocked out and then tied up and you had a pen knife in your back pocket you could potentially use it to free yourself and save your life. 

One of the biggest benefits to hidden knives like the pen knife is that they are usually very inexpensive especially when you consider the uses. Take the pen knife for instance, it is only 6 bucks! Yup you read that right, 6 measely bucks. Talk about value for your money!

To me adding this to your personal self defense arsenal is a no-brainer for sure considering costs versus benefits. But now a word of caution before you purchase and carry a hidden knife on you, talk to your local law enforcement to ensure you will not be breaking any laws which end you up on the wrong side of the law.

Remember this item is not only good for women but men can benefit from carrying one of these defensive weapons as well. 

73 year old woman beaten, raped and robbed in daylight

Sadly I write over and over again about attacks that happen during daylight hours as do many others yet people still let their guard down. It doesn't matter if it is day or night, a public or secluded place, you can still fall victim of crime if you are not careful.

Take for example this story below about a 73 year old woman who was out bird-watching when she was attacked, raped and robbed in broad daylight in central park with tons of people all over the park. It seems she had a run in with the freak previously when she inadvertently filmed him while he was masterbating in the park.

A 73-year-old birdwatcher strolling through Central Park was raped in broad daylight Wednesday by a monster who she said began his assault with four words: “Do you remember me?”

Then he dragged the petite woman into the brush and brutalized her just steps away from the tourists and sun worshippers gathered at tranquil Strawberry Fields, police said….More at Woman, 73, robbed and raped in Central Park in broad daylight – New York Daily News

She made a couple of crucial mistakes and I don't mean to pick on her or blame her in any way but there were things she did that did not help out her situation. 

First, when she encountered him previously masturbating in daylight hours in a heavily used park like Central Park and had that bad encounter with him coming over to her after she filmed him, she should have called the police to let them know this pervert was running around the area.

Second, having seen this sicko before during daytime, it would have been prudent to keep an eye out for him and also to have carried a pepper spray or personal panic alarm. Anything might have helped to fend him off long enough for someone else in the park to come to her assistance.

When they catch this scumbag he should be castrated as he will only do this type of thing again to someone else and the next woman might not be so lucky and might wind up dead because this guy isn't right in the head.

Just remember, daylight and public does not equal safe! 

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Another perfect example why elderly people should have something like Life alert. In this case it saves elderly woman from her attacker. God only knows what his real intentions were and what might have happened to her had she not had the life alert. Every penny she ever spent for that service was all justified in this one action alone.

No matter what you choose to do to increase your personal safety, just do something!


Pepper spray for running can protect you from people & dogs

One of the things you need to take into consideration no matter which area you choose to run in, is your safety. From wearing reflectors when running in low light situations on the road to pepper spray for joggers to help defend yourself should the need arise you need to be smart.

There are so many instances of runners being attacked by criminals as well as dogs that it warrants carrying one of the running Mace sprays. The other benefit is being able to help.

The other day I was out for a run it was just around dinner time and I saw another runner off in the distance and she seemed panicked so I ran towards her. At this point I noticed the 2 dogs who chased her down and started to bite her.

I wasn’t far so i got there pretty quick and kicked the one dog in the ribs with everything I had and I then pepper sprayed the other dog just before I kicked it as well.

Now bear in mind I am an animal lover but these dogs were vicious and I had no other way to stop them from hurting this lady. She had a few punctures on her legs where they chomped on her to bring her down and another set of bites on her right hand and arm. Thankfully none of her injuries were life threatening although she was bleeding bad she was fine after going to the hospital.

Be it man or animal it was a great feeling to have the tools to help save some woman from a vicious attack. Even if you don’t need it to help yourself you may need it to help someone else so it is worth the tiny investment in a pepper spray for runners. Take this article I found about a pack of dogs that attacked two guys.


Jose Ledesma has been charged with two misdemeanor counts of failing to protect the public from dogs and two misdemeanor counts of failing to restrain a dog. He was arraigned Tuesday.

Ledesma was caring for a friend’s pit bulls at the time of the attack, the district attorney’s office said.

In November, John and Richard Garritson were running with family members along a trail in the hills of Valley Center when they were attacked by as many as six dogs. The dogs were roaming free in the area, they told San Diego 6….More at Man Charged in Pit Bull Pack Mauling – San Diego 6

I found that story with just a quick search and I just wanted to show you that I am not trying to scare anyone; just trying to help keep you and those around you, safe.

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A Pepper Spray Gun can help save you from attack

A woman was just recently attacked and she did the right thing and thankfully, it worked out in her favor but it easily could have went the other way. I have always said that when it comes to possessions, they aren't worth dieing for so don't fight them but when it comes to your person that is a different story. That's when you fight with all you have in you.

You can read part of the story of this womans attack and there is a link to the rest of it should you want to see the entire thing. 

Lincoln Police say a woman was attacked and nearly raped while walking home in north Lincoln early Sunday morning.

Police say she was walking alone in Oak Lake Park around three in the morning when a man approached her and asked if she was all right.  When she said she was fine, police say the man grabbed her arm and pushed her to the ground.

Authorities say the man got on top of her and started pulling and ripping at her clothes. “The victim resisted. She continued to kick him until she was able to get away. She ran through the park and continued to the police station where she reported the incident,” According to officer Katie Flood. …More at Attempted rape at Lincoln park – KLKN

Times like these are what self defense weapons like the Mace Pepper Spray Gun were designed for, to help give you a tool to use if possible to help save your life. Nothing is fool proof but it can surely help.

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Although this video shows a model and brand of Pepper Spray Gun that we do not sell I still want you to check it out. My goal here is to ensure people are able to defend themselves, would I prefer you bought my model? Of course, I am trying to keep the lights on but my main concern is helping people. Just be sure you are aware of the pepper spray gun laws in your area so you don't get yourself into trouble with the police.

The Mace Pepper Spray Gun pink model is just one of the 4 great colors that this weapon is available in. It can shoot up to 25 feet so that really helps because the further away you can keep an attacker the better. Should you not see him/them coming it will still work up close just like any other pepper spray.

Often if you wear the Pepper Spray Gun holster, just the mere sight of it will keep away many criminal types as they are unable to tell from a distance exactly what is in the holster. It is easier for them to just find another, weaker appearing victim to attack. They are cowards and most aren't looking for a fight.

Murdered jogger was pregnant

31-year old Sarah Hart was murdered last week while out jogging with her sister by 28-year old Christopher Allman according to police.

It seems that the two women were jogging when Sarah began to feel ill. She decided to go back to the car and told her sister to keep going. By the time the sister returned to the car Sarah was no where to be found.

Eventually her body was found and she and her fetus were both dead. Truly a tragic loss for her husband and children and I am sure she will be greatly missed.

It appears that both women knew of Allman in passing and would see him walking to work as they went on their jogs and are said to have occasionally chit chatted with him.

As of yet no motive has been given for this guy although he has admitted to the crime. He is being charged with murder, kidnapping, robbery and tampering with evidence in this tragic event.

I hope they fry this freak considering he murdered two people that day and stole the mom from her kids.

This story should serve as a wake up call for all women out there. I guarantee Sarah thought she was safe walking back to the car by herself and sadly that is the case with most victims of crime.

The reason to jog with someone is for the improved safety in numbers but that only holds true if you stay together. Also anyone into outdoor life needs to think of their safety and utilize the tons of inexpensive things you can use to up your safety level.

A Pepper Spray for joggers created by Mace is perfect for exercising outdoors and for less than 20 bucks it can help to save your life while not infringing on your fun so it is a no-brainer choice.

You can read the whole news story here

RIP Sarah.

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

Woman attacked at the Smoky Mountain National Park

Last weekend a 44 year old woman was sexually assaulted and stabbed during the attack. All of this took place in the massive and heavily utilized Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

It appears that she was hiking alone on one of the trails when she was attacked by a man who looks a lot like Michael Douglas’ character in Falling down but with a mustache.

She managed to make it out to the road and flagged down a passing motorist and was then airlifted to the hospital and then released over the weekend.

You can see a picture of the suspect on the new site here

I am glad it seems like the victim will be okay although I am sure she will have some emotional scars from this vicious attack.

People think it can never happen to them. “It’s safe”. Sadly though as this shows, it does happen. With a little precaution you can lower your odds of failing prey to this type of attack.

* Never walk, jog, run or hike alone. No place is safe and you need to have someone there with you in case of the unexpected.
* Carry a self defense weapon like a Pepper Spay for walkers or in case of hiking get a Bear Pepper Spray Repellent which will work on both bears and humans. This way you’re covered from attack from both types of animal.
* Pay attention to who and what is around you. Many instances can be avoided by paying attention to your surroundings making you look like a bad target.

No matter how safe an area you think you are at, you still need to be aware and smart to help ensure you don’t fall victim. Don’t be paranoid, just cautious and smart.

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

Police use a Taser on a pregnant woman

I learned this lesson a few times the hard way back when I was young and stupid but you would hope a pregnant woman would think of her baby before she acted.

I refer to disagreeing directly with the police and their instructions. That never works out well for you, trust me. When you disagree with the police you take the ticket and then fight it in court. If not it will cost you much more.

30-year-old Tiffany Rent who is 8 months pregnant learned this lesson the hard way in Chicago on Tuesday. She allegedly was trying to console her daughter when she parked in a handicap parking spot at the local Walgreens.

It seems the police, who must have been in the parking lot somewhere, pulled behind her right away and started to give her a ticket. She gave them the trying to console daughter so I had to pull into a handicap spot versus the next spot over story but the police didn’t buy it.

Evidently, Tiffany got pissed and got out her car, got the ticket and tore it up in front of the officer. Bad move there I know from experience except it was before the age of video so it was not a fun time for me for sure.

She then went to go get back into her car and close the door but the police were ordering her to not move. At this time the police used a Taser on her threw her window from what she said.

Now I would be freaking out if I believed the cops did this even though they thought she was pregnant instead of just obese but in this day of morbid obesity there are plenty of people, both men and women, that could have 5 babies in there and not look any different.

No offense but looking at the video I could not tell she was pregnant, she just looks heavy around the middle. You can see the video here

Lesson here, Tiffany knew she was pregnant. Had she been smart she would have fought it in court and got it thrown out but instead she got zapped, arrested and charged. You never fight with the cops, period. You will always come out on the losing end of that fight.

Your time to fight is in court, not on the street with the officers. Take the ticket and move on with your day as the alternatives are much worse. Thankfully in this case it is said that her baby is going to be fine so thank God there and hopefully a lesson has been learned.

Stay smart and safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

Lowlife Punk punches woman in wheelchair in the face

Of all people to pick on this scumbag, 29 year old Nicholas Velasquez, decided to show he was tough guy by attacking a 69 year old little woman in a wheelchair.

She was waiting for a bus when this thing walked up and just punched her right in the face giving her a black eye. After punching her in the face he then said “I hate white people” as he walked off.

Thankfully the cops got him not far from the scene of the attack and he is being charged with elderly abuse and hate crimes.

I hope they hang this piece of crap by the balls. This is without a doubt one of the most cowardly things I have heard. He didn’t do this because he wanted to rob her, nope, he just attacked her because of her skin color but instead of picking on a white man near his own age he decided to show how tough he was on a 69 year old woman in a wheelchair. Real brave.

Since he likes racial violence hopefully he’ll get some in prison from some of the hate groups that inundate the US prison system which he should be in for a long time.

Go get em boys!

Read the news story here

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty