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Customs officials seize 17,000 pills made up of human babies

It just amazes me day after day at just how sick people on the world can be, especially when money is involved. It seems companies in China have taken to making “stamina pills” and “cure-alls” from aborted baby remains.

Talk about sick. “Medical” companies get tips from corrupt medical workers every time there is a dead baby like with abortions, still born and from what reports say are “dying rooms”, places where babies are left to die by families that already have the allowed 1 child or families that wanted a boy instead of a girl.

They take the baby corpses to placed where they basically use a medical drying microwave to dry out the fetus corpse until it can be pummeled into a powder substance, mixed with various herbs and then packaged into capsules. The capsules are then smuggled out of China and into South Korea.

I have to tell you, they say that there is super-bacteria as well as other harmful ingredients in the dead baby capsules and I hope they are right.

Anyone who eats one of these pills deserves any illness they get from it. If you want more stamina try eating healthy and exercising you freaks.

I hope everyone of the people that pummel the fetus corpses into powder, breathe it in and become deathly ill. Sick ass people in this world, sick ass people.

Stay safe out there…it’s a messed up world!

Charles Dougherty

Violence erupts at an Easter Egg Hunt

We wonder why kids are so violent these days and are able to do maniacal acts just like adults but that is easy to figure’s because of their parents and other idiot adults.

Take for example the two scumbags that got into a physical fight over one parent helping their child too much to find an egg that had 7 bucks in it!!

The man who isn’t named in the news slapped Annette Pearson in the face after that started cursing each other out.

Figuring she would take the stupidity to the next level, Annette Pearson decided to go into her place and come out with a claw hammer which she subsequently used to slam into the other idiot’s head.

All of this in front of theirs and other people’s young children. The lesson they taught the kids was the best way to handle things is through violence…well done!

When your kids wind up in prison remember who helped put them there….you, ya moron!

Read the whole news story here

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

Dog attack has residents re-thinking soft pet laws

In Santa Maria California on the 22nd of March this year, Robin O’Hara was walking her dog minding her own business when she and her dog were attacked by 2 pit bulls without provocation of any kind.

Unfortunately, the laws in that county are very soft and the new proposed laws are just as pathetic. It basically slaps the dog owner on the wrist for the first 2-3 attacks before the authorities do anything about it.

I guess San Luis Obispo County is waiting for a child or senior citizen to be killed or has their face bit off before they wise up and put some real penalties on these piss poor dog owners. I don’t say that to be sensationalistic but instead I am pointing to actual events that have played out over the years around the US.

Check out my blog post from a few years ago about a 76 year old woman who was savagely attacked.

As for attacks on kids there are tons of examples of them as well. I hope Robin O’Hara and the other residents of Santa Maria fight tooth and nail for stiff penalties now before it is too late to stop someone being killed or maimed.

For more information on protecting yourself from dog attacks check out my blog post on the subject for more information.

Stay safe out there and good luck Santa Maria and all of San Luis Obispo County’s residents,

Charles Dougherty

The real reasons gas prices are rising so high so fast

They try to B.S us into believing it is unrest in the middle east, like there is ever been a time when there hasn’t been unrest in the middle east, but that is all lies.

I say this because I live in Texas, I can spit and hit an oil well. Down the road not far from me there are tons of refineries all taking oil out of Texas and the Gulf of Mexico. Yet we are still paying $3.75 (as of today) per gallon. This goes to show no matter what they will rape us for as much money as possible.

Now for those asking “why now”? Why else? Because the economy was starting to recover which would most certainly have lead to Obama being re-elected which the oil industry doesn’t want. They have historically backed republicans because the RNC is all about making the rich, richer and the poor, poorer. Which is exactly what is happening since the top 1% has made tons of money as our economy and the rest of us struggle to just survive.

This is all simply a political carrot and if a republican wins office they will drop the prices for a short time so they can say “see it was all the democrats”.

Don’t get me wrong the democratic party is just as pathetic as the republicans are but at least they aren’t purposely trying to rape all of the US out of every dime they can get. They just waste too much money on social programs being poorly managed.

It is tie we all stood up and said….enough! No more holding us hostage at the pumps or no more drilling in the US. If we are going to pay the same either way I say let the arabs trash their air, water and soil and just get our stuff from them.

I have yet to see any benefit to domestic oil drilling and we never will because they know they have us by the short ones no matter where the oil comes from and that won’t change until we make it change.

We have the control. Stop driving right now unless absolutely necessary, spend as little as humanly possible at the pumps and we can force changes by hitting THEM in the wallet!!

I won’t hold my breath but I damn sure will practice what I preach. I drive as little as possible and will drive even less now. They will get as little money out of my wallet as humanly possible.

Stand up and help put an end to this crap!

Stay safe!

Chuck Dougherty

Rick Perry for President??

Not a chance! In the time Perry has been Governor of Texas our school systems have degraded to the point of embarrassment and our economy is in the toilet.

Here in Texas we can’t seem to manage to pay for our schools yet we pay plenty of taxes and we are 44th in money spent on our schools to begin with and now they are cutting even more.

We are producing a generation of partially illiterate children and in fact we have at least one high school were 30% of the seniors did not graduate this year. That is disgusting!

Perry has done nothing for this state except cause a massive divide down party lines, run the school systems into the ground, take rights away from women with his sonogram law and cause our state’s economy to have BILLIONS in the way of a deficit.

Perry is also as two faced as they get. He tries to pretend he is for smaller government but acts the opposite. In fact it was his idea to force all little girls to get a HPV immunization shot. This may sound good on face value but it was to be forced on your kids whether you wanted it or not and that is not my America.

BTW. The reason he was pushing this vaccination was not for the good of the kids but for the good of one of his big money campaign contributors who happened to be the manufacturer or the drug. Perry does nothing that is not good for Perry.

If you want to know how he has been in office so long it is easy. Many of my fellow Texans are easily mislead sheep that believe what their preachers say over what common sense states.

So if that all sounds good for the rest of the country as well then yes, Perry for President other than that, hell no! It is bad enough we are stuck with him!

Bin Laden is dead! Way to go Navy Seals!!

I awoke to the news that the animal named Osama Bin Laden had finally paid the price for his crimes against all of humanity. Here is hoping there is a hell and he is under it.

Well done and thank you to any and all who took part in this effort to eliminate this lowlife. A special well done to the service person that actually double tapped numb-nuts in the skull!

Now after a little more celebration we need to fade this creep into obscurity. As long as we talk about we give him unwarranted power.

This is the last I’ll say on him….

Stay safe!

The Judge

Should we dump ALL social services? Pt.1

Well the short answer is hell no! But we sure do need to revamp the entire system in order to ensure only those truly in need utilize the services as well as keeping it from becoming overly costly to all of us.

I don’t know the actual numbers or even if our government actually knows how much we are being ripped off by crooks each year through the misuse of social services but I have seen numbers in the hundreds of millions and some even billions lost each year as per various watchdog sites.

Here in Texas, the republican state government which it really is now since they have a super majority, is doing all that it can to cut social services and right now seem to be doing all they can to make an already mediocre educational system even worse by cutting deep into the school systems causing them to dump huge numbers of teachers and increase classroom sizes. But I digress.

My point is simple. Social services are needed to keep people from suffering when they can be helped and this holds true especially for the children, the elderly and the mentally and physically disabled. We have to do this, it is what makes us human beings and not animals.

The problem is that there will always be scumbags that try to beat the system and this is where some changes could stop that from occurring as much.

Take the welfare system for example. This alone is nothing but a money sinkhole as it currently stands. There is little enforcement and tons of abuse. That system is broken but can be easily fixed.

Each state should create a “job bank”. Yes I know that this will compete with temp agencies but they can work deals to get staff from the job bank as well or something or go out of business. It would be a small price to pay to drop our tax bills by billions without screwing over our fellow human beings.

When you go on welfare you would HAVE to go to training in some field so that you can be either temp’d out to some company, used in service of the state or hired off. In my welfare system … everyone works, no free rides!

As for the training, we could work deals with various companies in each state to offer training to the job bank workers in various occupations. This benefits the companies by giving them a free look at potential employees and helps us get people working.

Also there is no having children while on welfare. You have to either agree to birth control and not having kids until you can afford them or go it on your own without welfare!

You may be saying but what if they have kids already when they go on welfare, how can they work and train? Easy state run daycare’s staffed by job bank trained employees or third party companies that hire from the job bank that offers childcare at a reasonable rate for job bank workers until they leave the bank.

Even with the daycare and training costs it would keep people from being on welfare for years if they have to work anyway they might as well go find a better paying job instead of leeching off of us and in the long run save tons of money.

Welfare should be a hand up not a hand out!

I got rambling so long here I’ll have to come back to rant about the other social services later in another part of this series which will now be at least 2 parts :).

Be safe!

The Judge

ADHD may be linked with pesticides in our foods

You know it is sad that we have let things get so out of control in our country. Under the guise of free market capitalism, unscrupulous people driven by nothing but greed have polluted our food supply in order to line their pockets with boatloads of money.

Now whether they actually even consider our health is beyond me but I do know that they seem to ignore it if they do. The only way to really limit the amount of poisons we take into our body is by growing our own food without any chemicals at all.

You see, pesticides that are on our food wind up inside of us. Recently, researchers have found: “Kids with higher-than-average levels of one pesticide marker were nearly twice as likely to be diagnosed with ADHD as children who showed no traces of the poison.”

This may explain why the number of kids diagnosed with ADHD is on the rise and it wouldn’t surprise me if they found out next that this is also why we have the increase in Autism.

These poisons work by messing with the nervous system of bugs but it has similar effects on humans and they are absorbed by the plants through runoff and penetration. This means we are ingesting this stuff!

We have to stop this “it’s all about the money” mentality. If it screws up the free market then so be it. It is better than the alternative of killing us all off. It is hard to make money on dead people!

Read the news story here –

Stay safe!

The Judge

Texas’ proposed immigration changes

It appears Texas is about to attempt to follow Arizona’s lead by reforming their current immigration laws.

What confuses me the most is that it isn’t already against state law to be an ILLEGAL immigrant since it is against federal immigration laws.

But everyone now is freaking out stating “there will be racial profiling” but there is such an easy fix that should have been in place all along.

EVERYONE should have to carry proof of citizenship and EVERYONE gets checked when they have police contact, period!

It is just that easy. That way there is no profiling because EVERYONE regardless of race, color, creed or religion will be getting checked. How hard is that? Not hard at all!

The fact that this is an issue amazes me. How dare we try and secure our borders and determine who is here criminally, hence the ILLEGAL immigrant moniker, right? I mean it isn’t like terrorists would ever use our wide open borders to sneak in and attack us, not on our soil right?

Wake up people!

The Judge

Arizona’s new immigration law changes

Living in Texas I can completely relate with Arizona’s desire to do something to fix this giant issue of illegal immigration. It is such a mess in these border states that unless you live here you may not realize.

I have nothing against anyone wanting to make a better life for themselves, that is what we all want for ourselves. What issue I have is with how they are going about it.

Entering our country illegally, no matter the reasoning behind it, is a crime plain and simple. Saying it is ok to do that is no different then telling someone it is ok to rob someone or sell drugs or steal to make a better life for their family.

Committing a crime is not an acceptable way to make a better life for you or your loved ones. It really is that simple.

I have said it before and will again, if you jumped the border and got caught in Mexico illegally it comes with a 2 year prison term followed by immediate and PERMANENT deportation for the first offense!!

Illegal immigrants are a drain on our economy and are a danger. Do you really believe that terrorists don’t realize they can just jump the border from Mexico to the US and get right by all of our precautions set up to keep them out? Our borders are wide open and we will pay for it in the long run.

As for the Mexican President’s remarks in regards to Arizona’s law changes he may want to keep him mind on his own issues. Mexico is a giant toilet and the Mexican President should be more concerned with getting his country back from the criminals and making it a place that it citizens don’t abandon like rats on a sinking ship.

He is spent more energy on making his country a better place we may not have such an issue with his people here to deal with.

Let me state this one more time though. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS = CRIMINALS hence the illegal in front of the immigrants! Their reasons do not matter at all as mine wouldn’t should I get caught jumping the border into Mexico or if I committed a crime to feed my family. Crime is crime.

The Judge