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Pepper spray for running can protect you from people & dogs

One of the things you need to take into consideration no matter which area you choose to run in, is your safety. From wearing reflectors when running in low light situations on the road to pepper spray for joggers to help defend yourself should the need arise you need to be smart.

There are so many instances of runners being attacked by criminals as well as dogs that it warrants carrying one of the running Mace sprays. The other benefit is being able to help.

The other day I was out for a run it was just around dinner time and I saw another runner off in the distance and she seemed panicked so I ran towards her. At this point I noticed the 2 dogs who chased her down and started to bite her.

I wasn’t far so i got there pretty quick and kicked the one dog in the ribs with everything I had and I then pepper sprayed the other dog just before I kicked it as well.

Now bear in mind I am an animal lover but these dogs were vicious and I had no other way to stop them from hurting this lady. She had a few punctures on her legs where they chomped on her to bring her down and another set of bites on her right hand and arm. Thankfully none of her injuries were life threatening although she was bleeding bad she was fine after going to the hospital.

Be it man or animal it was a great feeling to have the tools to help save some woman from a vicious attack. Even if you don’t need it to help yourself you may need it to help someone else so it is worth the tiny investment in a pepper spray for runners. Take this article I found about a pack of dogs that attacked two guys.


Jose Ledesma has been charged with two misdemeanor counts of failing to protect the public from dogs and two misdemeanor counts of failing to restrain a dog. He was arraigned Tuesday.

Ledesma was caring for a friend’s pit bulls at the time of the attack, the district attorney’s office said.

In November, John and Richard Garritson were running with family members along a trail in the hills of Valley Center when they were attacked by as many as six dogs. The dogs were roaming free in the area, they told San Diego 6….More at Man Charged in Pit Bull Pack Mauling – San Diego 6

I found that story with just a quick search and I just wanted to show you that I am not trying to scare anyone; just trying to help keep you and those around you, safe.

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Dog attacks bicyclist

Now you may be thinking I am about to tell you about a news story where someone got attacked and although I am going to reference some stories to prove my points this is actually something that just happened to me personally the other evening.

I actually broke my own rules and got too comfortable and let my guard down and almost paid a bad price for it. You see I live in a new neighborhood that only has a few houses on one street and the rest are not started yet so all the streets are basically empty most of the time.

All of this coupled with the area that I live in being not generally a “bad area” I went for a bike ride around the neighborhood without any type of protection on me. Not smart.

My neighbor that lives two doors down from me (like I said only 4 houses right now total) has this pit bull that for some reason unknown to me, hates my guts and wants to rip me a new one. I have never done anything wrong to the dog so not sure what his problem is but he hates me for sure.

I was riding down one of the empty streets behind my house when I saw it come charging at me and of course it is one of the few times I leave the house without some type of protection. Knowing there is no way to outrun or ride away fast enough for the dog not to be able to catch me I did the only thing possible, jump off the bike and stand my ground.

In a situation like this your only real option is to use the bike as a shield/weapon. When I jumped off the bike, I came off on the opposite side of the bike from the dog so the bike was between me and the dog at all times. That was the shield, and everytime he tried to get to me around the bike I moved it to block him while yelling hoping the owners would come out.

Of course none of them did so at this point i was never afraid, just startled but I was getting more pissed by the second and something in me snapped and I reached over the bike and swung at the dog enough to back it up which gave me the opportunity I needed to pick the bike up and make it a weapon.

I literally swung the bike at the dog and when he started to run away I threw the bike at him striking him and making him yelp and run away so fast it was like something out of a cartoon.

About this time the owners of the pitbull finally came out and got cussed out like I have never done before. They too could tell how mad I was since I am usually very friendly and nice to everyone and everything and they said nothing but that they were sorry and they stayed away from me which was for the best.

This worked out well because I wasn’t afraid, startled at first yes but never afraid and I kept my head until the end and kept the bike between me and the dog. Trying to run or ride away only sets off the hunter in the dog so it is better to stand and face them.

Now what should I have had on me? That’s easy. I would and should have had my can of dog repellent which is just pepper spray for dogs and I should have had my retractable steel baton strapped to the frame of my bike as well.

Do you need both? Well that all depends on you. I look at it this way, had I had my items I would have pepper sprayed the dog and then thumped him upside the head with the baton. Would pepper spray be enough to get me to safety, probably, but would I risk him charging me again, nope.

I don’t condone hurting animals for fun or anything but when it comes to protecting yourself… what you have to do! You can see my the stories below that there seems to be more stupid pet owners these days than ever before.

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Pit bull attacks US parks Police Officer

It never ceases to amaze me how bad some pet owners can be these days. It seems the incidents of dog attacks are increasing instead of decreasing like you would think since in many places they are finally holding these lousy pet owners responsible; both civilly and criminally. Pretty much everyone has had at least one close call with an aggressive dog at some point in their lives, it seems this is true even for US Parks officers as one was just attacked by a Pitt bull.

I guess they just need to keep stiffening the penalties until they find the one that makes people think before they act or in most cases neglect to act in regards to having and controlling one or more dogs. Take this story below; this knucklehead is rightfully getting slapped with assault of an officer.

A man was arrested Monday after his off-leash pit bull attacked a U.S. Park Police officer and his horse in Crissy Field.

The dog was barking at the officer and his horse while they were on a routine patrol near the West Bluff area of Crissy Field, said National Park Service spokesman Howard Levitt. The officer asked the man to control his pit bull, but he did not comply.

The dog then bit the horse’s stomach and rear leg, Levitt said. The horse fell, bringing the officer down as well….More at Owner arrested after dog attacks cop, horse – San Francisco Examiner (blog)

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This lady can’t figure out how her dogs got out and attacked a man when she has the crappiest fence I have ever seen. What did she expect? People want to own multiple dogs and don’t realize what that means. It is called pack behavior and it causes many human deaths a year. When animals get in packs it brings out the hunter in them and that can be very dangerous.

My neighbor has 5 huskies. 4 females and one male. Yesterday she said 3 of the females attacked and hurt the other female and she thought it may be because she was in heat. Well that is exactly what it was, pack behavior. The subordinate female went in heat and the dominate female got the other two subordinate females to aid in the attack.

To own multiple large breed dogs it should be law that you have to take and pass classes to ensure you know exactly how to handle a pack of dogs but sadly that won’t happen any time soon until enough people get tired of loved ones being hurt, maimed or killed by packs of dogs.

Remember with single or multiple dogs, how you react can mean the difference in what happens. 2 dogs came at me the other day while riding my bike so I jumped off the bike right away and kept it between them and me. I then grabbed my dog repellent spray for runners, although I wasn’t running, and had it at the ready.

I think my aggressive posture made them re-think things and they took off. I then was able to ride away. Why? Because I at no time felt fear, I was pissed from the moment they came at me until about 5 minutes after I had already rode off and they went home.

Normally I carry a Retractable Steel Baton with me as well as the dog pepper spray when I ride but I forgot it this time and go figure it would have been nice to have although I made out okay without it.

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

Doctor attacks postal worker after he pepper sprayed her dog

So many postal workers are attacked or even bitten by dogs every year while delivering the mail to our homes it is crazy. Lousy dog owners buy these vicious dog breeds but get angry when someone protects themselves from attack. She is lucky he only used pepper spray.

You know you get mail delivered so keep the aggressive dogs locked up away from where it can get to your local letter carrier or delivery person. Take this story for instance, the woman is a doctor and still isn’t very bright.

A female physician was named today in a felony complaint accusing her of assaulting a letter carrier who pepper-sprayed her pit bull when the dog attacked him as he delivered mail last month on a leafy Maryland street.

Tanyech Walford, 43, was charged in a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Greenbelt. Pictured at right, Walford is a resident of Silver Spring, the Washington, D.C. suburb.

According to an affidavit, a letter carrier identified only by the initials “D.R.” was delivering mail to Walford’s home on Whitmoor Terrace when he was “approached aggressively by a loose pit-bull mix canine.

…More at Feds: Doctor Attacked Mailman For Spraying Dog – The Smoking Gun


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This video is the story of a postal employee who actually died from her dog attack injuries while on duty. Once again another case of poor dog owners and it is a shame this woman was unable to defend herself and save her life against this vicious dog.

If you do a search you will also find story after story of dog attacks on delivery persons from postal to package carriers. These people are just doing their jobs and should not have to deal with this insanity from thoughtless dog owners who don;t bother to protect the public from their vicious dogs.

I am glad to see more and more states, cities and counties are beginning to hold irresponsible dog owners legally and criminally liable for the actions of their animals. Maybe when enough people have paid for their irresponsibility, people will start to think before they act for once.

Stay Safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

Dog attacks-Using pepper spray against dogs


It seems to me that dog attack incidents seem to be on the rise. When it comes to pepper spray and dogs, my thoughts are that although I don’t want to hurt an animal I will protect myself. And using non lethal force on one would be a preferred option.
Mace makes a great dog repellent pepper spray that is useful against dog attacks although nothing is full proof. Take for instance the story below. 6 dogs attacked a man and even if he had a spray he was in trouble but it would have at least helped some.

A 49-year-old man was severely injured after a pack of six dogs mauled him as he was riding his bicycle on Clausen Road near Griffith Avenue in the town of Delhi, just outside Turlock.

This followed an attack of another cyclist by the same pack of dogs. That man suffered an ankle injury.

Merced County sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Scott Dover said the man in the most recent incident was pulled from his bike by a Labrador retriever and five pit bulls or pit bull mixes. The victim reportedly needed dozens of stitches.

Dog behavior experts say it’s better to confront an attacking dog than run from it. Running triggers a prey response, which is a hunting instinct.

…Read More at Merced County Bicyclist Mauled by dog pack - Fox40 Sacramento.

That poor guy was going to be hurt no matter what with 6 dogs attacking him as a pack. His only option would have been to use his bike as a shield and face the pack.

Like the experts say, running only makes it worse or in this case riding. Dogs are far too fast to try and outrun them like that so it is better to face them. This is when you’ll want to have use pepper spray on dogs for sure.

Here are just a couple of stories where deadly force was used to stop an aggressive dog from attacking. 

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You can see that there is no shortage of dog attacks that get to the point that someone needs to defend themselves. Where we need to take a stronger approach on lousy dog owners when children are involved. Like the story below where two little boys are attacked in separate incidents by the same dog.


Check out what they are saying on Twitter about this topic:

The link in the tweet will take you to the site for them where they have more information regarding pepper spray vs dogs.


Jogger Pepper Sprays aggressive dog & is attacked by owner

This story shows how an over reaction can cost you really big as Craig Jones of Salisbury Maryland just found out. According to the news story a jogger was jogging down the road when Jones’ dog apparently began to come after him.

Being smart enough to be prepared the jogger deployed his Jogger Pepper Spray on the dog. Enraged Jones jumped into his call and began yelling and chasing the jogger.

Apparently the jogger was hiding behind a tree for about 15 minutes and when he came out Jones is said to have yelled “you’re a dead man” and again circled around in what appeared to be an effort to hit him with his car.

Jones is said to have ran over some tomb stones in a cemetery in his effort to run over the jogger. Now if all this is true Jones isn’t very smart or very well wrapped tight and of course who marries someone like that? Another nut job.

It is said the wife of Jones was saying the whole thing was blown out of proportion and that the dog was like family and other stupid statements.

I say stupid for a few reasons. Going nutso and chasing someone who is defending themselves from what they perceive to be an aggressive dog is just stupid. Second if the dog was like family, how come it wasn’t fenced in or on a leash for its own protection. Any owner that cares for the dog does not just let it run free.

I applaud the jogger for being smart enough to carry and use a Pepper spray for Runners to protect himself from a perceived aggressive dog. Had the dog not been loose it would not have been sprayed; even if it really wasn’t trying to hurt the jogger the threat still existed as far as the jogger was concerned.

Once again this is all the fault of the dog’s owners and no one elses fault at all. Keep your dog under your control and do the same for your anger.

If convicted of attempted murder, disorderly conduct and malicious destruction it’ll be a long time before this guy will get the chance to be a lousy pet owner again. Lesson learned!

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

Toddler dies from dog attack at his 1st birthday party

This is such a sad story I have trouble even writing about it. This past Friday night in Henderson Nevada the family of Jeremiah Eskew-Shahan brought him to his first birthday party at his grandmother’s home.

While on the floor playing with the family dog, a 6 year old 120-lb Mastiff/Rhodesian mix bit down on the babies head and shook him violently.

Sadly by the time the family was able to get the child away from the dog serious injury had already occurred and the poor little angel lost his battle the next day in the hospital.

The dog is being quarantined until after the rabies check and then it will be put to sleep. The family says the dog never ever showed any signs of aggression before this fatal attack.

This is one of my biggest issues with dog owners. The lack of knowledge to be a good pack leader to your dog is generally unknown to most dog owner’s and as shown can be a fatal mistake.

The animal kingdom doesn’t necessarily look at things the way we do, you figure your dog loves you it HAS to love your baby but that isn’t true in the animal world or in reality.

If your dog looks at himself as being higher in the pecking order than your baby it opens that baby up to attack, it is just that simple.

Anyone who has a dog and is expecting a new child needs to take the time to take classes and learn how to introduce that child to the family pet in such a way that the odds or attack are lessened or get rid of the dog and don’t get another one until the child is much older.

The family dog is not worth your babies’ life and you need to be sure if you bring a new life into this world that you do everything possible to ensure its safety in or out of the house.

Not even a Dog Pepper Spray would have helped here because once this string jawed beast locked in on the infants head it was all over.

Sad beyond belief and I didn’t mean to sound so judgmental or insensitive to the family at this time of immense despair but this is too important a subject to simply beat around the bush when addressing the subject.

Stay Safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

Dog attack has residents re-thinking soft pet laws

In Santa Maria California on the 22nd of March this year, Robin O’Hara was walking her dog minding her own business when she and her dog were attacked by 2 pit bulls without provocation of any kind.

Unfortunately, the laws in that county are very soft and the new proposed laws are just as pathetic. It basically slaps the dog owner on the wrist for the first 2-3 attacks before the authorities do anything about it.

I guess San Luis Obispo County is waiting for a child or senior citizen to be killed or has their face bit off before they wise up and put some real penalties on these piss poor dog owners. I don’t say that to be sensationalistic but instead I am pointing to actual events that have played out over the years around the US.

Check out my blog post from a few years ago about a 76 year old woman who was savagely attacked.

As for attacks on kids there are tons of examples of them as well. I hope Robin O’Hara and the other residents of Santa Maria fight tooth and nail for stiff penalties now before it is too late to stop someone being killed or maimed.

For more information on protecting yourself from dog attacks check out my blog post on the subject for more information.

Stay safe out there and good luck Santa Maria and all of San Luis Obispo County’s residents,

Charles Dougherty

Is Bear Pepper Spray better to protect you from a bear attack than a gun?

At a recent gathering of experts on bear attacks some new research results were presented that help to answer the question as to whether it is better to have and use a gun versus bear pepper spray during a bear attack.

University of Calgary bear expert Steve Herrero looked at 2 different studies and he found out that 98% of the people that used bear pepper spray during a bear attack walked away from the incident unharmed as well as the animal being unharmed.

With the people that used guns to try and protect themselves 56% of them were injured, and 61% of the bears died as well.

As for those most at risk for attack the studies found that hunting and hiking were the most activities that were more likely to be involved in an incident or encounter with a bear.

For those wondering how can this be true? How can it be that a gun isn’t the most effective?

Well the answers are simple. With a gun, barring a shotgun of course, it throws only one small bullet which to stop a charging 500+ pound pissed off bear would require you to be able to hit it perfectly or else it will get to you as they can haul ass.

As far as a shotgun goes, none of the scatter shots would do anything more than severely piss the bear off even more than it already is and a slug puts you back to having to make the perfect shot under severe stress…which even trained military and law enforcement people can fail to do.

With the bear pepper spray you don’t need to be accurate you just need to keep flogging the area between you and the bear with the spray so there is no way for it to escape the wall of spray you can put up to protect yourself.

Thinking of it this way is an easy way to understand why the studies clearly showed which one is better a gun or bear pepper spray during a bear attack.

Stay safe and don’t forget to carry your bear repellent when you go hiking!

Charles Dougherty

A Pharmacist uses Bear Repellent to scare off a would be robber

In Deer Park, Washington a would be drug addict thief tried to rob a pharmacy that he has evidently hit a few times before. Only this time Susan Beller was prepared for him with a big ole can of bear repellent pepper spray.

When the scumbag came to counter with his I have a gun and give me all your drugs note he got much more than he ever expected. He got no drugs but did get a whole face full of the bear pepper spray for his trouble.

Susan it seems, had enough of this guy coming in to rob them and decided this time she was going to be a victim. I applaud her guts and determination and if more of us did this we may be able to lower crime rates by making crime much more risky and painful. The days of easy money need to go away.

I only wish she had used a Taser on him before she pepper sprayed him. I say this due to the fact that he could have really had a gun and although not being able to see he could have fired off some shots hitting some innocent bystander.

I can tell you from personal experience just how well the Taser works having tested one on myself at a Taser seminar. I figured the best way to know the product is to really know it. Had she nailed him with a Taser, gun or not he is dropping like a bag of hammers off a high rise.

Thankfully everything worked out fine for everyone but the scumbag criminal, Aaron Miller!

Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty