2 year old child viciously attacked by a pit bull

A 2 year old child was very badly bitten by a pit bull the other day and is now in stable condition in intensive care at a children’s hospital.

The dog was owned by a relative according to the report. They tried to get the animal off the child but they had a lot of issues in doing so and the poor child had severe cuts and tears on its face and scalp, head area. Witnesses said they were kicking the dog and still wouldn’t let the child go.

The dog owner states they too have an infant and the dog has never touched their baby.

People say it’s not the breed it is the owner and the is partially true. Much of the blame falls to the owner of the dog but the breed it also an issue.

Pit bulls are unpredictable, deny it all you want but they have shown this time and time again. How many pit bulls owners say “he never did that before” after their dog attacks someone? Lots of them do.

If you get a pit bull when you have kids in the house you risk their lives, it is just that simple. The dog may never bite anyone and could be the greatest dog but statistics show the odds aren’t in your favor.

If you want to read about way to protect yourself from dog attacks your can read an entry I wrote a little while ago on How to protect yourself from an aggressive dog.

It wouldn’t have helped in this case other than when trying to get the dog to release the child but a little preparation goes a long way.

Stay safe and pray for the little child to recover both physically and emotionally!

Charles Dougherty

You can read the news story here http://www.wesh.com/r/29722323/detail.html#comment