Verizon Wireless – How pathetic can you be?

Well after tonight I can answer that and the answer is VERY FRIGGIN PATHETIC!! I used to have a Verizon air card that I used for mobile broadband and no longer needed so I cancelled the account in mid December 2011.

When I cancelled the account I, according to the rep on the phone,”now had a zero balance”. Low and behold January rolls around and I get an email saying I owe them $1.48. Yup you read that right $1.48.

I followed the emails instruction of going online to pay my bill but I find my account is now dead and I can’t log into it anymore. I figure, ridiculous but I am not pissed off yet…notice the yet.

So I call them and the young lady tells me I need to go to and tries to get off the phone, I say “wait let me get to the page before you go”. Does it load ……NO the url she gave me was dead. She then says “oh yeah it is now /paymybill”. I try it real fast and it works so I let her go.

I try 2 times with 2 different cards to pay through this system but it doesn’t work and doesn’t give an error it just does nothing!

I then call back and am a bit more pissed at this time. The rep start to take my info and we get disconnected. I call back AGAIN and the lady says “oh you need to call our financial services department at 1-800-528-7594″. I am mad but say fine I’ll spend even more time on the phone to pay you a $1.48.

Now at this time I have spent 45 minutes on the phone and 15 minutes online trying to pay them a friggin dollar 48. I call financial services and finally got it paid…total elapsed time online = 53 minutes.

So a total of 68 minutes out of my life to pay these idiots $1.48! How pathetic can you be verizon? So pathetic that that $1.48 you made me waste over an hour of my time to pay will be the last money you ever get from me…so well done!

Stay safe