Texas’ proposed immigration changes

It appears Texas is about to attempt to follow Arizona’s lead by reforming their current immigration laws.

What confuses me the most is that it isn’t already against state law to be an ILLEGAL immigrant since it is against federal immigration laws.

But everyone now is freaking out stating “there will be racial profiling” but there is such an easy fix that should have been in place all along.

EVERYONE should have to carry proof of citizenship and EVERYONE gets checked when they have police contact, period!

It is just that easy. That way there is no profiling because EVERYONE regardless of race, color, creed or religion will be getting checked. How hard is that? Not hard at all!

The fact that this is an issue amazes me. How dare we try and secure our borders and determine who is here criminally, hence the ILLEGAL immigrant moniker, right? I mean it isn’t like terrorists would ever use our wide open borders to sneak in and attack us, not on our soil right?

Wake up people!

The Judge

Arizona’s new immigration law changes

Living in Texas I can completely relate with Arizona’s desire to do something to fix this giant issue of illegal immigration. It is such a mess in these border states that unless you live here you may not realize.

I have nothing against anyone wanting to make a better life for themselves, that is what we all want for ourselves. What issue I have is with how they are going about it.

Entering our country illegally, no matter the reasoning behind it, is a crime plain and simple. Saying it is ok to do that is no different then telling someone it is ok to rob someone or sell drugs or steal to make a better life for their family.

Committing a crime is not an acceptable way to make a better life for you or your loved ones. It really is that simple.

I have said it before and will again, if you jumped the border and got caught in Mexico illegally it comes with a 2 year prison term followed by immediate and PERMANENT deportation for the first offense!!

Illegal immigrants are a drain on our economy and are a danger. Do you really believe that terrorists don’t realize they can just jump the border from Mexico to the US and get right by all of our precautions set up to keep them out? Our borders are wide open and we will pay for it in the long run.

As for the Mexican President’s remarks in regards to Arizona’s law changes he may want to keep him mind on his own issues. Mexico is a giant toilet and the Mexican President should be more concerned with getting his country back from the criminals and making it a place that it citizens don’t abandon like rats on a sinking ship.

He is spent more energy on making his country a better place we may not have such an issue with his people here to deal with.

Let me state this one more time though. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS = CRIMINALS hence the illegal in front of the immigrants! Their reasons do not matter at all as mine wouldn’t should I get caught jumping the border into Mexico or if I committed a crime to feed my family. Crime is crime.

The Judge

Pataki who do you think you’re fooling?

This guy cracks me up. Talk about a true politician. He is grinding hard against the healthcare reform bill Obama passed and says “it is not partisan” driven.

Does he really think we are all that stupid? Some of us are but most of us are not. One of his motives I will bet is that he is planning on a run for the White house in 2012.

The other of course feeds off his big malpractice suit reforms. I wonder who is giving his new little Revere whatever group all the money to show commercials all day and night. I have seen the commercial at least a dozen times if not more.

Anyone else think it is the Insurance industry paying for and guiding this guy? It would explain his malpractice reform stance as well as his stance on the health-care reform bill.

I mean why should doctors be held accountable for hurting someone through their own negligence, right? If doctors were more concerned with taking care of patients instead of running them through as fast as they can for the cash then they might not slip up so much.

I said it before and I’ll say it again. As for politicians, Republicans are all scumbag crooks and the Democrats are all spineless crooks.

None of what happens in our government is for OUR good. Everything done, no matter how they spin it, is done for themselves and their friends who put them in office with boatloads of money.

If we want to get, it is hard to say it, decent politicians then we need to stop letting money dictate who gets in. Right now it all comes down to who can raise the most money, not who is best for the job.

The bad part about letting money dictate who gets into office is that there is only a tiny percentage of people controlling all that happens to us. That is never a good thing!

The Judge

The “Tea Party movement” – where were you prior to 2008?

The “tea parties” happening right are a joke. They are nothing more than the republican party pushing for the upcoming elections. Nothing more.

Neither Newt or Sarah Palin said a word when Bush and Cheney trampled the Constitution with the patriot act not to mention lying to us to get us into a war in Iraq that should not have occurred.

No anyone who spoke out then were listed as anti-American and we know neither of those two puppets would ever do that.

This whole “tea party” B.S. is just that B.S. They speak of the free market which translates to their rich friends are paying them to campaign on their behalf because we all know the market can be trusted to run itself, right? Please!

Don’t get me wrong I think the Democrats are pathetic and some are crooks but the number of Republicans that are crooks is much higher. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I found out that most of the people traveling with the “tea party” were being paid to do so. It is all just so shady!

What kills me the most is Sarah Palin. She was a lousy Governor, a lousy Fox correspondent and a lousy Presidential candidate and as such it leaves me asking, why does ANYONE listen to this idiot? It is amazing.

People need to use their heads for something other than just a hair holder and stop allowing these idiots to polarize the country into two sides. We are all SUPPOSED to be on the same side not that you can tell it.

We all should be ashamed!

The Judge

Texas Attorney General decides to waste more money we don’t have

The attorney’s general from Texas and 12 other states I believe, have filed suits fighting the health care bill supposedly on behalf of their state.

The sad part is that I believe most people don’t support the action. Right now we have trouble paying for our schools, our roads and bridges, our public assistance programs as well as a slew of other things. With all of that said Greg Abbott decides to spend God knows how many MILLIONS of OUR dollars on fighting a partisan battle.

To be honest, the money he will piss away trying to make himself look good to the GOP they could use to help many people in the state buy the insurance as required by 2014.

Not only that, he keeps saying that forcing people to buy insurance is unconstitutional as least as far as Texas’ constitution goes, yet the state forces ALL car owners to have insurance.

How is that any different? You force us to buy car insurance supposedly because it is meant to provide safety to others on the road who may be financially devastated by you crashing into them. Makes sense right? How is the healthcare bill any different?

People without health insurance are causing a huge financial burden on all of the states including Texas! Think about it.

Let’s call this whole uproar what it really is, partisan bullshit. I know republicans that will benefit from most of what Obama has done, yet they trash talk him all of the time.

Why? Because he is a “baby killing democrat” in their minds. Even when you explain to them that Obama happens to be against abortion. Not reverse the laws against it but he doesn’t support it which is close enough.

But even that does not matter. We as a country are far to divided along party lines because that is what the politicians want. That’s how they get elected and that is also how they make boat loads of money.

I guess the whole divided we fall thing doesn’t matter anymore. The sad part is that both parties are very fundamentally flawed and will be the death of our country one day.

Stay safe and healthy!

The Judge!

How to drop the odds of your home being burglarized

With the tough economic times we live in right now, more folks are turning to crime and this can lead to a rise in residential home burglaries. Thankfully, there are some economical ways to help bring down your likelihood of falling victim to this brand of crime.

  • Whenever you park your car in your driveway or in the street be sure the windows are rolled all the way up, the doors are locked and you hide any items you leave in your car. The less items you leave out in plain sight the less the temptation to break into your vehicle. If you keep your garage door opener in your car be sure it is secured. Most people don’t lock their garage door entrance into the house so if someone gets your garage door opener they can come right into your home.
  • Employ motion activated lights on all sides of your house to ensure that a criminal cannot use the dark to hide as he attempts to break into your home.
  • Keep bushes trimmed short and slender so that no one can hide
    behind them and use them as cover for a break in or attack. Do not make it simple for a criminal to use your landscaping against you.
  • Install Dummy Surveillance Cameras in extremely visible locations. They are virtually indistinguishable from actual surveillance cameras and are very effective and inexpensive to acquire. They will absolutely give the illusion that you have a full size surveillance system in place.
  • Get “bump proof” deadbolts for all of your outside entrance doors. Bumping a lock is a method that involves making a special key that can be placed in any vulnerable lock and subsequently tapped on the end to unlock the deadbolt in a matter of seconds. If the lock doesn’t say it is bump proof than it means it is most likely vulnerable to this type of access.
  • Employ an inexpensive alarm system like the Voice Alert Alarm
    System. You can setup sensors inside vulnerable areas, including your driveway, and be alerted by voice should something trigger the sensor. Best of all, you will know precisely where the trespass is originating from as you can record your own message for each zone.

With just a small amount of effort on your part you can greatly lower your probability of falling victim to a home burglary without spending a fortune on elaborate alarm systems. Bear in mind common sense also goes a long way to increasing your safety so use your head.

Stay safe!

The Judge