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Is Bear Pepper Spray better to protect you from a bear attack than a gun?

At a recent gathering of experts on bear attacks some new research results were presented that help to answer the question as to whether it is better to have and use a gun versus bear pepper spray during a bear attack.

University of Calgary bear expert Steve Herrero looked at 2 different studies and he found out that 98% of the people that used bear pepper spray during a bear attack walked away from the incident unharmed as well as the animal being unharmed.

With the people that used guns to try and protect themselves 56% of them were injured, and 61% of the bears died as well.

As for those most at risk for attack the studies found that hunting and hiking were the most activities that were more likely to be involved in an incident or encounter with a bear.

For those wondering how can this be true? How can it be that a gun isn’t the most effective?

Well the answers are simple. With a gun, barring a shotgun of course, it throws only one small bullet which to stop a charging 500+ pound pissed off bear would require you to be able to hit it perfectly or else it will get to you as they can haul ass.

As far as a shotgun goes, none of the scatter shots would do anything more than severely piss the bear off even more than it already is and a slug puts you back to having to make the perfect shot under severe stress…which even trained military and law enforcement people can fail to do.

With the bear pepper spray you don’t need to be accurate you just need to keep flogging the area between you and the bear with the spray so there is no way for it to escape the wall of spray you can put up to protect yourself.

Thinking of it this way is an easy way to understand why the studies clearly showed which one is better a gun or bear pepper spray during a bear attack.

Stay safe and don’t forget to carry your bear repellent when you go hiking!

Charles Dougherty

A Pharmacist uses Bear Repellent to scare off a would be robber

In Deer Park, Washington a would be drug addict thief tried to rob a pharmacy that he has evidently hit a few times before. Only this time Susan Beller was prepared for him with a big ole can of bear repellent pepper spray.

When the scumbag came to counter with his I have a gun and give me all your drugs note he got much more than he ever expected. He got no drugs but did get a whole face full of the bear pepper spray for his trouble.

Susan it seems, had enough of this guy coming in to rob them and decided this time she was going to be a victim. I applaud her guts and determination and if more of us did this we may be able to lower crime rates by making crime much more risky and painful. The days of easy money need to go away.

I only wish she had used a Taser on him before she pepper sprayed him. I say this due to the fact that he could have really had a gun and although not being able to see he could have fired off some shots hitting some innocent bystander.

I can tell you from personal experience just how well the Taser works having tested one on myself at a Taser seminar. I figured the best way to know the product is to really know it. Had she nailed him with a Taser, gun or not he is dropping like a bag of hammers off a high rise.

Thankfully everything worked out fine for everyone but the scumbag criminal, Aaron Miller!

Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty

Bear attack in a Cleveland Suburb

This story was relayed to me by a friend who saw it on TV, so I researched it. This story is so crazy it doesn’t seem possible that it could be true but it is and I will include links to the news stories about this if you didn’t hear about it when it happened.

Imagine this, you (a woman) and your 15 yr old daughter are in your quiet suburban home and opening the garage door to let the dog out.

Right then a 500 POUND BEAR busts through the inside garage door knocking your daughter down behind the door and then it pounces on you in your own living room!

I know this sounds crazy but it actually happened to a woman named Rachel Supplee and her daughter Daphne in May of 2006. See here for actual news story in a new window

The poor 15 yr old tried to fight the bear off her mom and she said something in an interview that she grabbed a stun gun but the batteries were dead which made me think that people treat their stun guns like their smoke detectors. :) The other first thing that popped into my mind was dang you were someplace you could get a stun gun but didn’t get a pepper spray; it would have helped if shot directly into the bear’s eye, it isn’t meant for a bear unless you get bear repellent but in a pinch it would be good enough.

The daughter then called 911, who at first had to have thought it was a joke, “my mom is being attacked in the living room by a bear”, IN CLEVELAND! I can only imagine, but thankfully the daughter kept her wits and went to the refrigerator and got some meat to lure the bear off the mom who ran outside.

The daughter kept the bear at bay with food (keeping the refrig door between her and the bear) until help eventually arrived and killed the bear.

Both Rachel the mom and Daphne the daughter, survived this attack thankfully but the mom had an ear ripped off, a chunk of the back of her head eaten off (bears seem to like to chomp down on the back of the head of their victims to kill them) , her lungs were punctured, ribs broken and had a hole in her back she said a fist or two could have fit into.

Now by now you have to be saying wow but we haven’t even got to that part yet. Now Ohio is not known for its’ bears and has less than 25 in the entire State by my research (check here for info

Some yahoo, a “business owner” had two of the bears, a male and female and the bears had “pushed past him” while he was fixing the cage. Now this guy doesn’t have a high electrical fence protecting his neighbors from his predatory wild animals, no that would make too much sense; instead he has some little fence.

Instead of going for the male which a year earlier he tried to get rid of for “being aggressive” he goes for the female when they get loose and the male goes down to Rachel’s house and attacks them in their home.

Now what really is the wow of this story is this that as of the latest info I could find, which was from 12/06, the owner has NOT BEEN CHARGED! See here for the story.

My god, I just talked about dog owners being responsible for dog attacks who the hell ever thinks about these morons around the country with Lions, tigers and bears oh my!

The question comes to this, when does your right to personal freedom begin to intrude upon my right to live? As soon as you friggin get a predatory animal on your property!

What is wrong with people today? I am all about freedoms BUT when your freedoms risk my life, your freedoms need to go bye bye. My right to live outweighs your right to own “personal property” like large cats, snakes, bears and reptiles.

When I see an owner get killed by one of these “pets” I say to myself, you got what you deserve and better the owner than some innocent victim! Buy a goldfish loser!

Say what you want but once again, I am right! :p