Toddler dies from dog attack at his 1st birthday party

This is such a sad story I have trouble even writing about it. This past Friday night in Henderson Nevada the family of Jeremiah Eskew-Shahan brought him to his first birthday party at his grandmother’s home.

While on the floor playing with the family dog, a 6 year old 120-lb Mastiff/Rhodesian mix bit down on the babies head and shook him violently.

Sadly by the time the family was able to get the child away from the dog serious injury had already occurred and the poor little angel lost his battle the next day in the hospital.

The dog is being quarantined until after the rabies check and then it will be put to sleep. The family says the dog never ever showed any signs of aggression before this fatal attack.

This is one of my biggest issues with dog owners. The lack of knowledge to be a good pack leader to your dog is generally unknown to most dog owner’s and as shown can be a fatal mistake.

The animal kingdom doesn’t necessarily look at things the way we do, you figure your dog loves you it HAS to love your baby but that isn’t true in the animal world or in reality.

If your dog looks at himself as being higher in the pecking order than your baby it opens that baby up to attack, it is just that simple.

Anyone who has a dog and is expecting a new child needs to take the time to take classes and learn how to introduce that child to the family pet in such a way that the odds or attack are lessened or get rid of the dog and don’t get another one until the child is much older.

The family dog is not worth your babies’ life and you need to be sure if you bring a new life into this world that you do everything possible to ensure its safety in or out of the house.

Not even a Dog Pepper Spray would have helped here because once this string jawed beast locked in on the infants head it was all over.

Sad beyond belief and I didn’t mean to sound so judgmental or insensitive to the family at this time of immense despair but this is too important a subject to simply beat around the bush when addressing the subject.

Stay Safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

A suspect arrested in a 34 year old rape cold case

It appears that back in 1978 they sent the wrong man to prison for 4.5 years for the rape of a college student. Bennett S. Barbour was wrongly convicted of the crime and now that he has bone cancer he wanted to get his name cleared.

DNA seems to prove that he had nothing to do with the crime as there was none of his DNA found at the crime scene but they did get a hit for the real perpetrator.

The man it identified was just released from prison in 2009 after serving 30 years for the 1978 rape and attempted murder of a jogger in York County. So it seems this psycho scum is no stranger to hurting women.

56 year old James Moses Glass Jr is the aforementioned psycho scum and he will go on trial in August for this crime where his DNA is said to have been found at the scene.

Once convicted this lowlife needs to be put to death as he has shown he doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of us.

In fact he is also in trouble for violating the terms of his parole but using an undeclared email address to open a Facebook account which means he was probably going to use it for something he didn’t want his Parole Officer to know about.

No this guy is scum plain and simple and should never see the light of day again as he has shown he cannot abide by society’s rules.

The real shame is that the poor woman back in 1978 didn’t even have the option of carrying a pepper spray or a Stun gun for protection of this scumbag may have gotten sprayed or zapped way back then instead of terrorizing some poor college student.

Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty

Woman is gang raped at a park in Memphis

A 23 year old woman reported to police that she had been gang raped at Robert Church Park in Memphis. According to local residents the area is said to be frequented by drug dealers, addicts and vagrants making it an unsafe place for any woman to find herself alone.

Hopefully the police will be able to bring these criminals to justice swiftly before they have another chance to attack some other poor woman. If you live in the area and know or saw anything be sure to contact the police and help get this gang of scum off the streets.

Women need to be very careful when out and about no matter how safe you believe the area to be, it is always prudent to exercise great care in your actions.

Never walk alone at night and just having a friend or two with you isn’t enough. You need to have and be prepared to use some type of self defense weapon like a Mace Pepper Gun or a Lipstick Stun Gun.

A little precaution can go a long way and the price it costs to get the items is far less than the alternatives.

Stay Safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

12 year old kid sprays Pepper Spray at Middle School

There are some states that have stringent restrictions on Pepper Spray that in some cases will discourage women from getting one for protection. Usually those laws get enacted after someone uses a self defense weapon to commit a crime but this is flawed logic as just about anything can be used to commit a crime.

But with all of that said it doesn’t help when idiot parents either give or allow access to Pepper Spray to one of their children who are not mature enough to have it.

This is the case in San Jose California where a 12 year old child took a pepper spray to school and then sprayed it at the ground causing 10 other children to suffer effects from the spray which even in low doses is no fun.

A 12 year old child should NEVER be given a pepper spray and if you have one for yourself you need to be sure to keep it out of you child’s hands.

The parent’s of this child should be held criminally responsible for neglect in allowing access to a weapon to their 12 year old child.

Stay Safe!

Charles Dougherty

The reason kids aren’t allowed to possess a stun gun

The short answer is simply because they are immature and too irresponsible to carry a weapon that although meant for self defense, can be used for offensive purposes.

Perfect example, in Florida today some little idiot teenager got into an argument with another teenager at the pool where they live decided to pull and use a Stun gun on the other kid.

The kid supposedly got the Stun Gun from the trash in his home and what it was doing there is beyond me. I think the parents of this little monster should be held legally accountable as well for allowing him to get access to the weapon.

Parents need to take more care and responsibility with their offspring. You decide to have children then you are on the hook for all problems they create when you don’t do your job.

Simple fact, even self defense weapons MUST be kept out of the hands of kids under the age of 18 and if you have a weapon you need to be careful your kids don’t get their hands on them.

Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty

Man irons shirt on his 18 month old daughter’s back

43-year-old Elliott Moore pleaded guilty on Wednesday to aggravated battery to a child in a case which sickens me to my core.

This “man” and I use that term loosely actually said he was having trouble ironing his shirt and since his 18 month old precious little girl was in his lap he decided to use her back as an ironing board leaving a large, open burn on her back.

This needs to be a tit for tat here when it comes to someone hurting a child. Whatever they did should be visited upon them 3 fold. They should iron clothes on his back, stomach and legs until he is at LEAST as burnt in each spot as she was on her back. Not this measly 12 years in prison that he got, which is no more than a slap on the wrist. Sad.

How anyone could that to a child let alone your own child is beyond me. This guy is a waste of air and space and should get much worse than 12 years in jail.

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Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty

More violence near the USC campus where the 2 Chinese students were just murdered

Yet again the streets around the USC campus are the scene of gun violence as a gunman robs 4 college students at gunpoint.

After robbing them he ran off and 2 chased him flagging down a campus security officer who then took up the chase. At one point it appeared to the officer that Hendricks was going for his gun so he was forced to shoot him in the leg.

This again shows there isn’t necessarily safety in numbers as there are plenty of nuts out there like 24 year old Jeremy Hendricks who robbed this group of 4 people, 3 men and 1 woman.

Thankfully no one was killed in this whole mess and that the criminal is now locked up where he belongs. A big thumbs up to the campus police officer who shot and caught this idiot. The fact he hit him in the leg and didn’t kill him is a testament to his/her training.

As for the 4 students I am glad you were not dumb enough to try and fight some idiot with a gun over material things and I applaud your use of good sense and am glad you all are safe.

When someone wants your money or car or whatever other material thing you have they want..let them have it. It isn’t worth the risk of fighting some idiot with a gun. Even if you have pepper spray or a Stun gun don’t risk it.

Material things can be replaced but you cannot. The only time you should fight is when they are trying to take you to another location as your personal safety is at risk then since odd are good you may never be seen again. Then you should fight but over money or a purse…it isn’t worth it.

Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty

Reward offered for information in the death of two Chinese USC students

23 year old Ying Wu and Ming Qu were sitting in their 2003 BMW when someone shot into the window of the vehicle killing Ying Wu and mortally wounding Ming Qu who was able to make it out of the vehicle but he didn’t get far as he collapsed while trying to get help for the couple.

This is a sad story, not because they were Chinese but because they both were what has been reported as really good people. They were both here to better their lives and in one heinous act those lives were cut short.

$125,000 has been offered for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons who committed this crime so if you have any information contact the LAPD.

I don’t quite know why they were just sitting in their car on the side of a street at 1 a.m but young people around USC need to be more careful in their actions to be sure they don;t get caught up in any street violence.

My heart goes out to the families and I hope they catch this scum soon. Don’t forget if you have any information be sure you call LAPD and tell them what you know.

Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty

Detroit man attacks woman pushing her baby in a stroller

18 year old Job Carlyn Hughley is charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct in the first two attacks and with attempted murder in the shooting of a 36-year-old mother in the third attack.

Now bear in mind all this violence is from a 18 year old. In his first attack on April 4th he grabbed a 20 year old woman off the street using a gun and he then raped her multiple times.

Next a few days later he grabbed a 22 year old woman off the street at gunpoint and he then raped her as well on the side of a local middle school.

Next this nut-bag actually attacked a woman who was walking down the street pushing her baby in a stroller. When she tried to run away he shot her in the back. Thankfully she kept running and got to some by-standers who assisted her.

Again all of this at 18 years old. I can only imagine what he would do if he ever sees the light of day outside of a prison cell all I can say is God help the women in Detroit.

This punk has shown he has no business in society and that rehabilitation is out of the question since he has demonstrated that he has no morals or conscious whatsoever. He should be put to death and save the taxpayers the expense of supporting him in prison for the rest of his worthless life.

I wish one or all of these women would have had something they could have used to defend themselves, especially the mother who was shot in the back.

A keychain Pepper Spray or a small Stun Gun could all have helped her get away unhurt or at the very least given her a betetr chance of not being hurt since nothing can guarantee your safety.

Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty

Man stabs his 87 year old Grandmother to Death

28-year-old William Richard Greene has been accused of killing his great grandmother over money. She was 87-year-old Verdie E. Mackey and she was highly regarded in the community which is now saddened at the loss.

What is nuts is that this guy is said to not really have a police record and then to jump straight into the brutal murder of your own elderly family member just to steal some money is just plain crazy.

Normally criminals build to this and not knowing the guy it is definitely possible he has been a bad guy for some time but has just been lucky and hasn’t been caught before. It’s hard to say.

Either way it is a shame that this poor woman’s life was stolen from her but someone who was family. I don’t care if it was drugs or anything for that matter he has no excuse for his actions and should get the full force of the law to bear.

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty