Rick Perry for President??

Not a chance! In the time Perry has been Governor of Texas our school systems have degraded to the point of embarrassment and our economy is in the toilet.

Here in Texas we can’t seem to manage to pay for our schools yet we pay plenty of taxes and we are 44th in money spent on our schools to begin with and now they are cutting even more.

We are producing a generation of partially illiterate children and in fact we have at least one high school were 30% of the seniors did not graduate this year. That is disgusting!

Perry has done nothing for this state except cause a massive divide down party lines, run the school systems into the ground, take rights away from women with his sonogram law and cause our state’s economy to have BILLIONS in the way of a deficit.

Perry is also as two faced as they get. He tries to pretend he is for smaller government but acts the opposite. In fact it was his idea to force all little girls to get a HPV immunization shot. This may sound good on face value but it was to be forced on your kids whether you wanted it or not and that is not my America.

BTW. The reason he was pushing this vaccination was not for the good of the kids but for the good of one of his big money campaign contributors who happened to be the manufacturer or the drug. Perry does nothing that is not good for Perry.

If you want to know how he has been in office so long it is easy. Many of my fellow Texans are easily mislead sheep that believe what their preachers say over what common sense states.

So if that all sounds good for the rest of the country as well then yes, Perry for President other than that, hell no! It is bad enough we are stuck with him!

How to Protect Yourself From an Aggressive Dog

Learning how to protect yourself from an aggressive dog could save your life one day since more people than necessary are killed by vicious dogs every year and the numbers don’t seem to be dropping. Depending on where you live there may be laws holding the owner criminally responsible for a dog attack but that does nothing for you or your family if you are maimed or killed during an attack.

Thankfully we have many different options for protecting ourselves and you just need to decide which one is the best fit for you.

• Super Dog Chaser – This item utilizes a 130 decibel ultrasonic high frequency sound and bright flashing LED lights to deter aggressive dogs from a distance of up to 40 feet. It is the most humane device on this list as the effects are immediately removed when you stop pressing the button. Even though there are no long-term side effects, it is highly effective. You generally won’t need to use this device more than once on the same dog. After the first time just the threat should be more than enough to send it heading the other way.

• Mace Muzzle Canine Repellent – This is basically dog pepper spray. It was specifically designed to work on canine animal breeds. Although the effects are not permanent it will cause great pain to the dog as their sense of smell is more keen than ours so the effects on the nose of the dog will be even worse that it is on a human nose. To counteract the effects the dog will need to have the affected areas flushed with water or the effects will fade in about 30 minutes if left untreated. Although not designed for use on humans it is quite effective and can be used to help protect you from a human attacker as well.

• Retractable Steel Baton – This item can serve a dual purpose as it will work to help protect you from both dogs and humans alike. The retractable steel baton is very effective and easy to carry on you as it comes with a holster so you can put it on your side. With a simple flip of the wrist you now have extended your reach by 16, 21 or even 26 inches depending on which length baton you decide to carry.

• Telescopic Stun Baton – This is yet another item that can be used on both dogs and humans quite effectively which can save you from having to buy two separate items. Just the loud sound of the baton extended with just the press of a button and then firing off electricity onto the air can be enough to protect you from an aggressive dog. Should the dog need more convincing just a quick touch with the Stun Baton will send quite a bit of electricity through your aggressor.

• Bear Repellent – If you are someone who likes to camp or hike in areas that may contain bears or other wildlife you may want to purchase a bear repellent pepper spray. This product is designed to work on a Grizzly and it is also quite effective on dogs and humans. This once again gives you protection from multiple types of possible attackers all in one handy device.

As you can see you have many options you can use to protect yourself so finding what fits your busy life should be much easier. No sane person wants to hurt an animal but when it comes down to them or you the choice is easy.

Stay Safe,


Pepper Spray – How to Clean the Eyes When Hit With Pepper Spray

No matter how hard you try to avoid it there may come a time where you need to know how to clean the eyes when hit with pepper spray due to a mistake or mishandling on your part. If done correctly you can counteract a good portion of the effects but great care must be taken as you can easily make it worse as well.

The pepper spray liquid that comes out is mostly water based with the exception of the pepper gel and pepper foam. The pepper granules are added to the delivery medium and vary in size by whether you are using foam, gel, spray or a fog style pepper spray.

The size of the pepper grains matter because the finer the grain the more easily they will be absorbed into the pores of the skin.

There are two main things you can use to counteract the effects and they are water or milk. Either one will effectively help to flush the grains out of your eyes as well as off the skin.

One main thing you need to keep in mind is that under no circumstances should you dab, blot, wipe or rub in an effort to remove the pepper spray as this will only serve to make it many times worse than before as it would smear even more into your pores.

Whether you choose milk or just plain water you need to just keep flushing your eyes and skin until the effects are diminished. This may take anywhere from just a few minutes to quite a few as this will all depend on the quality and volume of pepper spray.

The hardest part will be keeping your eyes open enough to get the water or milk in there to flush out the pepper spray and it make take a few minutes of flushing before you can open them up even halfway. I have found that tilting your head to the side and pouring at an angle across the eyes starting in the corners to be the most effective until the eyes can be opened further.

Once the eyes can be opened at least halfway you can then take a milk carton or bottle of water and hold it over one eye as you attempt to open the eye allowing the liquid to permeate the entire eye cavity.

If you have been sprayed in the eyes with the pepper gel or pepper foam models you will have a bit harder time removing it from the eyes and skin as it sticks and smears. As with the regular sprays you need to just keep flushing and under no circumstances should you rub.

Stay Safe,


Which Works Better – Stun Guns Or Pepper Spray?

Many people wonder which one is better for defending yourself, a stun gun or pepper spray and there is no short answer to the question. The effects and usage of the two are so different that comparing them becomes complicated.

Stun guns are designed to inflict pain in order to deter an attacker and cause him to head the other way. Although the pain level can vary according to what voltage you are using, it hurts either way. Unlike you see on television zapping someone with a stun gun for a second does not cause them to fall unconscious or flop around on the ground like a fish.

This is mostly due to the fact that you need to hold a stun gun against your attacker’s body in order for the stun to be delivered and when zapped your natural instinct is to pull away from the stun gun. In order to render someone unconscious with a stun gun you would probably have to hold it against their body for more than 10 seconds.

With that said I am sure you can see that a stun gun is not a projectile weapon and your attacker would have to be close enough to grab you in order for you to use your stun gun and this can be extremely dangerous.

A pepper spray on the other hand is a projectile weapon that can generally shoot its spray from 6-25 feet away depending on the size and model of your pepper spray.

Not only can you use it long before your attacker can get to you it lasts for up to 45 minutes unlike the stun gun whose effect ends as soon as the stun gun is removed from contact with the attacker’s body.

This means that a pepper spray can buy you quite some time to escape your attacker and make it to safety as he will not be able to see or breathe clearly for more than 30 minutes.

As you can see the two items are like apples and oranges. Pepper spray is meant for an attacker that is at a distance because if they are in too close you may get blow-back from the spray which can cause you to also not be able to see to escape.

A stun gun is meant for an attacker that is in close and within arm’s reach of you. So to answer the original question as to which works better it all depends on the situation. You can find stun guns in all sizes and voltages so it should be easy for you to find one that you would like to carry with you. A mini stun gun can be a good choice if you need something small.

Both items are rather inexpensive and to be honest you would be the safest if you have one of each with you at all times. If you see the attacker coming, you pepper spray him. If you don’t see him coming and he grabs you then you stun gun him to make him let go and then you pepper spray him.

Stay Safe!

The Judge

Bin Laden is dead! Way to go Navy Seals!!

I awoke to the news that the animal named Osama Bin Laden had finally paid the price for his crimes against all of humanity. Here is hoping there is a hell and he is under it.

Well done and thank you to any and all who took part in this effort to eliminate this lowlife. A special well done to the service person that actually double tapped numb-nuts in the skull!

Now after a little more celebration we need to fade this creep into obscurity. As long as we talk about we give him unwarranted power.

This is the last I’ll say on him….

Stay safe!

The Judge