4 Ways to Protect Yourself from Dog Attacks

It seems that no matter where you live as long as you have neighbors, you will have a neighbor that has at least one vicious out of control dog. You know the ones that always get loose and either come after you while you are in your own yard or when you try to walk by yourself or with your dog on a leash.

It can get so bad that you have to drive to a different area just to be able to walk your dog or yourself without fear of attack from some crazed dog that should be secured so it can not get out. As such, you may find yourself in need of some way to protect yourself from dog attacks.

Thankfully there are some inexpensive products that you can purchase that will help to protect you from dog attacks. Here are just a few of these products:

Mace Muzzle Canine Repellent – In simple terms, this is pepper spray that is specifically designed to be the most effective on canine breeds of all types. Much like pepper sprays for people, Canine Pepper Spray is meant to cause a lot of pain and disable the aggressive animal from being able to attack you. It shoots up to 10 feet away so you can spray before the dog gets close enough to bite you.
Telescopic Stun baton – This option also uses pain to persuade an aggressive dog to go away but it also has the added effects of sight and sound. When you discharge the Telescopic Stun Baton, even just in the air, it is very loud and disturbing. Dogs can sense trouble and they know to run from electricity which is why most dogs go nuts during electrical storms.
Expandable Steel Baton – Obviously with this you just want to start swinging and aim for the nose or mouth area of the dog. This should be a last ditch option as you can either cause serious damage to the dog if not outright kill it. This option should only be exercised when a human life is truly in mortal danger.
Ultrasonic Dog Repellent – This is by far the most humane option of all the items on this list and would be the one I would recommend the most. It is a hand-held device about the size of a cell phone that emits a 130 decibel ultrasonic frequency that hurts the dog’s ears. It also uses bright flashing LED lights to help drive off an aggressive dog. It works up to 40 feet away so you can have plenty of time to act. The Ultrasonic Dog Repellent does not do any permanent damage but will convince a dog to head the other way. If you are a dog lover than this will definitely be your best option for protection from dog attacks.

No normal person wants to hurt a dog but there are situations where there is no other choice than to defend your own life from an attack by using some type of force. All of the options on this list with the exception of the Steel Baton are meant to simply scare off the animal without permanent damage.

Stay safe!

The Judge

The Best Self Defense Products for Male College Students

If you know a young man that is either going to be or already is attending college than you need to consider his safety while he is away from home and help him to be prepared for anything life decides to throw at him. Too many people are under the misconception that the only victims are women and this is not the truth.

Besides the basic safety talk about avoiding drugs and alcohol as well as driving with idiots, you need to be sure he is thinking about his personal safety while he is out and about.

Here are just a few of the best self defense products for male college students that he can use to increase his level of safety while away at college:

Diversion Safe – He can use one in his car and one in his dorm room to help hide his valuables from theft. Diversion safes come in all types of everyday products that people will not give a second look. They are very inexpensive and quite effective in hiding your items in plain sight.
Door Brace – This can be used to secure his dorm room door without the need to permanently install anything you just extend it and brace it up against the door. Best of all the Door Brace is portable so he can take it with him as he travels to help provide safety in hotel rooms, apartments or any place he wants to make sure he can sleep without fear of attack.
pepper spray – This is a great self defense device for both men and women. Even if he never needs to defend himself he made need to defend someone else and Pepper Spray can give him the edge he needs to do so safely.
Expandable Baton – If you get the flashlight option he can keep it in his car to help with an emergency like a breakdown, an attempted car jacking or even a submerged vehicle. An Expandable Baton has many uses and for the price it is more than worth the money.
Kubotan – This little device is very inexpensive as it is usually around five dollars. It can serve many purposes and does not really require any kind of training. A Kubotan is more of a use however you need it type of item since it can defend you from attack by using it as a stabbing device or flail. It too can be used in a car emergency kit as well since it can be used to break out a window if needed.

With the items on this list you can help to ensure your son has at least a fighting chance to defend himself or someone else should the need arise whether it be in his home or his vehicle.

Stay safe!

The Judge

ADHD may be linked with pesticides in our foods

You know it is sad that we have let things get so out of control in our country. Under the guise of free market capitalism, unscrupulous people driven by nothing but greed have polluted our food supply in order to line their pockets with boatloads of money.

Now whether they actually even consider our health is beyond me but I do know that they seem to ignore it if they do. The only way to really limit the amount of poisons we take into our body is by growing our own food without any chemicals at all.

You see, pesticides that are on our food wind up inside of us. Recently, researchers have found: “Kids with higher-than-average levels of one pesticide marker were nearly twice as likely to be diagnosed with ADHD as children who showed no traces of the poison.”

This may explain why the number of kids diagnosed with ADHD is on the rise and it wouldn’t surprise me if they found out next that this is also why we have the increase in Autism.

These poisons work by messing with the nervous system of bugs but it has similar effects on humans and they are absorbed by the plants through runoff and penetration. This means we are ingesting this stuff!

We have to stop this “it’s all about the money” mentality. If it screws up the free market then so be it. It is better than the alternative of killing us all off. It is hard to make money on dead people!

Read the news story here – http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/37156010/ns/health-kids_and_parenting

Stay safe!

The Judge