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Mother puts bleach in 15 mo old daughter’s eyes

This nasty thing named Jennifer Mothershead from Washington was found with an eye dropper full of bleach she was using to treat her babies “condition”.

After the baby was hurt with a serious head injury and airlifted to Seattleā€™s Harborview Medical Center the staff noticed the babies eye condition was getting worse when it should have been better so they called the police.

The mother seemed to be showing no emotion even though her baby was hurt so they took the child into protective custody. They then checked out the eye drops this thing was using on her baby.

They thought it smelled “Strong” so they tested it and found it was bleach! Poor little thing was having her eyes burned by her “mom”.

Sadly doctors say she has permanently lost vision in her right eye. Quite frankly it should literally be an eye for an eye and this nasty bitch should have her eyes put put before she is locked up forever or even better eventually killed.

How anyone could do this to a baby period is unfathomable to me but to do it to your own child is just unreal. Hopefully this poor little girl will get plenty of help and find a good family to adopt her and ensure nothing bad happens to her again.

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Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty

Customs officials seize 17,000 pills made up of human babies

It just amazes me day after day at just how sick people on the world can be, especially when money is involved. It seems companies in China have taken to making “stamina pills” and “cure-alls” from aborted baby remains.

Talk about sick. “Medical” companies get tips from corrupt medical workers every time there is a dead baby like with abortions, still born and from what reports say are “dying rooms”, places where babies are left to die by families that already have the allowed 1 child or families that wanted a boy instead of a girl.

They take the baby corpses to placed where they basically use a medical drying microwave to dry out the fetus corpse until it can be pummeled into a powder substance, mixed with various herbs and then packaged into capsules. The capsules are then smuggled out of China and into South Korea.

I have to tell you, they say that there is super-bacteria as well as other harmful ingredients in the dead baby capsules and I hope they are right.

Anyone who eats one of these pills deserves any illness they get from it. If you want more stamina try eating healthy and exercising you freaks.

I hope everyone of the people that pummel the fetus corpses into powder, breathe it in and become deathly ill. Sick ass people in this world, sick ass people.

Stay safe out there…it’s a messed up world!

Charles Dougherty

Man takes advantage of Breast Cancer Patients

This is truly one of the worst things I have heard of in a while. A man in Wales not only pretended to be a doctor he performed fake cancer treatments that were only designed to take care of his perverted needs not anything to do with cancer.

77 year old Reginald Gill not only convinced women he was “treating” that him sucking on their breasts would help with their breast cancer he lied in the first place about them even having cancer.

This scumbag took healthy women and convinced them they had breast cancer so he could suck on their breasts. So not only were they sexually violated they were tortured by being lied to and told they had cancer when they didn’t.

What they need to do to this guy his take a hammer to his junk so that he is no longer being lead around by his nasty old groin.

Now if all of this wasn’t enough …this scumbag has a 35 year old wife who helped him with this whole sick little charade. She needs to be fixed to ensure no matter what she cannot reproduce.

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

Woman sliced in half by airplane

There are some deaths that you hear about that leave you wondering what someone was thinking. This is definitely the case in the death of a woman in South Africa.

She was in her late fifties and for some reason decided to run across an active runway in front of a landing plane. She of course did not make it across and was killed instantly as the wing of the plane literally cut her in half.

No matter how much of a rush you are in there are some risks not worth it. Sadly by the time some people learn this lesson it is upon their death.

Take you time and think things out and life can be much safer and easier.

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

Rick Perry for President??

Not a chance! In the time Perry has been Governor of Texas our school systems have degraded to the point of embarrassment and our economy is in the toilet.

Here in Texas we can’t seem to manage to pay for our schools yet we pay plenty of taxes and we are 44th in money spent on our schools to begin with and now they are cutting even more.

We are producing a generation of partially illiterate children and in fact we have at least one high school were 30% of the seniors did not graduate this year. That is disgusting!

Perry has done nothing for this state except cause a massive divide down party lines, run the school systems into the ground, take rights away from women with his sonogram law and cause our state’s economy to have BILLIONS in the way of a deficit.

Perry is also as two faced as they get. He tries to pretend he is for smaller government but acts the opposite. In fact it was his idea to force all little girls to get a HPV immunization shot. This may sound good on face value but it was to be forced on your kids whether you wanted it or not and that is not my America.

BTW. The reason he was pushing this vaccination was not for the good of the kids but for the good of one of his big money campaign contributors who happened to be the manufacturer or the drug. Perry does nothing that is not good for Perry.

If you want to know how he has been in office so long it is easy. Many of my fellow Texans are easily mislead sheep that believe what their preachers say over what common sense states.

So if that all sounds good for the rest of the country as well then yes, Perry for President other than that, hell no! It is bad enough we are stuck with him!

Should we dump ALL social services? Pt.1

Well the short answer is hell no! But we sure do need to revamp the entire system in order to ensure only those truly in need utilize the services as well as keeping it from becoming overly costly to all of us.

I don’t know the actual numbers or even if our government actually knows how much we are being ripped off by crooks each year through the misuse of social services but I have seen numbers in the hundreds of millions and some even billions lost each year as per various watchdog sites.

Here in Texas, the republican state government which it really is now since they have a super majority, is doing all that it can to cut social services and right now seem to be doing all they can to make an already mediocre educational system even worse by cutting deep into the school systems causing them to dump huge numbers of teachers and increase classroom sizes. But I digress.

My point is simple. Social services are needed to keep people from suffering when they can be helped and this holds true especially for the children, the elderly and the mentally and physically disabled. We have to do this, it is what makes us human beings and not animals.

The problem is that there will always be scumbags that try to beat the system and this is where some changes could stop that from occurring as much.

Take the welfare system for example. This alone is nothing but a money sinkhole as it currently stands. There is little enforcement and tons of abuse. That system is broken but can be easily fixed.

Each state should create a “job bank”. Yes I know that this will compete with temp agencies but they can work deals to get staff from the job bank as well or something or go out of business. It would be a small price to pay to drop our tax bills by billions without screwing over our fellow human beings.

When you go on welfare you would HAVE to go to training in some field so that you can be either temp’d out to some company, used in service of the state or hired off. In my welfare system … everyone works, no free rides!

As for the training, we could work deals with various companies in each state to offer training to the job bank workers in various occupations. This benefits the companies by giving them a free look at potential employees and helps us get people working.

Also there is no having children while on welfare. You have to either agree to birth control and not having kids until you can afford them or go it on your own without welfare!

You may be saying but what if they have kids already when they go on welfare, how can they work and train? Easy state run daycare’s staffed by job bank trained employees or third party companies that hire from the job bank that offers childcare at a reasonable rate for job bank workers until they leave the bank.

Even with the daycare and training costs it would keep people from being on welfare for years if they have to work anyway they might as well go find a better paying job instead of leeching off of us and in the long run save tons of money.

Welfare should be a hand up not a hand out!

I got rambling so long here I’ll have to come back to rant about the other social services later in another part of this series which will now be at least 2 parts :).

Be safe!

The Judge

ADHD may be linked with pesticides in our foods

You know it is sad that we have let things get so out of control in our country. Under the guise of free market capitalism, unscrupulous people driven by nothing but greed have polluted our food supply in order to line their pockets with boatloads of money.

Now whether they actually even consider our health is beyond me but I do know that they seem to ignore it if they do. The only way to really limit the amount of poisons we take into our body is by growing our own food without any chemicals at all.

You see, pesticides that are on our food wind up inside of us. Recently, researchers have found: “Kids with higher-than-average levels of one pesticide marker were nearly twice as likely to be diagnosed with ADHD as children who showed no traces of the poison.”

This may explain why the number of kids diagnosed with ADHD is on the rise and it wouldn’t surprise me if they found out next that this is also why we have the increase in Autism.

These poisons work by messing with the nervous system of bugs but it has similar effects on humans and they are absorbed by the plants through runoff and penetration. This means we are ingesting this stuff!

We have to stop this “it’s all about the money” mentality. If it screws up the free market then so be it. It is better than the alternative of killing us all off. It is hard to make money on dead people!

Read the news story here –

Stay safe!

The Judge

Texas Attorney General decides to waste more money we don’t have

The attorney’s general from Texas and 12 other states I believe, have filed suits fighting the health care bill supposedly on behalf of their state.

The sad part is that I believe most people don’t support the action. Right now we have trouble paying for our schools, our roads and bridges, our public assistance programs as well as a slew of other things. With all of that said Greg Abbott decides to spend God knows how many MILLIONS of OUR dollars on fighting a partisan battle.

To be honest, the money he will piss away trying to make himself look good to the GOP they could use to help many people in the state buy the insurance as required by 2014.

Not only that, he keeps saying that forcing people to buy insurance is unconstitutional as least as far as Texas’ constitution goes, yet the state forces ALL car owners to have insurance.

How is that any different? You force us to buy car insurance supposedly because it is meant to provide safety to others on the road who may be financially devastated by you crashing into them. Makes sense right? How is the healthcare bill any different?

People without health insurance are causing a huge financial burden on all of the states including Texas! Think about it.

Let’s call this whole uproar what it really is, partisan bullshit. I know republicans that will benefit from most of what Obama has done, yet they trash talk him all of the time.

Why? Because he is a “baby killing democrat” in their minds. Even when you explain to them that Obama happens to be against abortion. Not reverse the laws against it but he doesn’t support it which is close enough.

But even that does not matter. We as a country are far to divided along party lines because that is what the politicians want. That’s how they get elected and that is also how they make boat loads of money.

I guess the whole divided we fall thing doesn’t matter anymore. The sad part is that both parties are very fundamentally flawed and will be the death of our country one day.

Stay safe and healthy!

The Judge!

5 Self Defense Weapons for Seniors

In your golden years the only thing you should have to worry about is how to enjoy the remainder of your life to the fullest but sadly that is not the case.

Now, more than ever, senior citizens need to worry about their personal safety and do what they need to in order to remain safe.

1. Auto Dialer alarm system for your home. Criminals enjoy preying on the elderly and this can keep you from coming home to an intruder. It will call you if it detects motion in your home and you can then call the police instead of walking in on the criminal.
2. Electronic Dog Chaser. This will help keep you safe as you walk around your neighborhood or local parks. It emits a 130db ultrasonic frequency as well as utilizing pulsing lights to scare off aggressive dogs. This is perfect for you as you walk your dog or simply walk by yourself out in public where there is a risk of an off leash dog attacking you.
3. Runt Mini Stun gun. It is a very small, light and easy to use stun gun. It fits nicely in your hand or pocket and can be used on the attacker even if he is touching you since the electricity will not pass through to you.
4. A small, lightweight Pepper Spray for your key chain. If you happen to use any type of wheel chair or walker, you can hide one in the pocket of the chair so you always have it on hand. Be sure to aim for the eyes and get to safety as quick as you possibly can.
5. Personal alarms. They are a must have addition to your safety tool chest. When you need assistance, having the 110db alarm can mean the difference between life or death. This is true for security as well as medical situations. Should you need help for any reason, a Personal alarm can help get you the attention you need.

All of the items on this list are lightweight and very easy to use which is something you should be sure any self defense weapon you may choose has for a feature.

The last thing you need is more stress when trying to protect yourself from an attack.

Stay safe!

The Judge

If you knew what was in the water….

I came across some information that I thought you might be interested in.

We all have heard about how some companies have taken plain old tap water and bottled it up and sold it for quite a profit.

It seems that nothing has changed with this but what is scarier is what is in tap water bottled or not.

A group called EWG tested 10 different bottled waters and WebMD posted the results, which is where I found them.

2 of the waters, one I have drank myself, Wal-Mart’s Sam’s Choice and Giant grocery’s Acadia brand, “bore the chemical signatures of the municipal water treatment plants in the areas where they were bottled.” according to that report.

So they just took plain old tap water and rebottled it without marking that on the label, which is law finally. Check out what they found in some of the water.

“Specifically, the investigators found that:

*Five of the tested waters contained fluoride, six contained small amounts of the fertilizer ingredient nitrate, and two contained the drug acetaminophen, sold as Tylenol.

*Samples of the Sam’s Choice water purchased at a San Francisco area Wal-Mart had levels of the disinfection byproducts trihalomethanes that exceeded the California legal limit for these chemicals.

*Samples of the Sam’s Choice brand also had higher-than-allowed levels of the chemical bromodichloromethane, which is a known carcinogen.

*Samples of Giant’s Acadia brand water also had levels of the chemicals that exceeded California safety standards, although the brand was sold only in mid-Atlantic states, where it met standards.

*The report noted that levels of the chemicals in both waters also exceeded the bottled water industry’s voluntary safety standards.”

So what does the water industry come back with “He notes that the California requirement is much higher than the FDA standard.”. I am not sure about you but I find that reeeaaaall comforting, not!

Now since much of these waters seem to come from municipal sources. All that crap found is in various water supplies around the US. Makes ya thirsty right? hahaha

The real topper here is besides the crap listed above they found that “Bottled water may also contain chemicals that leach out of plastic bottles, which are made of PET, or polyethylene terephthalate.”.

I think I will stick with filtered water and if that ever isn’t good enough, I’ll boil it as well! My goal is to remove as much of my intake of caustic chemicals as possible. The sad part is that it looks like to get to that I will have to become 100% self sufficient so I can stop getting things from stores all together. Much more work but 40 years down the line and I am still alive and kicking, literally, it would be worth it.

If we all wise up and get annoyed by this kind of crap we can get better standards and get rid of this exceptable levels of nasty chemicals, fecal matter, bug parts or anything else disgusting. I’m not joking there is an “exceptable level” of those things allowed in our food and drinks!!!! I guess maybe I am high falooting and have my standards higher than most, but I want no levels of any of that crap in my ingestibles. hahaha

People wonder why I wont eat out or over anyone else’s house unless I bring my own stuff. hahhaha Yup I have become THAT guy. ;) Between what I have learned and Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmare’s I have seen too much. hehehe

You can read the WebMD posting with even more information here

The Judge