Spy Cameras with Audio

Due to Federal laws there are restrictions for adding audio recording capabilities to a hidden camera. But this doesn’t mean that you are unable to purchase Spy Cameras with Audio abilities because we have a decent selection of legal cameras.

As long as the Spy Cameras cannot record long periods of time you can have audio recording options built in. This is so someone couldn’t sneak one into someplace and record all the audio in the room day in and day out. Criminals and other bad guys could do nasty things if that technology was readily available to the public.

All of the Spy Cameras with Audio options that we have are battery operated and very easy to use. After you record you just attach it to a PC through USB and then watch the video on your PC.

They are a very inexpensive alternative to larger Spy cameras if you just need to capture someone in action over a short period of time.

Stay safe!

The Judge

Hidden Spy Cameras for Home – which are best for me?

When deciding which Hidden Spy Cameras for Home you should choose you need to consider a few things about your specific situation. Such as the following:

1. How do you want to record? Not all cameras have recording capabilities and you need to decide whether you need the camera to record or if you can just use your PC or a VCR to record. Much of this will depend on whether you need motion activation and long term recording functionality.

2. If you choose to go with one of the standard Hidden Spy Cameras for Home that does not have recording capabilities you will need to decide whether you want to go wired or wireless. Just as it sounds, the difference is whether or not you have to run and hide a wire all the way from the camera to the recording device.

3. You will have the choice on most of the standard Hidden Spy Cameras for Home as to whether you want to get color or black and white. Obviously there is a price difference you will need to weigh out against having the ability to record color which would aid the police in getting a good description of any potential burglar.

4. Lastly, you have decide which device you can easily slip into your home without it drawing unwanted attention to itself. The best of all is if you find one of the Hidden Spy Cameras for Home that matches something you already have there. You can then just replace it and no one would be the wiser.

Now if your desire for security is due to potential issues from strangers than your choice of camera will be much easier than if you are trying to fool someone who resides with you.

Stay safe and keep your eyes open!

The Judge