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Keychain Essentials — What you need to carry for safety

My key chain essentials. As you can see on my key chain, I have a kubaton, this is called the heart attack, and this is pepper spray. Each one of these tools is effective in and of itself.

I have them all on my key chain because you need to be prepared for anything. From a standpoint of a single mom, I want to know that I can protect my children and myself. Now obviously these tools are to defend yourself and your loved ones, not to start fights or to threaten anyone!

All 3 of these tools can deter any attacker; none of these tools are sharp. As you can see, it is pointed but it’s not sharp to the touch and neither is this one.

The pepper spray comes in a holster so it protects you or your child from accidentally spraying it. You have to unsnap the holster and then turn the spray into the correct position, holding it up and then pressing the button in order for it to spray.

All of these are legal in the United States and the Heart Attack is $4.95, the Kubotan is $5.00, and the Pepper Spray is $9.95. On my other videos, I will show you how to use each one of them individually.

The most important thing to remember is that you have the right to not be a victim or be afraid that you cannot protect yourself or your loved ones. Thank you very much!

A Personal Alarm – Why you should carry one

PAL-130L personal safety alarmA personal security alarm is one of my favorite non lethal self defense weapons you get on the market today.

The reasons for this are simple: They are cheap to buy, easy to carry and even easier to use plus they are effective and we will discuss all of this in more detail in this post.

Is a Panic Alarm inexpensive?

You can find one online right now for as little as 10 bucks and usually they don’t get more costly than 20 bucks. So yes, for 10-20 dollars you can get one of these devices for yourself so I am sure you can see just how affordable they are even if you get the top of the line model.

This also makes a personal alarm key-chain a really great for gifts for people you love of all ages.

Is a Personal Safety Alarm easy to use?

To operate the device you simply press the panic button if it is equipped with one, if not then it will be a pull pin. In other words, you will yank the wrist strap out of the device pulling the safety pin and activating the device.

When activated it sounds off, depending on your model, from an average of 110-130 decibels of siren which is extremely loud.

Are Personal Alarms very versatile?

The numerous uses for this device is why I mentioned it was one of my favorites. A personal protection alarm can be used to scare off an attacker. It can be used should you find yourself lost somewhere wanting people to be able to hear and find you like when camping or even should your vehicle run off the road and trap you.

It can also be used to ward off some dogs, not all, but some. It is so loud it hurts their ears and they may bark but usually they will stay away.

Another benefit is that a personal alarm is good for the young and old as well as both males and females.

This is a little extra insurance that you can be heard when you need to be in case of emergency so you should consider adding it to your self defense arsenal.

You can see more personal panic alarm choices here if you’re interested in one.

Self Defense Weapons – what are your choices?

If you are wondering what your choices are in Self Protection Weapons much of that will depend on where you live but even in restrictive states there are still plenty of good options available to you for protection purposes.

Everyone knows the basic defense products like pepper spray or stun guns but those items can be restricted where you live so be sure to check out the stun gun laws and pepper spray laws so you have a better idea of what you can purchase. If you are in a state that does not allow them there is still hope.

Personal Alarms

130 decibel personal safety alarm with flashlightThese panic alarms are a great alternative should you live in a restrictive state. They are perfect for all ages including children and in fact, it is highly recommended to teach your children to carry and use one should some stranger try to grab or hurt them.

What they do is drop and start kicking, screaming and firing off the personal alarm which is usually 110-130db and will grab some attention and hopefully scare off the creep. This holds true for anyone of any age or sex really. All you do is pull the pin out of it to make the device start screaming for help. Even if your attacker grabs it from you he won’t be able to turn it off without putting the pin back in it and by that time you should be gone!

Personal panic alarms are very inexpensive and easy to use and carry so it really is something you should consider carrying all the time. Besides helping to scare off an attacker it can be used to signal for help when lost or stranded in the woods when camping or hiking. There are tons of situations where having 130 decibels of screaming alarm can come in handy and I bet you can too. Definitely worth a look.

Retractable Steel Batons -

extendable steel baton with holsterThese Self Defense Batons are not able to be sold, carried or possessed by any resident of California. For the rest of us, although you still want to talk to local law enforcement before you carry one on your person or in your vehicle, these devices are great to have on hand when needed.

For you to use retractable batons all you do is flick your wrist or swing your arm down towards the ground if doing a wrist flip and at a downward angle if doing an arm swing.

Once the Telescopic Baton is open it should lock allowing you to use it to jab them in the body or even an eye. This is also handy should you ever become trapped or come across someone trapped in a car with the windows up and need it get the window broke quickly. A steel baton will make quick work of this for you.

You can find and buy expandable batons online for an average of $19-199.00. This of course varies with size (standard sizes are 16, 21 or 26 inch) and with the manufacturer as with some you pay for the name but is definitely a worthy Self Defense Weapon.

Kubotan key-chain self defense weaponThese little key-chain Self Defense Weapons are often misspelled kubatons since they are essentially little batons. The are often made from various types of metals and from different types of wood including bamboo and even composite materials and plastics. Depending on the type you choose they can vary drastically in weight and durability.
Kubotans usually are only around $5-10.00 and can be found all over including the internet. With this or any other type of weapon it doesn’t hurt to consult your local police prior to purchase to ensure you can legally carry one of these items on your key chain.
To use you can hold it like a handle and use it to turn your keys into a mace essentially and you would use it to swing at your attacker to get them to back off and leave. You can also use them to jab at an attacker that grabs you from behind and has his arm around your neck or mouth. In that circumstance as in most, aim for the groin if possible but the face is good too!
A Kubotan can also be used to help get you out of a car that is maybe upside down, on fire or even submerged. It can be used to help break out a window and get you free.
For five to ten dollars it is more than worth the money costs to get one as it is for all of the other Self Defense Items mentioned here.
No matter which you choose you should at least choose one!

Self defense for kids

It can be a challenge when considering your non lethal weapon options of Self defense for kids. The reason for this is that kids are kids and can be prone to doing the wrong thing sometimes and a weapon is not where you want this to occur.

What this leaves is quite a bit less when it comes to choices of items but thankfully there are enough “safe” options that can help you try to keep your child safer should they run into trouble.

Mind you these are not options for dealing with bullying peers really, they are more desgined for keeping them from being kidnapped, raped and or killed. Dealing with bullies is a much larger subject but is not going to be covered here so please don't apply this information to that type of issue.

Items you should rule out for any child under the age of 18 is as follows:

  • Pepper or any other defensive sprays – Too many horror stories out there already where kids have accidentally and purposely discharged defensive sprays in schools or other public settings causing tons of issues on a rather large scale not to mention the times when one was used on a classmate. Plus taking one of these into a school may be deemed as a crime depending on local school weapon's rules.
  • Stun Guns – Much like pepper spray, a stun gun is considered a weapon and prohibited from most, if not all, schools. Also like a spray, stun guns have been used by kids for stupid reasons. just check youtube and you will find hundreds, if not thousands, of videos of kids zapping themselves or friends, with  stun gun.
  • Knives - Any kind of knife for obvious reasons. Far too risky and in most places, illegal.

Items you should consider using for your children:

  • Panic Alarms a.k.a Personal Alarms - These items are perfect for children or any age actually due to the fact they are not considered a weapon and are generally not known to be restricted even in the schools (but it would be good to check first before you buy). What I love about them is that they help draw attention and usually scare off, most attackers which is what you want for your kids. You can get them in varying models and decibel levels but shooting for one with the range of 115 to 130db should be the best option. Another great thing about panic alarms is that they can be used even by little kids should someone try to grab them in public. You teach them to pull the cord to activate the alarm and get help should someone try and grab or hurt them.
  • Kubotan - This is best for your teen child but not suited for younger kids. It is a keychain weapon that can be used in the case that someone tries to attack them but it is just a defensive weapon which is a good thing. You will need to check with your local school and police as to the legality of kubotans in your present area.

As you can see you don't have all that many options but the ones you have are good ones. Especially as far as personal panic alarms go, they can cause the least amount of harm should your child misuse them as some will do from time to time. 

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

Hidden knives – what are the benefits for women?

Many people have never thought of carrying Hidden knives before and would have no idea of how or when they would ever need one. But what they are missing are the benefits for women that carry one of these weapons in the off chance they are attacked. You see these weapons have numerous benefits and uses which we will discuss briefly in this post. 

Basic Benefits of Hidden Knives - 

Let's explore some scenarios and how you could use a hidden knife to save your life or at the very least give you a fighting chance. Take for example you are out walking or jogging and someone grabs you from behind and attempts to drag you off to do God knows what to you.

If you had a hidden knife> like the pen knife, you could easily keep it in a fanny pack from which you grab it and use it to stab the man in the arm to make him let go at which time you, if possible, stab him in the neck or face region and then fun for it while screaming as loud as you can.

In the above scenario you also have the option of stabbing him in the groin with the knife while he is positioned behind you. Worst case you stab him in the leg making it much more difficult to pursue you as you try to escape. As you can see there are numerous options where it could save your life just in this one scenario alone.

Think about if you are attacked, knocked out and then tied up and you had a pen knife in your back pocket you could potentially use it to free yourself and save your life. 

One of the biggest benefits to hidden knives like the pen knife is that they are usually very inexpensive especially when you consider the uses. Take the pen knife for instance, it is only 6 bucks! Yup you read that right, 6 measely bucks. Talk about value for your money!

To me adding this to your personal self defense arsenal is a no-brainer for sure considering costs versus benefits. But now a word of caution before you purchase and carry a hidden knife on you, talk to your local law enforcement to ensure you will not be breaking any laws which end you up on the wrong side of the law.

Remember this item is not only good for women but men can benefit from carrying one of these defensive weapons as well. 

Bullied teen expelled for taking stun gun to school for protection

Lipstick Stun GunHaving our children be armed, even with non-lethal self defense weapons is a risky proposition due to immaturity and peer pressure to do something stupid. This has been shown time after time by kids firing off pepper sprays in school, not to defend themselves mind you they were just screwing around. So when a case like this young man who was expelled for bringing a stun gun to school for protection, it leaves you thinking as to what else we can do to protect our kids.

This young man is an openly gay student and although it shouldn't, it opened him up to ridicule and bullying by other kids in his school. In fact, the stun gun was found because he was cornered by 6 or more kids and pulled it out and fired it in the air to protect himself. Now since it seems the schools and the parents don't seem to be doing enough to stop bullying, what else was he to do?

Kids are dieing by their own hands because they can't take being bullied anymore and we should be ashamed of ourselves that this is a problem that has not been resolved by now. You can read more on the story below.

A bullied teen who was expelled for bringing a stun gun to school for protection is suing Indianapolis Public Schools, WISH-TV reports.

Darnell “Dynasty” Young, 17, says he was bullied because he is openly gay and that his mother, fearing for his safety, gave him a stun gun to ward off bullies at Arsenal Technical High School.

The incident that led to Young’s expulsion occurred on April 16, when six students allegedly surrounded him during a passing period and threatened to beat him. Young then pulled the weapon from his bag and fired it into the air. He was first expelled until January 7, 2013 for having the device, but the district reduced the penalty so Young could start the fall semester on time, according to the Indianapolis Star

WISH-TV reports that Indianapolis Public Schools initially assigned him to the New Horizons Alternative School, but Young declined this invitation to return to the district, electing instead to finish his senior year at Indianapolis Metropolitan High School, a charter school.

In a federal lawsuit filed Friday, Young and his mother, Chelsea Grimes, claim district officials did nothing to stop the “relentless, severe harassment” he was subjected to at school….More at Darnell 'Dynasty' Young, Gay Student Expelled For Firing Stun Gun At School … – Huffington Post

This has been an issue for a long time and far too many good kids have died as a result of complacency. Check out the links below for more stories to prove the point, bullying has caused suicides, school shootings and substance abuse. This is exactly why we our students falling on the list in the world showing our education levels drop to other countries.

Without a strong educational system our country is doomed and providing a safe environment for them is key. All schools should be uniformed to get the whole using school as a fashion show crap. School is where you go to learn…period! Anything else other than school groups, are a waste of time. Schools should also have surveillance cameras in every classroom and hallway so there is no getting away with bad behavior. Schools and the parents of school aged children, need to get tough!

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Pepper spray for running can protect you from people & dogs

One of the things you need to take into consideration no matter which area you choose to run in, is your safety. From wearing reflectors when running in low light situations on the road to pepper spray for joggers to help defend yourself should the need arise you need to be smart.

There are so many instances of runners being attacked by criminals as well as dogs that it warrants carrying one of the running Mace sprays. The other benefit is being able to help.

The other day I was out for a run it was just around dinner time and I saw another runner off in the distance and she seemed panicked so I ran towards her. At this point I noticed the 2 dogs who chased her down and started to bite her.

I wasn’t far so i got there pretty quick and kicked the one dog in the ribs with everything I had and I then pepper sprayed the other dog just before I kicked it as well.

Now bear in mind I am an animal lover but these dogs were vicious and I had no other way to stop them from hurting this lady. She had a few punctures on her legs where they chomped on her to bring her down and another set of bites on her right hand and arm. Thankfully none of her injuries were life threatening although she was bleeding bad she was fine after going to the hospital.

Be it man or animal it was a great feeling to have the tools to help save some woman from a vicious attack. Even if you don’t need it to help yourself you may need it to help someone else so it is worth the tiny investment in a pepper spray for runners. Take this article I found about a pack of dogs that attacked two guys.


Jose Ledesma has been charged with two misdemeanor counts of failing to protect the public from dogs and two misdemeanor counts of failing to restrain a dog. He was arraigned Tuesday.

Ledesma was caring for a friend’s pit bulls at the time of the attack, the district attorney’s office said.

In November, John and Richard Garritson were running with family members along a trail in the hills of Valley Center when they were attacked by as many as six dogs. The dogs were roaming free in the area, they told San Diego 6….More at Man Charged in Pit Bull Pack Mauling – San Diego 6

I found that story with just a quick search and I just wanted to show you that I am not trying to scare anyone; just trying to help keep you and those around you, safe.

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Cab driver pepper sprays unruly passenger

Being a taxi cab driver can be dangerous work even outside of the big city settings. Thankfully, most drivers are smart enough to carry some type of protection in case of trouble. 

I came across a story of a taxi driver that had to do just that, use non-lethal force in the form of pepper spray to protect himself from a allegedly drunken and unruly passenger. Check out the story below.

The cab driver told police that he gave Osborne a ride to a few local businesses Monday afternoon, and then took him back to Osborne’s home on Turkey Creek Ridge Road in York.

Osborne tried to use his debit card to pay but it was declined, the report states. The taxi driver told police his passenger then refused to pay and “became unruly when asked to get out of the taxicab,” according to the report….More at Police: Rock Hill taxi driver subdues drunk passenger with pepper spray – The Herald |

Alcohol, $35. New shoes, $80. Pepper sprayed and arrested after a night of drunken stupidity…..priceless! LOL. 34 years old and still acting the fool. Guarantee he was sitting in his cell saying why didn't I just pay the guy and sleep it off at home. It just shows that man or woman, it doesn't hurt to carry a pepper spray or some other type of self defense weapon, just in case.

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Some college students get a taste of what it is like to get pepper sprayed. I can tell you from personal experience it isn't fun at all. Your eyes want to clamp shut so bad it is unbelievable. It hurts for sure and although there are some rare individuals that eat so much hot stuff they can withstand the spray but I have yet to meet one.

Home invasion suspects caught after one is shot by the homeowner

I wanted to share this story because it usually doesn't play out this well for the homeowner during a home invasion but this time it did for sure. The suspects were caught because the homeowner shot one of the criminals during the crime. 

The reason I say it doesn't usually play out this way is because a home invasion has the element of surprise and getting to a loaded weapon after being basically bum rushed, is not an easy thing to do if you have kids. I mean can you leave a loaded gun out where you can get to it fast with kids in the home? Not generally. Check out the story.

Defensive action taken by a victim of an armed home invasion appeared to help lead to the arrests of four people when an eventual suspect turned up at a hospital with a gunshot wound shortly after the crime.

Topeka police Capt. Brian Desch on Wednesday said a man suffering from a gunshot wound arrived by private vehicle early Tuesday at a local hospital while officers were en route to the 1300 block of S. Kansas Avenue on a report of an armed break-in by three white men.

That man, along with a woman who went to the hospital with him, subsequently were taken to the Law Enforcement Center to be questioned about the break-in, Desch said….More at Wounding of intruder aids in arrest of home invaders – Topeka Capital Journal

Like I said, it went very well for the homeowner and I am glad he hopefully taught these idiots that being a scumbag criminal is a dangerous occupation to choose.

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I personally prefer to have multiple weapons in various parts of the house that I can get to quickly if needed. Things like large pepper sprays on the wall like a fire extinguisher and also a retractable steel baton or two, all in easy to get access.

Now people say this is just being paranoid but I would rather have the weapons and never need them then the other way around. Homeowners are often beaten, raped and killed during home invasions so it seems smart to err on the side of caution.

As you can see in the video, things can go bad for men or women when these types of criminals force their way into your home. Does my idea still seem so paranoid? 


If you have any information on the crime linked to in the above tweet, be sure you notify police cause these people need to be arrested.

It kills me when someone who has the world by the preverbial balls, does stupid things like this and throws it all away for nothing.

A Pepper Spray Gun can help save you from attack

A woman was just recently attacked and she did the right thing and thankfully, it worked out in her favor but it easily could have went the other way. I have always said that when it comes to possessions, they aren't worth dieing for so don't fight them but when it comes to your person that is a different story. That's when you fight with all you have in you.

You can read part of the story of this womans attack and there is a link to the rest of it should you want to see the entire thing. 

Lincoln Police say a woman was attacked and nearly raped while walking home in north Lincoln early Sunday morning.

Police say she was walking alone in Oak Lake Park around three in the morning when a man approached her and asked if she was all right.  When she said she was fine, police say the man grabbed her arm and pushed her to the ground.

Authorities say the man got on top of her and started pulling and ripping at her clothes. “The victim resisted. She continued to kick him until she was able to get away. She ran through the park and continued to the police station where she reported the incident,” According to officer Katie Flood. …More at Attempted rape at Lincoln park – KLKN

Times like these are what self defense weapons like the Mace Pepper Spray Gun were designed for, to help give you a tool to use if possible to help save your life. Nothing is fool proof but it can surely help.

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Although this video shows a model and brand of Pepper Spray Gun that we do not sell I still want you to check it out. My goal here is to ensure people are able to defend themselves, would I prefer you bought my model? Of course, I am trying to keep the lights on but my main concern is helping people. Just be sure you are aware of the pepper spray gun laws in your area so you don't get yourself into trouble with the police.

The Mace Pepper Spray Gun pink model is just one of the 4 great colors that this weapon is available in. It can shoot up to 25 feet so that really helps because the further away you can keep an attacker the better. Should you not see him/them coming it will still work up close just like any other pepper spray.

Often if you wear the Pepper Spray Gun holster, just the mere sight of it will keep away many criminal types as they are unable to tell from a distance exactly what is in the holster. It is easier for them to just find another, weaker appearing victim to attack. They are cowards and most aren't looking for a fight.