Home Security for Singles

Living alone can be a bit scary. If it is the first time on your own, or if you’ve moved to a new city, it can take time to feel comfortable. You need to learn the neighborhood and figure out new routines since you aren’t sharing the errands. You also need to make sure that you always feel safe and secure when you are at home or out and about.

Here are a few safety tips for singles who live alone:

• Sign up for a few magazines or subscriptions with different first names to make it look like other people live with you.
• When a repairman comes over, you can pretend you have a spouse who you need to consult with. Some women even have a men’s jacket and shoes by the front door.
• Make sure you have a home alarm system – even renters or people who move frequently can use wireless security. And don’t give your home security system code to anyone.
• Don’t show off expensive gadgets or leave them in plain sight. Use cabinets and storage units to hide them. If someone gets a peek inside your home, they won’t see anything worth taking.
• If you have a landline, make sure your recording says “We’re not available” instead of “I am not home”.
• When choosing a place to live, stop by and visit during rush hour and in the middle of the day. You can get a sense of how busy the area is and how safe it seems. If you are getting an apartment or buying a condo, notice if the main door is propped open often or if the building seems secure.
• When you are out, don’t wear headphones or talk on your cell phone – it will make you less aware of your surroundings.
• Take self-defense classes. If you feel that you need more protection, carry mace or pepper spray, or a high-decibel personal alarm.

You can find other general home security and personal safety tips here.

Of course there are a million suggestions and recommendations out there, but you don’t need to worry about doing them all. Assess the locations and times in your daily routine where you feel unsafe, and add a few extra safety measures to make yourself safer. Remember that as your life changes you’ll need to reevaluate your personal safety and home security.

Woman sprays her attacker in the face and runs him off

In New York, near 79th Street at around 5:23 pm. Some scumbag came up from behind and tried to rob the woman of her jewelry and cellphone.

Bad thing for him was she was carrying her pepper spray with her. Even worse for him was that she was prepared to and in fact did, use it.

She sprayed the moron and she slithered back into his hole. Thankfully she was ready for the situation and all for the low cost of a can of pepper spray.

I guarantee she would tell you in a second it was worth the money to keep what could have been a bad situation from progressing.

Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty

Woman goes berserk over lack of sausage at her local convenience store

25-year-old Brittany Glanville of Bridgeton, NJ must have REALLY been hungry for a sausage when she attacked a store clerk on the 15th of this month.

The panic alarm was pushed by the store clerk after she freaked out and threw something at the clerk and tried to climb over the counter.

Even after police arrived and arrested her she kept on losing it. She was trying to kick out the window of the cop car so they had to pepper spray her.

She should be happy they didn’t Taser her as well. Hopefully this wised up this idiot and she will show a little more constraint next time.

Stay Safe!

Charles Dougherty

Michael Wayne Smith wanted by Huntersville Police for questioning

It appears Michael Wayne Smith was in the area when a woman was attacked by a man. Thankfully she bit him and Pepper Sprayed him in the face and was able to escape what would have been at the very least a sexual assault.

It was around 7pm on the 15th of this month a young lady was stopped at a stop sign when a white male approached and grabbed her through her partially open window and dragged her off to a secluded area.

Like I mentioned earlier she bit the man on the hand that he had over her mouth and then she deployed her self defense counter measures by pepper spraying the idiot in the face forcing him to run away.

If you know the whereabouts of Michael Wayne Smith please contact Lieutenant Kevin Johnston at 704-464-5400 at the Huntersville Police department.

This is a perfect example of a pepper spray saving the life of a would be victim and all of this for a small amount of money. I bet she can attest it is worth every penny!

Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty

A Pharmacist uses Bear Repellent to scare off a would be robber

In Deer Park, Washington a would be drug addict thief tried to rob a pharmacy that he has evidently hit a few times before. Only this time Susan Beller was prepared for him with a big ole can of bear repellent pepper spray.

When the scumbag came to counter with his I have a gun and give me all your drugs note he got much more than he ever expected. He got no drugs but did get a whole face full of the bear pepper spray for his trouble.

Susan it seems, had enough of this guy coming in to rob them and decided this time she was going to be a victim. I applaud her guts and determination and if more of us did this we may be able to lower crime rates by making crime much more risky and painful. The days of easy money need to go away.

I only wish she had used a Taser on him before she pepper sprayed him. I say this due to the fact that he could have really had a gun and although not being able to see he could have fired off some shots hitting some innocent bystander.

I can tell you from personal experience just how well the Taser works having tested one on myself at a Taser seminar. I figured the best way to know the product is to really know it. Had she nailed him with a Taser, gun or not he is dropping like a bag of hammers off a high rise.

Thankfully everything worked out fine for everyone but the scumbag criminal, Aaron Miller!

Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty

The real reasons gas prices are rising so high so fast

They try to B.S us into believing it is unrest in the middle east, like there is ever been a time when there hasn’t been unrest in the middle east, but that is all lies.

I say this because I live in Texas, I can spit and hit an oil well. Down the road not far from me there are tons of refineries all taking oil out of Texas and the Gulf of Mexico. Yet we are still paying $3.75 (as of today) per gallon. This goes to show no matter what they will rape us for as much money as possible.

Now for those asking “why now”? Why else? Because the economy was starting to recover which would most certainly have lead to Obama being re-elected which the oil industry doesn’t want. They have historically backed republicans because the RNC is all about making the rich, richer and the poor, poorer. Which is exactly what is happening since the top 1% has made tons of money as our economy and the rest of us struggle to just survive.

This is all simply a political carrot and if a republican wins office they will drop the prices for a short time so they can say “see it was all the democrats”.

Don’t get me wrong the democratic party is just as pathetic as the republicans are but at least they aren’t purposely trying to rape all of the US out of every dime they can get. They just waste too much money on social programs being poorly managed.

It is tie we all stood up and said….enough! No more holding us hostage at the pumps or no more drilling in the US. If we are going to pay the same either way I say let the arabs trash their air, water and soil and just get our stuff from them.

I have yet to see any benefit to domestic oil drilling and we never will because they know they have us by the short ones no matter where the oil comes from and that won’t change until we make it change.

We have the control. Stop driving right now unless absolutely necessary, spend as little as humanly possible at the pumps and we can force changes by hitting THEM in the wallet!!

I won’t hold my breath but I damn sure will practice what I preach. I drive as little as possible and will drive even less now. They will get as little money out of my wallet as humanly possible.

Stand up and help put an end to this crap!

Stay safe!

Chuck Dougherty