A Pepper Spray Gun can help save you from attack

A woman was just recently attacked and she did the right thing and thankfully, it worked out in her favor but it easily could have went the other way. I have always said that when it comes to possessions, they aren't worth dieing for so don't fight them but when it comes to your person that is a different story. That's when you fight with all you have in you.

You can read part of the story of this womans attack and there is a link to the rest of it should you want to see the entire thing. 

Lincoln Police say a woman was attacked and nearly raped while walking home in north Lincoln early Sunday morning.

Police say she was walking alone in Oak Lake Park around three in the morning when a man approached her and asked if she was all right.  When she said she was fine, police say the man grabbed her arm and pushed her to the ground.

Authorities say the man got on top of her and started pulling and ripping at her clothes. “The victim resisted. She continued to kick him until she was able to get away. She ran through the park and continued to the police station where she reported the incident,” According to officer Katie Flood. …More at Attempted rape at Lincoln park – KLKN

Times like these are what self defense weapons like the Mace Pepper Spray Gun were designed for, to help give you a tool to use if possible to help save your life. Nothing is fool proof but it can surely help.

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Although this video shows a model and brand of Pepper Spray Gun that we do not sell I still want you to check it out. My goal here is to ensure people are able to defend themselves, would I prefer you bought my model? Of course, I am trying to keep the lights on but my main concern is helping people. Just be sure you are aware of the pepper spray gun laws in your area so you don't get yourself into trouble with the police.

The Mace Pepper Spray Gun pink model is just one of the 4 great colors that this weapon is available in. It can shoot up to 25 feet so that really helps because the further away you can keep an attacker the better. Should you not see him/them coming it will still work up close just like any other pepper spray.

Often if you wear the Pepper Spray Gun holster, just the mere sight of it will keep away many criminal types as they are unable to tell from a distance exactly what is in the holster. It is easier for them to just find another, weaker appearing victim to attack. They are cowards and most aren't looking for a fight.

Doctor attacks postal worker after he pepper sprayed her dog

So many postal workers are attacked or even bitten by dogs every year while delivering the mail to our homes it is crazy. Lousy dog owners buy these vicious dog breeds but get angry when someone protects themselves from attack. She is lucky he only used pepper spray.

You know you get mail delivered so keep the aggressive dogs locked up away from where it can get to your local letter carrier or delivery person. Take this story for instance, the woman is a doctor and still isn’t very bright.

A female physician was named today in a felony complaint accusing her of assaulting a letter carrier who pepper-sprayed her pit bull when the dog attacked him as he delivered mail last month on a leafy Maryland street.

Tanyech Walford, 43, was charged in a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Greenbelt. Pictured at right, Walford is a resident of Silver Spring, the Washington, D.C. suburb.

According to an affidavit, a letter carrier identified only by the initials “D.R.” was delivering mail to Walford’s home on Whitmoor Terrace when he was “approached aggressively by a loose pit-bull mix canine.

…More at Feds: Doctor Attacked Mailman For Spraying Dog – The Smoking Gun


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This video is the story of a postal employee who actually died from her dog attack injuries while on duty. Once again another case of poor dog owners and it is a shame this woman was unable to defend herself and save her life against this vicious dog.

If you do a search you will also find story after story of dog attacks on delivery persons from postal to package carriers. These people are just doing their jobs and should not have to deal with this insanity from thoughtless dog owners who don;t bother to protect the public from their vicious dogs.

I am glad to see more and more states, cities and counties are beginning to hold irresponsible dog owners legally and criminally liable for the actions of their animals. Maybe when enough people have paid for their irresponsibility, people will start to think before they act for once.

Stay Safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

Dog attacks-Using pepper spray against dogs


It seems to me that dog attack incidents seem to be on the rise. When it comes to pepper spray and dogs, my thoughts are that although I don’t want to hurt an animal I will protect myself. And using non lethal force on one would be a preferred option.
Mace makes a great dog repellent pepper spray that is useful against dog attacks although nothing is full proof. Take for instance the story below. 6 dogs attacked a man and even if he had a spray he was in trouble but it would have at least helped some.

A 49-year-old man was severely injured after a pack of six dogs mauled him as he was riding his bicycle on Clausen Road near Griffith Avenue in the town of Delhi, just outside Turlock.

This followed an attack of another cyclist by the same pack of dogs. That man suffered an ankle injury.

Merced County sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Scott Dover said the man in the most recent incident was pulled from his bike by a Labrador retriever and five pit bulls or pit bull mixes. The victim reportedly needed dozens of stitches.

Dog behavior experts say it’s better to confront an attacking dog than run from it. Running triggers a prey response, which is a hunting instinct.

…Read More at Merced County Bicyclist Mauled by dog pack - Fox40 Sacramento.

That poor guy was going to be hurt no matter what with 6 dogs attacking him as a pack. His only option would have been to use his bike as a shield and face the pack.

Like the experts say, running only makes it worse or in this case riding. Dogs are far too fast to try and outrun them like that so it is better to face them. This is when you’ll want to have use pepper spray on dogs for sure.

Here are just a couple of stories where deadly force was used to stop an aggressive dog from attacking. 

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You can see that there is no shortage of dog attacks that get to the point that someone needs to defend themselves. Where we need to take a stronger approach on lousy dog owners when children are involved. Like the story below where two little boys are attacked in separate incidents by the same dog.


Check out what they are saying on Twitter about this topic:

The link in the tweet will take you to the site for them where they have more information regarding pepper spray vs dogs.