Man shot in face during a home invasion robbery

You know I have seen the crocodile Dundee movies and other shows talking about how tough Australians are but I never really believed it might be true until now.

A couple of days ago a 33 year old Australian man was in his home in Busselton, Australia sleeping in bed with his wife when a man burst into the room and shot the homeowner in the face with a shotgun!

Now this is further proof about the toughness statement. This guys wife jumps out of bed and tries to tackle the shooter that just pumped one into her husband. The intruder still managed to get off 2 more shots that hit the homeowner in his chest and in the face for the second time!

Now this guy has been hit in the face TWICE and body including his leg once with shotgun blasts. Even with all of that when police arrive this guy is up and talking!

He was taking to the hospital where the doctor called his a sissy for coming to him with these scratches and gave him a pint of lager and sent him on the way! Okay not really but they did his injuries were not life threatening. Goes to show if you want to kill an Aussie you better bring a bigger gun! LOL

Be Safe!


Best Stun Guns for Women

There are many great options available these days to the woman who wants to protect herself from attack and we are going to cover the Best Stun Guns for Women. Although most self-defense items are unisex, there are some which are better suited for women because of the type of item.

Here is a list of some of the Stun Guns that are perfect for Women:

Lipstick Stun GunJust like it sounds this item looks exactly like a lipstick making it perfect for the purse or pocket. Although it is only about 3 inches tall it packs a massive 950,000 Volts of scumbag deterring pain waiting to be unleashed with a simple press of a button!

Pen Stun Gun This is another item easily carried and used when needed. It is only 6 ½ inches long and only one inch wide making easily held even with small hands. It can deliver an over-whelming 1.2 million volts of electricity to your attacker.

Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gun - This looks just like a cell phone but you wouldn’t want to try to make a call on it. It doesn’t function as a phone and you just may zap yourself in the head with the unbelievable 4.5 million volts of agony that this baby can deliver. It is only 3.8 inches tall and comes with a holster if you prefer to wear in on your side or clip it to a purse strap rather than keep it inside of the purse or a pocket.

Multi-Function Stun Gun - The reason I added this item is its’ multi-function capabilities of being able to deliver 2.7 million volts of pain, provide you with an extremely loud personal alarm and emergency flashing light as well as a flashlight for times you need to see in the dark. Best of all is that this little wonder is only 4 ¾ inches tall making is very easy to carry and use.

You will probably notice that all of these items on this list are very small and easy to carry because unlike clothing for men, the clothing designed for women generally comes with very little pockets.

This makes all of these items perfect for carrying when you have little space to spare but still want to be sure you have some extra help should you need it.

Stay safe,

Charles Dougherty

Reasons to carry a Stun Gun in case of attack

There are many good reasons to carry a Stun Gun in case of an attack and very few not to keep one on you. Most victims never see their attacker coming which is exactly the way the criminals want it to be. This means you have very little time to react and any advantage you can give yourself the better your chances are of surviving the incident which is one main reason to carry a Stun Gun.

Unlike pepper spray which is meant for distances of usually 3 to 20 feet, a Stun Gun is used for an up close attack which means that the attacker needs to be within reaching distance in order to use it on them. The downside to all of this is that you will also be within reaching distance of your attacker.

Because the Stun Gun is meant for up close action it is very useful should you be attacked without seeing them coming and once the attacker has grabbed a hold of your body you can then send however many thousands of volts through his body.

One of the best features of a Stun Gun is that the voltage does not pass through your attacker and back into you unlike what is shown on television. No matter how long you hold it on them delivering voltage you can touch them without getting shocked. This is another great reason to carry one.

The last reason to carry a Stun Gun in case of attack is how good it is as a deterrent because criminals want the easiest victims they can find. If you see a threat coming and display your weapon to show you are not afraid and that you are ready to use it then you can deter most criminals who will just go look for someone who isn’t as prepared to defend themselves.

Criminals are cowards and with very little money or effort on your part you can make yourself a bad choice of victim and help to lower your odds of falling victim to attack.