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Home invasion suspects caught after one is shot by the homeowner

I wanted to share this story because it usually doesn't play out this well for the homeowner during a home invasion but this time it did for sure. The suspects were caught because the homeowner shot one of the criminals during the crime. 

The reason I say it doesn't usually play out this way is because a home invasion has the element of surprise and getting to a loaded weapon after being basically bum rushed, is not an easy thing to do if you have kids. I mean can you leave a loaded gun out where you can get to it fast with kids in the home? Not generally. Check out the story.

Defensive action taken by a victim of an armed home invasion appeared to help lead to the arrests of four people when an eventual suspect turned up at a hospital with a gunshot wound shortly after the crime.

Topeka police Capt. Brian Desch on Wednesday said a man suffering from a gunshot wound arrived by private vehicle early Tuesday at a local hospital while officers were en route to the 1300 block of S. Kansas Avenue on a report of an armed break-in by three white men.

That man, along with a woman who went to the hospital with him, subsequently were taken to the Law Enforcement Center to be questioned about the break-in, Desch said….More at Wounding of intruder aids in arrest of home invaders – Topeka Capital Journal

Like I said, it went very well for the homeowner and I am glad he hopefully taught these idiots that being a scumbag criminal is a dangerous occupation to choose.

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I personally prefer to have multiple weapons in various parts of the house that I can get to quickly if needed. Things like large pepper sprays on the wall like a fire extinguisher and also a retractable steel baton or two, all in easy to get access.

Now people say this is just being paranoid but I would rather have the weapons and never need them then the other way around. Homeowners are often beaten, raped and killed during home invasions so it seems smart to err on the side of caution.

As you can see in the video, things can go bad for men or women when these types of criminals force their way into your home. Does my idea still seem so paranoid? 


If you have any information on the crime linked to in the above tweet, be sure you notify police cause these people need to be arrested.

It kills me when someone who has the world by the preverbial balls, does stupid things like this and throws it all away for nothing.

Parents refuse treatment to 4 year old after being shot

21-year-old Tyshonna Mercedez Blades and 20-year-old Thomas Charles Sumlin are in it deep now after their 4 year old got a hold of a gun and shot herself.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, these two idiots decide the wound isn’t that bad and that it would cause them too much trouble with the law if they took her to the hospital or a doctor for help.

The parents tried to say that the child must have found the gun at the Days Inn hotel room they were all staying in together. They both are swearing up and down it wasn’t their gun.

The problem? The cops allegedly found a matching holster, clip and ammo for the gun at the home of these two rocket scientists.

While this is all being investigated the child and her two siblings were all taken in to state’s custody.

At least for now those children are safe. They need to neuter and spay these two so that they are unable to procreate ever again with anyone.

They have both shown that neither is worthy of being a parent to any child.

Hopefully these two will do a lot of time and those children will finds a foster home far away from those two idiots.

It also stated in the news story that Sumlin’s mother, Deanna Edwards, also was arrested for allegedly attempting to stop investigators from getting to her son.

Read the entire news story here

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

Home Security for Singles

Living alone can be a bit scary. If it is the first time on your own, or if you’ve moved to a new city, it can take time to feel comfortable. You need to learn the neighborhood and figure out new routines since you aren’t sharing the errands. You also need to make sure that you always feel safe and secure when you are at home or out and about.

Here are a few safety tips for singles who live alone:

• Sign up for a few magazines or subscriptions with different first names to make it look like other people live with you.
• When a repairman comes over, you can pretend you have a spouse who you need to consult with. Some women even have a men’s jacket and shoes by the front door.
• Make sure you have a home alarm system – even renters or people who move frequently can use wireless security. And don’t give your home security system code to anyone.
• Don’t show off expensive gadgets or leave them in plain sight. Use cabinets and storage units to hide them. If someone gets a peek inside your home, they won’t see anything worth taking.
• If you have a landline, make sure your recording says “We’re not available” instead of “I am not home”.
• When choosing a place to live, stop by and visit during rush hour and in the middle of the day. You can get a sense of how busy the area is and how safe it seems. If you are getting an apartment or buying a condo, notice if the main door is propped open often or if the building seems secure.
• When you are out, don’t wear headphones or talk on your cell phone – it will make you less aware of your surroundings.
• Take self-defense classes. If you feel that you need more protection, carry mace or pepper spray, or a high-decibel personal alarm.

You can find other general home security and personal safety tips here.

Of course there are a million suggestions and recommendations out there, but you don’t need to worry about doing them all. Assess the locations and times in your daily routine where you feel unsafe, and add a few extra safety measures to make yourself safer. Remember that as your life changes you’ll need to reevaluate your personal safety and home security.

Man shot in face during a home invasion robbery

You know I have seen the crocodile Dundee movies and other shows talking about how tough Australians are but I never really believed it might be true until now.

A couple of days ago a 33 year old Australian man was in his home in Busselton, Australia sleeping in bed with his wife when a man burst into the room and shot the homeowner in the face with a shotgun!

Now this is further proof about the toughness statement. This guys wife jumps out of bed and tries to tackle the shooter that just pumped one into her husband. The intruder still managed to get off 2 more shots that hit the homeowner in his chest and in the face for the second time!

Now this guy has been hit in the face TWICE and body including his leg once with shotgun blasts. Even with all of that when police arrive this guy is up and talking!

He was taking to the hospital where the doctor called his a sissy for coming to him with these scratches and gave him a pint of lager and sent him on the way! Okay not really but they did his injuries were not life threatening. Goes to show if you want to kill an Aussie you better bring a bigger gun! LOL

Be Safe!


Inexpensive Home Alarm Systems

Although we would like to be able to afford a high-tech monitored alarm system to protect our family in our home, most of us cannot. These high-tech systems can cost a lot of money to get installed and then there is that monthly monitoring fee that if you don’t pay will cause your alarm to become useless.

Thankfully we can get inexpensive home alarm systems that are not monitored but are useful to increase the safety level of your home and help to protect your family from intruders.

When it comes to good inexpensive home alarm systems you have some options that offer different benefits of which you need to decide is the most important to you. This way you can get the biggest bang for your security buck.

There are 3 main types of unmonitored home alarm systems and they are the Auto Dialer, the Voice Alert and the Siren Alarm.

• Auto Dialer Alarm – These are inexpensive and easy to install and use. They range in features but they all do one thing and that is it will call a pre-programmed group of phone numbers as well as setting off a very loud built-in alarm. The main benefit being you can avoid coming home to an intruder hiding in your home. You will know someone has triggered your alarm because it will call you and then you can call the police and let them deal with the criminals.

• The Voice Alert Alarm – This particular system will send a pre-programmed message back to the base inside of the home. So you can install the sensors in your driveway and near any possible entry points and assign a different message for each zone. This way if someone is sneaking up to your backdoor you can have the Voice Alert system say “someone is approaching the back door”. You will know right away where the intruder is located and can take proper counter measures from there.

• Siren Alarm – These systems fire off either a built-in or external set of loud sirens to scare off the criminals and alert the home owner as well as the neighbors to the intrusion. These systems can range from a small motion alarm all the way up to a full-scale system that covers all possible entry points with sensors. Some of these units also come with a built-in auto-dialer feature.

As you can see there are some differences in the available inexpensive home alarm systems but you should be able to find one that will fit your needs. Just think about what type of protection you want and need and then go from there.

Stay safe!

The Judge

The Best Portable Hidden Surveillance Cameras

With all of the new miniaturization technology coming out in the last few years we have had an increase in the availability of portable hidden surveillance cameras. These days you can get a camera into just about anything which makes finding the right camera for your needs much easier than ever before.

Due to Federal regulations, hidden cameras that can be permanently installed are not permitted to record audio because of the possibility of many different types of abuse. But thankfully this doesn’t apply when it comes to portable hidden surveillance cameras which are allowed to record audio as well as video.

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous types of portable hidden surveillance cameras and the following list only covers a small portion but it will at least give you a good idea of some of your current options.

Spy Camera Video Watch – Just like it sounds, this is a wrist watch that has a built in color camera, microphone and DVR. The watch itself is fully functional and looks very stylish so you can wear it all the time if you choose to do so which is a key benefit of this particular portable hidden surveillance camera. Since you can wear it all the time should you need to record video and audio at any time you will have it there handy and ready to use!

Digital Camera Spy Pen – This is a fully functional ball point pen that has a built in color camera, microphone and DVR. You can carry this device in your pocket or even set it down on a table while you record the audio and video you wanted to catch. Because it is a working pen, you can use it all the time and keep it with you for any time you may need either a pen or to record something.

Spy Camera Sunglasses – These are very modern looking polarized sunglasses with a built in color camera, microphone and flash memory that can record both audio and video without anyone knowing. The camera shoots out the top of the sunglasses frame allowing you to capture video for whatever direction you are facing. To double the memory you can simply add a 4 gigabyte micro SD card using the included slot. It even has a built in MP-3 player so you can enjoy your music when not using it to record audio and video.

Any of the portable hidden surveillance cameras listed above would be great for capturing whatever audio or video you need recorded. Best of all they are all inexpensive in comparison to larger, stationary hidden cameras.

Stay safe,

The Judge

How to record your phone conversations

With the release of the alleged Mel Gibson rant tapes it has left many people wondering just how someone could record a phone conversation without the other person knowing about it. To be honest, that is very easy with all of the new technology out there. You can buy Digital Phone Recorders that can plug right into your phone or some that can act as your home phone while being ready to record should the need arise.

The more popular of the two main types of Phone Recorders would be the small Digital Recorders. They simply plug right into the headphone jack of your home or even cell phones and then you hit the record button and it will record until you stop it or it runs out of space.

They also can be used to record sound from within a room either using the built-in or an external microphone and some of the better models even have a voice activated feature so it will only record when it “hears” voices.

The less popular type of Phone Recorder can only record phone conversation that come through itself which means that you could not use it to record your cell phone or even a phone from another room. They also do not generally have the ability to record sounds from within a room either which would account for the lack of popularity.

So as you can see recording a phone conversation is quite easy these days and the person on the other line would never know unless you tell them but that is another issue you must consider.

You see many states have what they call a “two party consent” law which requires both parties be aware that they are being recorded. You need to know what the law is for your state should you decide to start recording phone conversations so you do not wind up getting yourself into hot water with the law enforcement community of your area.

To see whether your state has a “two party consent” law or not you can look here at

If you live in a “two party” consent state then you may want to reconsider the use of a phone recorder or at the very least consult an attorney to know exactly what you can do without breaking the laws of your state.

Stay safe!

The Judge

How to use a Wireless Outdoor Security Camera to protect your home

The addition of a good Wireless Outdoor Security Camera can be a very inexpensive yet effective way to help protect your home from criminals. Unless there is some compelling reason for them to risk the added trouble of dealing with your security setup they will just pick an easier target.

At the very least, should some criminal either not notice or disregard your security camera you will hopefully have all the evidence the police will need to track down and prosecute the crook.

You have a few options when choosing your Wireless Outdoor Security Camera and one of the main things you will want to decide is whether you want the camera hidden or not. It makes a big difference in where you would want to install the camera as well as the effect it will have on criminals.

Remember that if it is hidden it will only really be useful for gathering evidence against the criminal unless you display placards that cameras are in use and at that point you may as well have used visible security cameras.

One of the best hidden wireless outdoor security cameras you will find is the Spotlight Hidden Camera. It is a motion activated spotlight with built in camera and DVR so there is no need to worry about buying a separate recording device.

Since it is a super bright spotlight with 80 LED lights it can easily light up the area to ensure you get a really good video of the criminals face as he is startled by the light. It has a view range of around 90 feet so you can see them from a distance should they not run off.

The Spotlight Hidden Camera is one of the easiest wireless outdoor security cameras you can use. After you install it where you need to protect you simply check the video whenever you want by removing the SD card.

You then can place that SD card into any card reader to review the video as well as transport the information to the authorities so they can use it in their investigation and prosecution.

For a standard Wireless Outdoor Security Camera you will need to have some type of recording device. The wireless receiver is attached to your recording device so it can feed in the signal coming from the camera.

As far as motion activation, generally it is controlled by the recording device you are using and not the camera itself. The camera is always sending a signal and motion activation just determines whether it is recorded or not.

You want to be sure any standard Wireless Outdoor Security Camera you may decide to install is weatherproof and infrared capable. It is usually a good idea to install these types of cameras in a visible area that has a good view of the area to protect.

Remember another benefit to this type of camera is the deterrent effect it can have by being visible. Most criminals prefer the path of least resistance and since there are no guarantees you can only hope to lower your odds by making things more difficult that it is worth to some two bit criminal to rob you.

Stay Safe,

The Judge

The Best Self Defense Products for Male College Students

If you know a young man that is either going to be or already is attending college than you need to consider his safety while he is away from home and help him to be prepared for anything life decides to throw at him. Too many people are under the misconception that the only victims are women and this is not the truth.

Besides the basic safety talk about avoiding drugs and alcohol as well as driving with idiots, you need to be sure he is thinking about his personal safety while he is out and about.

Here are just a few of the best self defense products for male college students that he can use to increase his level of safety while away at college:

Diversion Safe – He can use one in his car and one in his dorm room to help hide his valuables from theft. Diversion safes come in all types of everyday products that people will not give a second look. They are very inexpensive and quite effective in hiding your items in plain sight.
Door Brace – This can be used to secure his dorm room door without the need to permanently install anything you just extend it and brace it up against the door. Best of all the Door Brace is portable so he can take it with him as he travels to help provide safety in hotel rooms, apartments or any place he wants to make sure he can sleep without fear of attack.
pepper spray – This is a great self defense device for both men and women. Even if he never needs to defend himself he made need to defend someone else and Pepper Spray can give him the edge he needs to do so safely.
Expandable Baton – If you get the flashlight option he can keep it in his car to help with an emergency like a breakdown, an attempted car jacking or even a submerged vehicle. An Expandable Baton has many uses and for the price it is more than worth the money.
Kubotan – This little device is very inexpensive as it is usually around five dollars. It can serve many purposes and does not really require any kind of training. A Kubotan is more of a use however you need it type of item since it can defend you from attack by using it as a stabbing device or flail. It too can be used in a car emergency kit as well since it can be used to break out a window if needed.

With the items on this list you can help to ensure your son has at least a fighting chance to defend himself or someone else should the need arise whether it be in his home or his vehicle.

Stay safe!

The Judge

Texas’ proposed immigration changes

It appears Texas is about to attempt to follow Arizona’s lead by reforming their current immigration laws.

What confuses me the most is that it isn’t already against state law to be an ILLEGAL immigrant since it is against federal immigration laws.

But everyone now is freaking out stating “there will be racial profiling” but there is such an easy fix that should have been in place all along.

EVERYONE should have to carry proof of citizenship and EVERYONE gets checked when they have police contact, period!

It is just that easy. That way there is no profiling because EVERYONE regardless of race, color, creed or religion will be getting checked. How hard is that? Not hard at all!

The fact that this is an issue amazes me. How dare we try and secure our borders and determine who is here criminally, hence the ILLEGAL immigrant moniker, right? I mean it isn’t like terrorists would ever use our wide open borders to sneak in and attack us, not on our soil right?

Wake up people!

The Judge