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Bullied teen expelled for taking stun gun to school for protection

Lipstick Stun GunHaving our children be armed, even with non-lethal self defense weapons is a risky proposition due to immaturity and peer pressure to do something stupid. This has been shown time after time by kids firing off pepper sprays in school, not to defend themselves mind you they were just screwing around. So when a case like this young man who was expelled for bringing a stun gun to school for protection, it leaves you thinking as to what else we can do to protect our kids.

This young man is an openly gay student and although it shouldn't, it opened him up to ridicule and bullying by other kids in his school. In fact, the stun gun was found because he was cornered by 6 or more kids and pulled it out and fired it in the air to protect himself. Now since it seems the schools and the parents don't seem to be doing enough to stop bullying, what else was he to do?

Kids are dieing by their own hands because they can't take being bullied anymore and we should be ashamed of ourselves that this is a problem that has not been resolved by now. You can read more on the story below.

A bullied teen who was expelled for bringing a stun gun to school for protection is suing Indianapolis Public Schools, WISH-TV reports.

Darnell “Dynasty” Young, 17, says he was bullied because he is openly gay and that his mother, fearing for his safety, gave him a stun gun to ward off bullies at Arsenal Technical High School.

The incident that led to Young’s expulsion occurred on April 16, when six students allegedly surrounded him during a passing period and threatened to beat him. Young then pulled the weapon from his bag and fired it into the air. He was first expelled until January 7, 2013 for having the device, but the district reduced the penalty so Young could start the fall semester on time, according to the Indianapolis Star

WISH-TV reports that Indianapolis Public Schools initially assigned him to the New Horizons Alternative School, but Young declined this invitation to return to the district, electing instead to finish his senior year at Indianapolis Metropolitan High School, a charter school.

In a federal lawsuit filed Friday, Young and his mother, Chelsea Grimes, claim district officials did nothing to stop the “relentless, severe harassment” he was subjected to at school….More at Darnell 'Dynasty' Young, Gay Student Expelled For Firing Stun Gun At School … – Huffington Post

This has been an issue for a long time and far too many good kids have died as a result of complacency. Check out the links below for more stories to prove the point, bullying has caused suicides, school shootings and substance abuse. This is exactly why we our students falling on the list in the world showing our education levels drop to other countries.

Without a strong educational system our country is doomed and providing a safe environment for them is key. All schools should be uniformed to get the whole using school as a fashion show crap. School is where you go to learn…period! Anything else other than school groups, are a waste of time. Schools should also have surveillance cameras in every classroom and hallway so there is no getting away with bad behavior. Schools and the parents of school aged children, need to get tough!

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73 year old woman beaten, raped and robbed in daylight

Sadly I write over and over again about attacks that happen during daylight hours as do many others yet people still let their guard down. It doesn't matter if it is day or night, a public or secluded place, you can still fall victim of crime if you are not careful.

Take for example this story below about a 73 year old woman who was out bird-watching when she was attacked, raped and robbed in broad daylight in central park with tons of people all over the park. It seems she had a run in with the freak previously when she inadvertently filmed him while he was masterbating in the park.

A 73-year-old birdwatcher strolling through Central Park was raped in broad daylight Wednesday by a monster who she said began his assault with four words: “Do you remember me?”

Then he dragged the petite woman into the brush and brutalized her just steps away from the tourists and sun worshippers gathered at tranquil Strawberry Fields, police said….More at Woman, 73, robbed and raped in Central Park in broad daylight – New York Daily News

She made a couple of crucial mistakes and I don't mean to pick on her or blame her in any way but there were things she did that did not help out her situation. 

First, when she encountered him previously masturbating in daylight hours in a heavily used park like Central Park and had that bad encounter with him coming over to her after she filmed him, she should have called the police to let them know this pervert was running around the area.

Second, having seen this sicko before during daytime, it would have been prudent to keep an eye out for him and also to have carried a pepper spray or personal panic alarm. Anything might have helped to fend him off long enough for someone else in the park to come to her assistance.

When they catch this scumbag he should be castrated as he will only do this type of thing again to someone else and the next woman might not be so lucky and might wind up dead because this guy isn't right in the head.

Just remember, daylight and public does not equal safe! 

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Another perfect example why elderly people should have something like Life alert. In this case it saves elderly woman from her attacker. God only knows what his real intentions were and what might have happened to her had she not had the life alert. Every penny she ever spent for that service was all justified in this one action alone.

No matter what you choose to do to increase your personal safety, just do something!


Murdered jogger was pregnant

31-year old Sarah Hart was murdered last week while out jogging with her sister by 28-year old Christopher Allman according to police.

It seems that the two women were jogging when Sarah began to feel ill. She decided to go back to the car and told her sister to keep going. By the time the sister returned to the car Sarah was no where to be found.

Eventually her body was found and she and her fetus were both dead. Truly a tragic loss for her husband and children and I am sure she will be greatly missed.

It appears that both women knew of Allman in passing and would see him walking to work as they went on their jogs and are said to have occasionally chit chatted with him.

As of yet no motive has been given for this guy although he has admitted to the crime. He is being charged with murder, kidnapping, robbery and tampering with evidence in this tragic event.

I hope they fry this freak considering he murdered two people that day and stole the mom from her kids.

This story should serve as a wake up call for all women out there. I guarantee Sarah thought she was safe walking back to the car by herself and sadly that is the case with most victims of crime.

The reason to jog with someone is for the improved safety in numbers but that only holds true if you stay together. Also anyone into outdoor life needs to think of their safety and utilize the tons of inexpensive things you can use to up your safety level.

A Pepper Spray for joggers created by Mace is perfect for exercising outdoors and for less than 20 bucks it can help to save your life while not infringing on your fun so it is a no-brainer choice.

You can read the whole news story here

RIP Sarah.

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

Woman fights off attacker with Pepper Spray

In Bellevue Washington a 23 year old woman owes her life to her quick thinking, bravery and her Pepper Spray. Had she not had all three things going for her than the attacker that occurred Friday night could have ended much differently.

It was about 11:30pm and the young woman exited the bus at her stop when a man got off the bus as well and began following her.

The attacker then grabbed her from behind and tried to drag her off the road but she was fighting him. Well done BTW! He got mad and punched her in the face a few times but she managed to get to her Pepper Spray and gave him a blast.

He took off running and although she was injured, she still won that run in. I wouldn’t say to fight if they want your purse because things aren’t worth your life but when it comes to your person, fight!

I am glad that she, or someone that cares about her, had the foresight to purchase her a Pepper Spray which was vital in this attack.

A Stun gun would have been helpful as well but one self defense weapon is better than none when it comes down to it. A witness at the scene summed it all up when they said “At least she had pepper spray. Normal people, we don’t usually carry that, though. That’s very scary.”

I have to agree for less than 20 bucks you can help yourself or someone you love have that edge they need to stay safe in an attack and not to do that, well it is scary.

Read the news story here

Stay safe out there and well done young lady I am very happy you prevailed!

Charles Dougherty

Detroit mom testifies at her rapists trial today

I wrote about this attack on the 37 year old mom who was pushing her 7 month old baby in a stroller and today she had to re-live the whole thing in court.

Yup you read that right, she was pushing her 7 month old baby in a stroller when he raped and then shot her in the back. Hopefully this little scumbag, 18 year old Job Hughley, will be thrown under the jail for this attack as well as the 2 other rapes he is accused of committing.

We really need to consider castration for animals like this guy. If he was castrated it should remove all aggression from him and he doesn’t need to be procreating.

Simple solution and would save the taxpayers from footing the bill to house this piece of trash. Lop that sucker off and put him on probation. If he does anything from there it should be automatic capitol crime and then we put him down. This way the bleeding hearts can’t say we didn’t give him a chance.

Maybe some drastic punishments like this would really help to deter these types of crime and if not it should at least stop them from being able to re-offend!

Mothers should consider carrying a pepper spray with them when pushing a baby in a stroller. As this scum shows just because you have a baby with you it doesn’t mean it will deter one of these animals from attacking you.

You can get a Pepper Spray for runners or walkers. it is easy to carry and use and will at least give you some type of help when trying to protect yourself and your baby from an attacker.

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

Just months after being stabbed 32 times a young woman continues her life

On January 24th, 20 year old Melissa Dohme, was trying to get some sleep because she had a nine o’clock class the next day but she kept getting calls and texts from Robert Lee Burton Jr., her ex-boyfriend.

It seems he was begging and crying for her to just come outside and give him a hug and sadly she did. She grabbed her keys and pepper spray and went outside and was immediately attacked by her lowlife ex.

He began punching and stabbing her and bear in mind he is 250ish pounds and 6 foot 4 inches to her meager 5 foot frame. At one point he must not have been satisfied with the damage his pocket knife was doing to her so he went to his truck and got a much larger knife and then began using that on her.

32 times that coward stabbed her until he finally decided he had done enough to her and he left. Some good Samaritans came by and tried to stop him while the attack took place but the guy scared them off and he continued attack until he felt like stopping.

Thankfully a police officer was close by and came and got emergency services on the way. Poor Melissa lost a ton of blood from him hitting arteries and how she made it is pure inner strength because that attack would have killed most people.

They need to execute this trashy little bastard, slowly! He really needs to pay a price. Thankfully she is getting her life back on track but once again it is all due to her inner strength and force of will.

Now to switch gears to have some good come from this let’s pull some life lessons from this. To ALL of the women out there in the world there is one thing you need to understand…any man that puts his hands on you in anger is no real man and does not give the smallest care for you.

No man would EVER hurt the woman he loves…period! The day he hurts you should be the last day he sees you. Change you number if needed, change your habits and hangouts, hell even change friends if needed just stay away from the bastard.

NEVER, EVER fall for the “I’ll never do it again” B.S line because that is what it is. If he cared about you and was a real man he would never let himself get drunk and/or angry enough to get to the point of wanting to actually physically hurt you. It just doesn’t work that way.

Let them beg, let them cry…just turn off your phone or call the police. NEVER, EVER meet with them or let them in your home after they have hurt you. Bad things will generally occur if you do and it has happened countless times. It could just be another beating but it could be much worse like Melissa found out. Stay away at any cost.

Also for the good Samaritans, especially the man who tried to intervene in Melissa’s attack, had he had a Stun gun or his own Pepper Spray he may have been able to stop the attack right then and there. Not trying to put the man down, he did try when others would have run.

Personally, I would have Pepper sprayed him in the eyes (I always have one on me), chopped him in the throat (right in the Adam’s apple) and then grabbed him by the back of the head and introduced him to my knees, both of them. Big boy or not, he will drop with a few well placed knees to the face especially after a good throat chop taking away his breath and pepper spray burning his throat and eyes, trust me.

This is the perfect example of why guys needs to carry self defense weapons as well as women. You may never need it to defend yourself but you may be able to use it to protect someone else! Think about it.

Please stay safe out there ladies. To Melissa, I wish you all the best in life because you damn well deserve it!

Charles Dougherty

Kidnap victim manages to text location and facilitate her rescue

On April 30th 2 young women went out and made the biggest mistakes possible, they left with 2 strange men while out on the town drinking.

I have written about this subject repeatedly and I don’t want to sound like I am blaming the victims or saying they got what they deserve, I am simply hoping writing about this bad experience will possibly stop one young lady from making the same mistake.

Young women think that just because they have a friend or two with them they are safe to go out and “go wild” but they are sadly mistaken as this story shows.

There were two women and they stayed together the whole time and it did them no good when one of the guys they left the bar with pulled out a gun and started making demands.

When one of the girls tried to resist the scumbag with the guns unwanted advances he shot her in the head, killing her. Cristian De La O Hernandez, 22, and Jose Juarez, 41 then took the other woman to a motel where I am sure you can imagine, lots of bad things happened to her.

Had she not been able to finally text a friend her location after a week she most likely would have ended up like her poor friend, dead. These two animals need to be treated the way they act. They act like animals and should be put down like one.

Here are some easy to follow rules of thumb:

1. Having friends with you does not guarantee your safety. If you are hammered drunk you become that much more susceptible to falling victim. If you want to get hammered do it in the safety of your home, not a bar.

2. Carry some type of self defense weapon with you at all times. It is too easy to do, to not do it. A Lipstick Pepper Spray fits great into a purse of any size and there are plenty of Mini Stun Guns as well to choose from for defense. Anything you can do to sway the odds in your favor you want to do.

3. Don’t leave the bar with strange guys even if a friend comes along. As these two poor young ladies found out, it doesn’t guarantee you any safety at all. The only way to be safe is get the digits and then meet them another day when you are sober and it is in a public place.

Stay safe and sober out there!

Charles Dougherty

A suspect arrested in a 34 year old rape cold case

It appears that back in 1978 they sent the wrong man to prison for 4.5 years for the rape of a college student. Bennett S. Barbour was wrongly convicted of the crime and now that he has bone cancer he wanted to get his name cleared.

DNA seems to prove that he had nothing to do with the crime as there was none of his DNA found at the crime scene but they did get a hit for the real perpetrator.

The man it identified was just released from prison in 2009 after serving 30 years for the 1978 rape and attempted murder of a jogger in York County. So it seems this psycho scum is no stranger to hurting women.

56 year old James Moses Glass Jr is the aforementioned psycho scum and he will go on trial in August for this crime where his DNA is said to have been found at the scene.

Once convicted this lowlife needs to be put to death as he has shown he doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of us.

In fact he is also in trouble for violating the terms of his parole but using an undeclared email address to open a Facebook account which means he was probably going to use it for something he didn’t want his Parole Officer to know about.

No this guy is scum plain and simple and should never see the light of day again as he has shown he cannot abide by society’s rules.

The real shame is that the poor woman back in 1978 didn’t even have the option of carrying a pepper spray or a Stun gun for protection of this scumbag may have gotten sprayed or zapped way back then instead of terrorizing some poor college student.

Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty

The reason kids aren’t allowed to possess a stun gun

The short answer is simply because they are immature and too irresponsible to carry a weapon that although meant for self defense, can be used for offensive purposes.

Perfect example, in Florida today some little idiot teenager got into an argument with another teenager at the pool where they live decided to pull and use a Stun gun on the other kid.

The kid supposedly got the Stun Gun from the trash in his home and what it was doing there is beyond me. I think the parents of this little monster should be held legally accountable as well for allowing him to get access to the weapon.

Parents need to take more care and responsibility with their offspring. You decide to have children then you are on the hook for all problems they create when you don’t do your job.

Simple fact, even self defense weapons MUST be kept out of the hands of kids under the age of 18 and if you have a weapon you need to be careful your kids don’t get their hands on them.

Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty

More violence near the USC campus where the 2 Chinese students were just murdered

Yet again the streets around the USC campus are the scene of gun violence as a gunman robs 4 college students at gunpoint.

After robbing them he ran off and 2 chased him flagging down a campus security officer who then took up the chase. At one point it appeared to the officer that Hendricks was going for his gun so he was forced to shoot him in the leg.

This again shows there isn’t necessarily safety in numbers as there are plenty of nuts out there like 24 year old Jeremy Hendricks who robbed this group of 4 people, 3 men and 1 woman.

Thankfully no one was killed in this whole mess and that the criminal is now locked up where he belongs. A big thumbs up to the campus police officer who shot and caught this idiot. The fact he hit him in the leg and didn’t kill him is a testament to his/her training.

As for the 4 students I am glad you were not dumb enough to try and fight some idiot with a gun over material things and I applaud your use of good sense and am glad you all are safe.

When someone wants your money or car or whatever other material thing you have they want..let them have it. It isn’t worth the risk of fighting some idiot with a gun. Even if you have pepper spray or a Stun gun don’t risk it.

Material things can be replaced but you cannot. The only time you should fight is when they are trying to take you to another location as your personal safety is at risk then since odd are good you may never be seen again. Then you should fight but over money or a purse…it isn’t worth it.

Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty