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Verizon Wireless – How pathetic can you be?

Well after tonight I can answer that and the answer is VERY FRIGGIN PATHETIC!! I used to have a Verizon air card that I used for mobile broadband and no longer needed so I cancelled the account in mid December 2011.

When I cancelled the account I, according to the rep on the phone,”now had a zero balance”. Low and behold January rolls around and I get an email saying I owe them $1.48. Yup you read that right $1.48.

I followed the emails instruction of going online to pay my bill but I find my account is now dead and I can’t log into it anymore. I figure, ridiculous but I am not pissed off yet…notice the yet.

So I call them and the young lady tells me I need to go to and tries to get off the phone, I say “wait let me get to the page before you go”. Does it load ……NO the url she gave me was dead. She then says “oh yeah it is now /paymybill”. I try it real fast and it works so I let her go.

I try 2 times with 2 different cards to pay through this system but it doesn’t work and doesn’t give an error it just does nothing!

I then call back and am a bit more pissed at this time. The rep start to take my info and we get disconnected. I call back AGAIN and the lady says “oh you need to call our financial services department at 1-800-528-7594″. I am mad but say fine I’ll spend even more time on the phone to pay you a $1.48.

Now at this time I have spent 45 minutes on the phone and 15 minutes online trying to pay them a friggin dollar 48. I call financial services and finally got it paid…total elapsed time online = 53 minutes.

So a total of 68 minutes out of my life to pay these idiots $1.48! How pathetic can you be verizon? So pathetic that that $1.48 you made me waste over an hour of my time to pay will be the last money you ever get from me…so well done!

Stay safe


Spy Cameras with Audio

Due to Federal laws there are restrictions for adding audio recording capabilities to a hidden camera. But this doesn’t mean that you are unable to purchase Spy Cameras with Audio abilities because we have a decent selection of legal cameras.

As long as the Spy Cameras cannot record long periods of time you can have audio recording options built in. This is so someone couldn’t sneak one into someplace and record all the audio in the room day in and day out. Criminals and other bad guys could do nasty things if that technology was readily available to the public.

All of the Spy Cameras with Audio options that we have are battery operated and very easy to use. After you record you just attach it to a PC through USB and then watch the video on your PC.

They are a very inexpensive alternative to larger Spy cameras if you just need to capture someone in action over a short period of time.

Stay safe!

The Judge

Hidden Spy Cameras for Home – which are best for me?

When deciding which Hidden Spy Cameras for Home you should choose you need to consider a few things about your specific situation. Such as the following:

1. How do you want to record? Not all cameras have recording capabilities and you need to decide whether you need the camera to record or if you can just use your PC or a VCR to record. Much of this will depend on whether you need motion activation and long term recording functionality.

2. If you choose to go with one of the standard Hidden Spy Cameras for Home that does not have recording capabilities you will need to decide whether you want to go wired or wireless. Just as it sounds, the difference is whether or not you have to run and hide a wire all the way from the camera to the recording device.

3. You will have the choice on most of the standard Hidden Spy Cameras for Home as to whether you want to get color or black and white. Obviously there is a price difference you will need to weigh out against having the ability to record color which would aid the police in getting a good description of any potential burglar.

4. Lastly, you have decide which device you can easily slip into your home without it drawing unwanted attention to itself. The best of all is if you find one of the Hidden Spy Cameras for Home that matches something you already have there. You can then just replace it and no one would be the wiser.

Now if your desire for security is due to potential issues from strangers than your choice of camera will be much easier than if you are trying to fool someone who resides with you.

Stay safe and keep your eyes open!

The Judge

Self Defense for kids

If you are a parent with a child that attends school and is at the age to hang outside with friends, safety should be of the utmost importance to you. Someone can grab your child and be gone in a matter of seconds in the right situation. This means that just like you should practice fire safety, you should practice self defense techniques designed for kids.

You may need to be trained yourself so you could learn martial arts with your child which would be the perfect opportunity for some real quality time. Not only will you and your child learn the self defense skills that could save both of your lives, you will become more confident, healthier and you even get to spend some time with your child that doesn’t involve sitting in front of the television set. It really is something you should consider.

Besides martial arts, there are some basic self defense moves for kids that you can practice with your child that could save them from being taken by a stranger. Here is a great video showing a basic set of self defense moves you can show to your child

You may also want to think about some type of self defense device that is suitable for use by children. There really are only two that come to mind: the Kubotan and the Personal Alarm.

A Kubotan is small metal, wood or plastic rod that is carried on a key chain. They can come in both blunted and pointed forms which serve different purposes.

The blunted Kubotan is designed for use on bony parts of the body such as the sternum, hands, elbows, shins, knees, jaw and cheeks just to name a few bony strike points.

The pointed Kubotan is designed to do the most damage on fleshy parts of the body and is great for attacking the eyes, stomach, groin and throat of an attacker.

A Personal Alarm is also perfect for even smaller children and should be accompanied with some instructions on what you want your child to do after they utilize their Personal Alarm. The obvious instruction should be to try and run for help while screaming stranger.

Bear in mind though, that both of these items are meant for your child to use while they are not under your direct supervision. They may or may not be allowed to be in your child’s possession within school grounds so do your due diligence and verify with the school.

With self defense for kids the goal here is not to raise a paranoid child but instead to raise a well informed and prepared child. Bad things happen to kids every day and many could have been averted but using just a little prevention.

Stay safe!

The Judge

Shooting at Virginia Tech – well over 20 dead so far

This is a sad story, how one man is able to perform two different shooting incidents and kill and injure so many people is beyond me.

Right now they are still gathering information about what exactly happened but they believe right now that 31 people are dead and at least 21 injured.

My heart and sympathies go out to all the families and survivors of the victims of this travesty.

It really makes you wonder what is going on in this world :(