How hidden & visible cameras can help to increase your businesses bottom line

Retail business owners have to take many factors into consideration when it comes to starting or maintaining a profitable business, from the products you choose to sell all the way down to how you secure your property. You need to protect your bottom line by introducing good security practices and sticking to them.

One of the best ways to protect your goods from theft, be it from patrons or employees, is to utilize security cameras both hidden and not. The reason you want both types is to assure you are seeing the whole picture since the view of known cameras can be obstructed or avoided in order to facilitate a theft.

When deciding on which visible cameras to buy, you should consider using a combination of standard color cameras and vandal proof dome cameras all of which should have night vision capabilities.

You will want to place the standard cameras in highly visible areas so that anyone that enters can see that security cameras are in use which will help to deter some crime. The dome cameras can be used both inside and out so you can place them right near your entrance and back doors to ensure you get the face of anyone that enters or exits.

Be sure the dome cameras you choose are vandal proof so that they cannot be easily tampered with and rendered useless. The main purpose of the visible cameras is to not only capture or preferably deter crime but it will also help to keep your employees honest.

Now that you have your standard, visible cameras in place and operational you should consider your hidden camera options. One prime location you should consider installing a hidden camera is directly over the counter area where the register is located. This will allow you to verify all of the cash handed over by a customer makes it into your register or cash box.

You have many options when deciding on which hidden camera to use right over your register. Some good options are the smoke detector and sprinkler head hidden cameras. They are items generally found in any business and go virtually unnoticed by most people.

Another location you should be utilizing a hidden camera is in your office area. This is true whether you share your office area with your employees or not. If you keep your camera recording station and safe in an area other than your office you will want to place visible and hidden cameras in that location as well.

The amount of money you can save in just stopping a good portion of the petty thefts of your products and cash by employees alone should pay for your initial camera investment and increase your bottom line.

Stay Safe!

The Judge

Outdoor Activity Safety Tips for Women

As the warmer weather approaches more women will find themselves able to enjoy the outdoors and all of the activities associated with warm weather fun. But with this additional outdoor activity we will also see an increase in attacks on women.

By following a few simple tips and using your common sense, you can drastically lower your odds of falling victim to attack.

• Never wear your earphones in both ears. It makes it far too easy for some criminal to sneak up and attack you before you know it. Criminals love people who make easy victims and not being able to hear them coming up from behind would make you a much easier target.
• Carry some type of self defense weapon. It could give you the edge you need to get away from or outright repel an attacker. You could use a device like the Mace Hot Walkers. They are 1 pound walking weights that contain a hidden pepper spray. Not only will they help you get a better workout, they provide you that extra edge should the need arise.
• There really is safety in numbers. It is not a guarantee but it sure does not hurt. So if at all possible, try to find a workout partner that enjoys the same type of outside activities that you do.
• Stay aware of your surroundings. Your goal should always be to look like a bad victim. You want the criminal to simply move on to an easier target. You can do this by being aware of anyone near you and what is going on around you at all times.
• Avoid being out during dusk or dawn hours. Many criminals prefer the cover of darkness to hunt for victims and this includes the dusk and dawn hours where light is fading quickly.
• Make sure someone knows exactly where you are going and when you plan on returning just in case something happens to you while you are out enjoying your day.

As you can plainly see, there is nothing on this list that is expensive or overly complicated to accomplish. With that said you have to decide what your safety is worth to you and then act accordingly.

Stay Safe!

The Judge

How to use the Mace Pepper Spray Gun

In the past, most of the options for a pepper spray delivery system were limited to just canisters. As time progressed you could find it hidden in benign appearing items like lipsticks, batons and pens as well.

Thanks to the fine folks over at Mace, we have yet another option in the form of the Mace Pepper Gun. This handy little device has quite a few features that are not available with the other delivery methods.

The Mace Pepper Gun uses their patented Bag-in-a-Can Technology. This allows the device to maintain a constant stream even when turned on the side or upside down! Not only that, it shoots up to twenty five feet away which is about twice what the other delivery methods will do.

As for ease of use, it does not get much easier to operate than the Mace Pepper Gun. Once loaded with a pepper canister, you simply aim and shoot. To simplify the process they even included a LED light for the weapon.

This LED light affords three main benefits:
1. Wherever you shine the light is where the pepper spray will land. This makes aiming for the face very simple. Shine the light directly in their eyes and blast away and continue to do so until he is screaming out in agony from the burn!
2. The other added benefit of the LED light is that when you do shine the light it his eyes it will help to disorient him for the second or so it will take the pepper spray from the Mace Pepper Gun to make him wish he was elsewhere. After it starts to kick in the fight is over and he will not be able to see you so you can escape to safety.
3. The fear factor. At night when you pull this out it will be tough to tell exactly what you have in your hand and could potentially scare off the attacker or at least distract him long enough for you to take a deep breath and use the device.

So I am sure you can see that there is not much to absorb when it comes to learning how to use the Mace Pepper Gun. You load it, point the light and squeeze the trigger. That really is all there is to it!

One more benefit that Mace provided with their Pepper Gun is that they sell practice canisters. They are filled with water and allow you the chance to test out the device without wasting your precious pepper spray.

Stay Safe!

The Judge

How to learn martial arts from home

One of the best things you can do for your body, mind and soul is to learn martial arts. You can lose tons of weight, become more limber than ever before as well as increase your self esteem and take control over your life. Unfortunately, if you live in an area without training facilities or simply cannot afford to pay it can make it hard to get yourself trained and enjoy the life enhancing benefits of martial arts.

The good is news is that you can learn martial arts from home which allows you to include your family and friends. You will find that it is a great way for you to spend some quality time with your loved ones as well as allow them to enjoy the health benefits.

So how do you do it? It is easy if you are rich and famous or at least rich because you can simply pay for a Sensei to come out to your home and train you one on one. Now for the rest of us we have to go a different route.

The most cost effective way to learn martial arts at home is by the use of instructional videos. There are many great videos you can choose from covering various martial arts disciplines and hand to hand combat styles. This allows you to pick what you think will suit you and your family the best.

So if your interest in learning martial arts from home is strictly for defense and not actually embracing the lifestyle you may want to choose a training video that just teaches you defense. In fact there are a few that have only a few moves total but those few moves are devastating to your opponent.

Just remember that all of the moves taught in these videos are for self defense purposes only and should not be used to initiate a fight. The moves taught are meant to cause bodily harm to your opponent and you better have a good reason why you went to this level.

Of course, defending yourself or someone else can qualify as a good reason. To steal a line from the Spiderman movies “with great power comes great responsibility” so be sure to use common sense and good judgment when unleashing your new found skills.

Stay safe!

The Judge

Self Defense for kids

If you are a parent with a child that attends school and is at the age to hang outside with friends, safety should be of the utmost importance to you. Someone can grab your child and be gone in a matter of seconds in the right situation. This means that just like you should practice fire safety, you should practice self defense techniques designed for kids.

You may need to be trained yourself so you could learn martial arts with your child which would be the perfect opportunity for some real quality time. Not only will you and your child learn the self defense skills that could save both of your lives, you will become more confident, healthier and you even get to spend some time with your child that doesn’t involve sitting in front of the television set. It really is something you should consider.

Besides martial arts, there are some basic self defense moves for kids that you can practice with your child that could save them from being taken by a stranger. Here is a great video showing a basic set of self defense moves you can show to your child

You may also want to think about some type of self defense device that is suitable for use by children. There really are only two that come to mind: the Kubotan and the Personal Alarm.

A Kubotan is small metal, wood or plastic rod that is carried on a key chain. They can come in both blunted and pointed forms which serve different purposes.

The blunted Kubotan is designed for use on bony parts of the body such as the sternum, hands, elbows, shins, knees, jaw and cheeks just to name a few bony strike points.

The pointed Kubotan is designed to do the most damage on fleshy parts of the body and is great for attacking the eyes, stomach, groin and throat of an attacker.

A Personal Alarm is also perfect for even smaller children and should be accompanied with some instructions on what you want your child to do after they utilize their Personal Alarm. The obvious instruction should be to try and run for help while screaming stranger.

Bear in mind though, that both of these items are meant for your child to use while they are not under your direct supervision. They may or may not be allowed to be in your child’s possession within school grounds so do your due diligence and verify with the school.

With self defense for kids the goal here is not to raise a paranoid child but instead to raise a well informed and prepared child. Bad things happen to kids every day and many could have been averted but using just a little prevention.

Stay safe!

The Judge

How to record your phone conversations

With the release of the alleged Mel Gibson rant tapes it has left many people wondering just how someone could record a phone conversation without the other person knowing about it. To be honest, that is very easy with all of the new technology out there. You can buy Digital Phone Recorders that can plug right into your phone or some that can act as your home phone while being ready to record should the need arise.

The more popular of the two main types of Phone Recorders would be the small Digital Recorders. They simply plug right into the headphone jack of your home or even cell phones and then you hit the record button and it will record until you stop it or it runs out of space.

They also can be used to record sound from within a room either using the built-in or an external microphone and some of the better models even have a voice activated feature so it will only record when it “hears” voices.

The less popular type of Phone Recorder can only record phone conversation that come through itself which means that you could not use it to record your cell phone or even a phone from another room. They also do not generally have the ability to record sounds from within a room either which would account for the lack of popularity.

So as you can see recording a phone conversation is quite easy these days and the person on the other line would never know unless you tell them but that is another issue you must consider.

You see many states have what they call a “two party consent” law which requires both parties be aware that they are being recorded. You need to know what the law is for your state should you decide to start recording phone conversations so you do not wind up getting yourself into hot water with the law enforcement community of your area.

To see whether your state has a “two party consent” law or not you can look here at

If you live in a “two party” consent state then you may want to reconsider the use of a phone recorder or at the very least consult an attorney to know exactly what you can do without breaking the laws of your state.

Stay safe!

The Judge

How to use a Wireless Outdoor Security Camera to protect your home

The addition of a good Wireless Outdoor Security Camera can be a very inexpensive yet effective way to help protect your home from criminals. Unless there is some compelling reason for them to risk the added trouble of dealing with your security setup they will just pick an easier target.

At the very least, should some criminal either not notice or disregard your security camera you will hopefully have all the evidence the police will need to track down and prosecute the crook.

You have a few options when choosing your Wireless Outdoor Security Camera and one of the main things you will want to decide is whether you want the camera hidden or not. It makes a big difference in where you would want to install the camera as well as the effect it will have on criminals.

Remember that if it is hidden it will only really be useful for gathering evidence against the criminal unless you display placards that cameras are in use and at that point you may as well have used visible security cameras.

One of the best hidden wireless outdoor security cameras you will find is the Spotlight Hidden Camera. It is a motion activated spotlight with built in camera and DVR so there is no need to worry about buying a separate recording device.

Since it is a super bright spotlight with 80 LED lights it can easily light up the area to ensure you get a really good video of the criminals face as he is startled by the light. It has a view range of around 90 feet so you can see them from a distance should they not run off.

The Spotlight Hidden Camera is one of the easiest wireless outdoor security cameras you can use. After you install it where you need to protect you simply check the video whenever you want by removing the SD card.

You then can place that SD card into any card reader to review the video as well as transport the information to the authorities so they can use it in their investigation and prosecution.

For a standard Wireless Outdoor Security Camera you will need to have some type of recording device. The wireless receiver is attached to your recording device so it can feed in the signal coming from the camera.

As far as motion activation, generally it is controlled by the recording device you are using and not the camera itself. The camera is always sending a signal and motion activation just determines whether it is recorded or not.

You want to be sure any standard Wireless Outdoor Security Camera you may decide to install is weatherproof and infrared capable. It is usually a good idea to install these types of cameras in a visible area that has a good view of the area to protect.

Remember another benefit to this type of camera is the deterrent effect it can have by being visible. Most criminals prefer the path of least resistance and since there are no guarantees you can only hope to lower your odds by making things more difficult that it is worth to some two bit criminal to rob you.

Stay Safe,

The Judge