Cab driver pepper sprays unruly passenger

Being a taxi cab driver can be dangerous work even outside of the big city settings. Thankfully, most drivers are smart enough to carry some type of protection in case of trouble. 

I came across a story of a taxi driver that had to do just that, use non-lethal force in the form of pepper spray to protect himself from a allegedly drunken and unruly passenger. Check out the story below.

The cab driver told police that he gave Osborne a ride to a few local businesses Monday afternoon, and then took him back to Osborne’s home on Turkey Creek Ridge Road in York.

Osborne tried to use his debit card to pay but it was declined, the report states. The taxi driver told police his passenger then refused to pay and “became unruly when asked to get out of the taxicab,” according to the report….More at Police: Rock Hill taxi driver subdues drunk passenger with pepper spray – The Herald |

Alcohol, $35. New shoes, $80. Pepper sprayed and arrested after a night of drunken stupidity…..priceless! LOL. 34 years old and still acting the fool. Guarantee he was sitting in his cell saying why didn't I just pay the guy and sleep it off at home. It just shows that man or woman, it doesn't hurt to carry a pepper spray or some other type of self defense weapon, just in case.

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Some college students get a taste of what it is like to get pepper sprayed. I can tell you from personal experience it isn't fun at all. Your eyes want to clamp shut so bad it is unbelievable. It hurts for sure and although there are some rare individuals that eat so much hot stuff they can withstand the spray but I have yet to meet one.

Dog attacks bicyclist

Now you may be thinking I am about to tell you about a news story where someone got attacked and although I am going to reference some stories to prove my points this is actually something that just happened to me personally the other evening.

I actually broke my own rules and got too comfortable and let my guard down and almost paid a bad price for it. You see I live in a new neighborhood that only has a few houses on one street and the rest are not started yet so all the streets are basically empty most of the time.

All of this coupled with the area that I live in being not generally a “bad area” I went for a bike ride around the neighborhood without any type of protection on me. Not smart.

My neighbor that lives two doors down from me (like I said only 4 houses right now total) has this pit bull that for some reason unknown to me, hates my guts and wants to rip me a new one. I have never done anything wrong to the dog so not sure what his problem is but he hates me for sure.

I was riding down one of the empty streets behind my house when I saw it come charging at me and of course it is one of the few times I leave the house without some type of protection. Knowing there is no way to outrun or ride away fast enough for the dog not to be able to catch me I did the only thing possible, jump off the bike and stand my ground.

In a situation like this your only real option is to use the bike as a shield/weapon. When I jumped off the bike, I came off on the opposite side of the bike from the dog so the bike was between me and the dog at all times. That was the shield, and everytime he tried to get to me around the bike I moved it to block him while yelling hoping the owners would come out.

Of course none of them did so at this point i was never afraid, just startled but I was getting more pissed by the second and something in me snapped and I reached over the bike and swung at the dog enough to back it up which gave me the opportunity I needed to pick the bike up and make it a weapon.

I literally swung the bike at the dog and when he started to run away I threw the bike at him striking him and making him yelp and run away so fast it was like something out of a cartoon.

About this time the owners of the pitbull finally came out and got cussed out like I have never done before. They too could tell how mad I was since I am usually very friendly and nice to everyone and everything and they said nothing but that they were sorry and they stayed away from me which was for the best.

This worked out well because I wasn’t afraid, startled at first yes but never afraid and I kept my head until the end and kept the bike between me and the dog. Trying to run or ride away only sets off the hunter in the dog so it is better to stand and face them.

Now what should I have had on me? That’s easy. I would and should have had my can of dog repellent which is just pepper spray for dogs and I should have had my retractable steel baton strapped to the frame of my bike as well.

Do you need both? Well that all depends on you. I look at it this way, had I had my items I would have pepper sprayed the dog and then thumped him upside the head with the baton. Would pepper spray be enough to get me to safety, probably, but would I risk him charging me again, nope.

I don’t condone hurting animals for fun or anything but when it comes to protecting yourself… what you have to do! You can see my the stories below that there seems to be more stupid pet owners these days than ever before.

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Home invasion suspects caught after one is shot by the homeowner

I wanted to share this story because it usually doesn't play out this well for the homeowner during a home invasion but this time it did for sure. The suspects were caught because the homeowner shot one of the criminals during the crime. 

The reason I say it doesn't usually play out this way is because a home invasion has the element of surprise and getting to a loaded weapon after being basically bum rushed, is not an easy thing to do if you have kids. I mean can you leave a loaded gun out where you can get to it fast with kids in the home? Not generally. Check out the story.

Defensive action taken by a victim of an armed home invasion appeared to help lead to the arrests of four people when an eventual suspect turned up at a hospital with a gunshot wound shortly after the crime.

Topeka police Capt. Brian Desch on Wednesday said a man suffering from a gunshot wound arrived by private vehicle early Tuesday at a local hospital while officers were en route to the 1300 block of S. Kansas Avenue on a report of an armed break-in by three white men.

That man, along with a woman who went to the hospital with him, subsequently were taken to the Law Enforcement Center to be questioned about the break-in, Desch said….More at Wounding of intruder aids in arrest of home invaders – Topeka Capital Journal

Like I said, it went very well for the homeowner and I am glad he hopefully taught these idiots that being a scumbag criminal is a dangerous occupation to choose.

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I personally prefer to have multiple weapons in various parts of the house that I can get to quickly if needed. Things like large pepper sprays on the wall like a fire extinguisher and also a retractable steel baton or two, all in easy to get access.

Now people say this is just being paranoid but I would rather have the weapons and never need them then the other way around. Homeowners are often beaten, raped and killed during home invasions so it seems smart to err on the side of caution.

As you can see in the video, things can go bad for men or women when these types of criminals force their way into your home. Does my idea still seem so paranoid? 


If you have any information on the crime linked to in the above tweet, be sure you notify police cause these people need to be arrested.

It kills me when someone who has the world by the preverbial balls, does stupid things like this and throws it all away for nothing.

Pit bull attacks US parks Police Officer

It never ceases to amaze me how bad some pet owners can be these days. It seems the incidents of dog attacks are increasing instead of decreasing like you would think since in many places they are finally holding these lousy pet owners responsible; both civilly and criminally. Pretty much everyone has had at least one close call with an aggressive dog at some point in their lives, it seems this is true even for US Parks officers as one was just attacked by a Pitt bull.

I guess they just need to keep stiffening the penalties until they find the one that makes people think before they act or in most cases neglect to act in regards to having and controlling one or more dogs. Take this story below; this knucklehead is rightfully getting slapped with assault of an officer.

A man was arrested Monday after his off-leash pit bull attacked a U.S. Park Police officer and his horse in Crissy Field.

The dog was barking at the officer and his horse while they were on a routine patrol near the West Bluff area of Crissy Field, said National Park Service spokesman Howard Levitt. The officer asked the man to control his pit bull, but he did not comply.

The dog then bit the horse‚Äôs stomach and rear leg, Levitt said. The horse fell, bringing the officer down as well….More at Owner arrested after dog attacks cop, horse – San Francisco Examiner (blog)

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This lady can’t figure out how her dogs got out and attacked a man when she has the crappiest fence I have ever seen. What did she expect? People want to own multiple dogs and don’t realize what that means. It is called pack behavior and it causes many human deaths a year. When animals get in packs it brings out the hunter in them and that can be very dangerous.

My neighbor has 5 huskies. 4 females and one male. Yesterday she said 3 of the females attacked and hurt the other female and she thought it may be because she was in heat. Well that is exactly what it was, pack behavior. The subordinate female went in heat and the dominate female got the other two subordinate females to aid in the attack.

To own multiple large breed dogs it should be law that you have to take and pass classes to ensure you know exactly how to handle a pack of dogs but sadly that won’t happen any time soon until enough people get tired of loved ones being hurt, maimed or killed by packs of dogs.

Remember with single or multiple dogs, how you react can mean the difference in what happens. 2 dogs came at me the other day while riding my bike so I jumped off the bike right away and kept it between them and me. I then grabbed my dog repellent spray for runners, although I wasn’t running, and had it at the ready.

I think my aggressive posture made them re-think things and they took off. I then was able to ride away. Why? Because I at no time felt fear, I was pissed from the moment they came at me until about 5 minutes after I had already rode off and they went home.

Normally I carry a Retractable Steel Baton with me as well as the dog pepper spray when I ride but I forgot it this time and go figure it would have been nice to have although I made out okay without it.

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

Police use pepper spray on man after he resists arrest

Police had to use pepper spray on a criminal in order to subdue him. Only thing is it wasn't his first police encounter of the week.

It seems this guy was busted in May and in July 3 times! It doesn't surpise me this idiot resisted arrest and had to be sprayed. You'd think being in his mid twenties that he would get the idea. Check out the full story below.

Two days later, Hicks was arrested again, this time in East Somerville.

At about 3:30 p.m. on July 25, an officer was at the corner of Pennsylvania and Minnesota avenues writing a citation for a moving truck when he saw a “suspicious male” on Connecticut Avenue looking into driveways, according to another police report.

The officer, who “previously had at least two encounters with him,” recognized the man as Hicks, who had just been arrested two days earlier and in June and May.

The officer wrote in his report: “Based on Mr. Hicks' suspicious behavior, I believed him to be scouting the neighborhood for criminal purposes. In fact, earlier in the afternoon I saw Mr. Hicks acting very suspicious as he walked back and forth [on] Broadway in East Somerville.”

When the officer tried to question Hicks, the 24-year-old tried to flee and push the officer away, according to the report.

The officer brought Hicks to the ground, Hicks continued to struggle, and the officer used a short burst of pepper spray to subdue him, the report says….More at Police: Man Arrested for Laptop Theft, Is Pepper Sprayed Two Days Later –

Although this guy will probably wind up in jail this time, he should be sent to a work camp. Prison is too easy for the criminals and they need to start making these scumbags pay their own way by working for the state.

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Hopefully this woman will get the book thrown at her for assaulting that old woman like that with pepper spray, how nutty must she be to do this type of thing. She seems like the perfect candidate to go off the hook and kill someone she gets mad at. This may be a good thing in the long run if she gets the jail time she deserves.