21 year old Maryland Man arrested for Cannibalism

You may be thinking “is this another one of those so-called zombie attacks”? Well the answer is no, this is just some severely psychotic whack job that decided to munch on some other guy.

21 year old Alexander Kinyua was arrested and has confessed to killing and eating the heart and brains of 37-year-old Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie who was a Ghanaian national and a former master’s degree student in a local college.

Agyei-kodie disappeared “after going out to jog” according to the Kinyua family. The police got a call from Alexander’s father stating that his other son had found human remains in the basement of their home.

After being confronted by his family Alexander tried to say they were animal remains not human. He also tried to hide them in another part of the house and clean out the metal containers that he had them in.

After executing a search warrant the police were able to find where he had hid the head and hands and Kinyua was arrested.

Here’s what bugs me about all of this. First the victim was here on a student visa but went to jail in 2008 for a fourth-degree sex offense, harassment and stalking conviction for which he served 18 months yet was still in the country.

Second was the fact that Kinyua has been showing signs of upcoming issues for a while before this happened. He used to be a decent student and was even in ROTC. Although classified by other students as “always in his own little world, preaching everywhere he went and talking about how he was writing a book”, he sounds pretty normal.

Well I guess I should have said used to seem pretty normal. Earlier this year in January he was dismissed from ROTC following a “disciplinary incident”. In may he took a baseball bat to the skull of a fellow classmate in what was classified as a random attack and not to mention crazy writings including on his Facebook page. There were definite signs of trouble brewing.

For the baseball thing alone he should have still been in prison. Whenever you decide to take a baseball bat to the cranium of someone you are deciding you want to kill them as that will often be the result.

The poor kid he attacked is reported as to have lost sight in one eye from this horrendous attack as well as having numerous skull, arm and shoulder fractures. It sounds like he really tuned up this poor kid who is reportedly named Joshua Ceasar.

In my opinion many people dropped the ball here from family, friends and the justice system that let 2 people put up their homes to bail this nut bag out. Someone should have done something. I guess we should feel lucky he only killed one person who seems to have been of questionable character himself.

I can only say other than the “bath salts zombies”, you don’t get many people who actually consume their victims which I have to admit is little comfort to me.

This guy is the perfect example of how sick we can be as a human race and it behooves us to take some precautions with a good keychain pepper spray or even a civilian Taser. Anything you can do to give you that edge should you ever run across one of the crazies out there you should do!

Stay safe and in one piece,

Charles Dougherty

Murdered jogger was pregnant

31-year old Sarah Hart was murdered last week while out jogging with her sister by 28-year old Christopher Allman according to police.

It seems that the two women were jogging when Sarah began to feel ill. She decided to go back to the car and told her sister to keep going. By the time the sister returned to the car Sarah was no where to be found.

Eventually her body was found and she and her fetus were both dead. Truly a tragic loss for her husband and children and I am sure she will be greatly missed.

It appears that both women knew of Allman in passing and would see him walking to work as they went on their jogs and are said to have occasionally chit chatted with him.

As of yet no motive has been given for this guy although he has admitted to the crime. He is being charged with murder, kidnapping, robbery and tampering with evidence in this tragic event.

I hope they fry this freak considering he murdered two people that day and stole the mom from her kids.

This story should serve as a wake up call for all women out there. I guarantee Sarah thought she was safe walking back to the car by herself and sadly that is the case with most victims of crime.

The reason to jog with someone is for the improved safety in numbers but that only holds true if you stay together. Also anyone into outdoor life needs to think of their safety and utilize the tons of inexpensive things you can use to up your safety level.

A Pepper Spray for joggers created by Mace is perfect for exercising outdoors and for less than 20 bucks it can help to save your life while not infringing on your fun so it is a no-brainer choice.

You can read the whole news story here http://www.wkyt.com/home/headlines/Police_Murdered_jogger_was_pregnant_159246075.html.

RIP Sarah.

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

Woman attacked at the Smoky Mountain National Park

Last weekend a 44 year old woman was sexually assaulted and stabbed during the attack. All of this took place in the massive and heavily utilized Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

It appears that she was hiking alone on one of the trails when she was attacked by a man who looks a lot like Michael Douglas’ character in Falling down but with a mustache.

She managed to make it out to the road and flagged down a passing motorist and was then airlifted to the hospital and then released over the weekend.

You can see a picture of the suspect on the new site here http://abcnews.go.com/US/great-smoky-mountains-national-park-patrols-increased-attack/story?id=16550269#.T9_R18UuE3w

I am glad it seems like the victim will be okay although I am sure she will have some emotional scars from this vicious attack.

People think it can never happen to them. “It’s safe”. Sadly though as this shows, it does happen. With a little precaution you can lower your odds of failing prey to this type of attack.

* Never walk, jog, run or hike alone. No place is safe and you need to have someone there with you in case of the unexpected.
* Carry a self defense weapon like a Pepper Spay for walkers or in case of hiking get a Bear Pepper Spray Repellent which will work on both bears and humans. This way you’re covered from attack from both types of animal.
* Pay attention to who and what is around you. Many instances can be avoided by paying attention to your surroundings making you look like a bad target.

No matter how safe an area you think you are at, you still need to be aware and smart to help ensure you don’t fall victim. Don’t be paranoid, just cautious and smart.

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

Parents refuse treatment to 4 year old after being shot

21-year-old Tyshonna Mercedez Blades and 20-year-old Thomas Charles Sumlin are in it deep now after their 4 year old got a hold of a gun and shot herself.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, these two idiots decide the wound isn’t that bad and that it would cause them too much trouble with the law if they took her to the hospital or a doctor for help.

The parents tried to say that the child must have found the gun at the Days Inn hotel room they were all staying in together. They both are swearing up and down it wasn’t their gun.

The problem? The cops allegedly found a matching holster, clip and ammo for the gun at the home of these two rocket scientists.

While this is all being investigated the child and her two siblings were all taken in to state’s custody.

At least for now those children are safe. They need to neuter and spay these two so that they are unable to procreate ever again with anyone.

They have both shown that neither is worthy of being a parent to any child.

Hopefully these two will do a lot of time and those children will finds a foster home far away from those two idiots.

It also stated in the news story that Sumlin’s mother, Deanna Edwards, also was arrested for allegedly attempting to stop investigators from getting to her son.

Read the entire news story here http://www.ajc.com/news/gwinnett/cops-child-shot-parents-1458209.html

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

Father beats man molesting his 4 year old girl to death

This past weekend here in Texas a man came across an acquaintance that he has hired from time to time to work on his ranch, molesting the rancher’s 4 year old daughter.

As any of us would, he jumped into action and in the process of, well let’s say subduing the pervert, he died. Thankfully if this was going to happen, it happened here in Texas.

Here we have a right to defend ourselves, our loved ones, our property and a third person with the use of deadly force should it be deemed necessary at the time.

I am pleased to say that at least so far, they haven’t even arrested the father of the poor little girl this freak was violating for beating that pervert to death, I mean subduing him. ;)

I know some of you out there are saying that it was wrong for him to subdue the man to death but I have to ask you. What you you do if you walked up and caught someone molesting your poor innocent little baby girl? What? Say please stop that sir. No, you would lose it on the guy at least if you cared at all about your baby and what happened to him from there was on him.

This is one less piece of trash in the prison system and in this particular case I have to applaud the father for doing what I would have done, subdue him to death, accidentally of course.

I hope that sweet little baby girl is young enough to never ever remember this incident as she grows up and my thoughts go out to her.

Well done dad!

Read the news story here http://www.kens5.com/news/158375525.html

Stay safe and keep an eye out, it is a sick world!

Charles Dougherty

Florida man arrested for 134th time – yup you read that right

I am not sure what is wrong there in Florida but 134 arrests? How does anyone get that many chances to change their life? The judicial system in that state is in obvious need of some serious adjustments to say the least.

Thomas Edward Fuller, a.k.a. Snake Snake has a career criminal arrest record spanning over 33 years and now 134 arrests. This lowlife was last arrested on breaking into a church who now has decided not to press charges.

I guess if you want to commit crime Florida is the place for you, just glad I don’t live there. For those that do live there be sure to get your Mace Pepper Spray Gun or a good old fashioned C2 Taser to ensure that Snake Snake, what an idiot, or someone like him doesn’t have the chance to do something to you.

To Father Fredrick Robinson, old Snake snake’s next victim will be on your head if he doesn’t get convicted because you say it is your fault for not locking a door. What is wrong with you? This guy is pure scum and someone will pay the price for your bad judgment.

They need to throw this piece of trash under the jail to be sure he doesn’t get yet another opportunity to prey on the fine people of Florida who don’t deserve to be constantly let down by the local judicial system. Shame on all of you who gave this guy plea deal after plea deal.

To see a montage of this scumbag’s mugshots go to http://www.wtsp.com/news/topstories/article/254016/250/EXTRA-Sarasota-man-arrested-134-times.

Stay safe out there!

Police use a Taser on a pregnant woman

I learned this lesson a few times the hard way back when I was young and stupid but you would hope a pregnant woman would think of her baby before she acted.

I refer to disagreeing directly with the police and their instructions. That never works out well for you, trust me. When you disagree with the police you take the ticket and then fight it in court. If not it will cost you much more.

30-year-old Tiffany Rent who is 8 months pregnant learned this lesson the hard way in Chicago on Tuesday. She allegedly was trying to console her daughter when she parked in a handicap parking spot at the local Walgreens.

It seems the police, who must have been in the parking lot somewhere, pulled behind her right away and started to give her a ticket. She gave them the trying to console daughter so I had to pull into a handicap spot versus the next spot over story but the police didn’t buy it.

Evidently, Tiffany got pissed and got out her car, got the ticket and tore it up in front of the officer. Bad move there I know from experience except it was before the age of video so it was not a fun time for me for sure.

She then went to go get back into her car and close the door but the police were ordering her to not move. At this time the police used a Taser on her threw her window from what she said.

Now I would be freaking out if I believed the cops did this even though they thought she was pregnant instead of just obese but in this day of morbid obesity there are plenty of people, both men and women, that could have 5 babies in there and not look any different.

No offense but looking at the video I could not tell she was pregnant, she just looks heavy around the middle. You can see the video here http://www.wtsp.com/news/national/article/258314/81/Police-use-stun-gun-on-pregnant-woman-

Lesson here, Tiffany knew she was pregnant. Had she been smart she would have fought it in court and got it thrown out but instead she got zapped, arrested and charged. You never fight with the cops, period. You will always come out on the losing end of that fight.

Your time to fight is in court, not on the street with the officers. Take the ticket and move on with your day as the alternatives are much worse. Thankfully in this case it is said that her baby is going to be fine so thank God there and hopefully a lesson has been learned.

Stay smart and safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

Lowlife Punk punches woman in wheelchair in the face

Of all people to pick on this scumbag, 29 year old Nicholas Velasquez, decided to show he was tough guy by attacking a 69 year old little woman in a wheelchair.

She was waiting for a bus when this thing walked up and just punched her right in the face giving her a black eye. After punching her in the face he then said “I hate white people” as he walked off.

Thankfully the cops got him not far from the scene of the attack and he is being charged with elderly abuse and hate crimes.

I hope they hang this piece of crap by the balls. This is without a doubt one of the most cowardly things I have heard. He didn’t do this because he wanted to rob her, nope, he just attacked her because of her skin color but instead of picking on a white man near his own age he decided to show how tough he was on a 69 year old woman in a wheelchair. Real brave.

Since he likes racial violence hopefully he’ll get some in prison from some of the hate groups that inundate the US prison system which he should be in for a long time.

Go get em boys!

Read the news story here http://www.wtsp.com/news/national/article/258322/81/Thug-punches-woman-in-wheelchair-in-the-face?odyssey=obinsite

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

Woman fights off attacker with Pepper Spray

In Bellevue Washington a 23 year old woman owes her life to her quick thinking, bravery and her Pepper Spray. Had she not had all three things going for her than the attacker that occurred Friday night could have ended much differently.

It was about 11:30pm and the young woman exited the bus at her stop when a man got off the bus as well and began following her.

The attacker then grabbed her from behind and tried to drag her off the road but she was fighting him. Well done BTW! He got mad and punched her in the face a few times but she managed to get to her Pepper Spray and gave him a blast.

He took off running and although she was injured, she still won that run in. I wouldn’t say to fight if they want your purse because things aren’t worth your life but when it comes to your person, fight!

I am glad that she, or someone that cares about her, had the foresight to purchase her a Pepper Spray which was vital in this attack.

A Stun gun would have been helpful as well but one self defense weapon is better than none when it comes down to it. A witness at the scene summed it all up when they said “At least she had pepper spray. Normal people, we don’t usually carry that, though. That’s very scary.”

I have to agree for less than 20 bucks you can help yourself or someone you love have that edge they need to stay safe in an attack and not to do that, well it is scary.

Read the news story here http://www.kirotv.com/news/news/crime-law/punched-face-woman-fights-attacker-pepper-spray/nPMJ6/

Stay safe out there and well done young lady I am very happy you prevailed!

Charles Dougherty

Detroit mom testifies at her rapists trial today

I wrote about this attack on the 37 year old mom who was pushing her 7 month old baby in a stroller and today she had to re-live the whole thing in court.

Yup you read that right, she was pushing her 7 month old baby in a stroller when he raped and then shot her in the back. Hopefully this little scumbag, 18 year old Job Hughley, will be thrown under the jail for this attack as well as the 2 other rapes he is accused of committing.

We really need to consider castration for animals like this guy. If he was castrated it should remove all aggression from him and he doesn’t need to be procreating.

Simple solution and would save the taxpayers from footing the bill to house this piece of trash. Lop that sucker off and put him on probation. If he does anything from there it should be automatic capitol crime and then we put him down. This way the bleeding hearts can’t say we didn’t give him a chance.

Maybe some drastic punishments like this would really help to deter these types of crime and if not it should at least stop them from being able to re-offend!

Mothers should consider carrying a pepper spray with them when pushing a baby in a stroller. As this scum shows just because you have a baby with you it doesn’t mean it will deter one of these animals from attacking you.

You can get a Pepper Spray for runners or walkers. it is easy to carry and use and will at least give you some type of help when trying to protect yourself and your baby from an attacker.

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty