Jacksonville Police shoot 2 year old boy & his mother

Yesterday it must have looked like something out of a movie when the police decided to open fire on a vehicle containing a bank robber.

The entire time I was reading the news story I just couldn’t believe it was true since it was just so unthinkable.

The car the bank robber happen to carjack at a nearby Wendy’s was occupied by a woman and her two small children.

For some reason that is unfathomable, the police decided to shoot at the criminal while he was doing the carjacking in the middle of the day on a Saturday. This is in a Wendy’s parking lot!

Evidently they were unable to hit their “intended target” at this point so some other officers down the street came out shooting at the car as it passed by on the street. It sounds like they were on both sides shooting at the guy.

Now when I say they kept shooting I mean they kept shooting some reported 42 rounds! They fired at a car containing an innocent woman, her 7 year old step daughter and 2 year old son!

In all they shot they poor 2 year old boy 2 times. Once in the arm and the other time in the upper torso. The mother of the boy, 35 year old Joann Cooper, was hit in the foot during this nightmare.

The poor little boy is still listed in critical condition by last reports. Now I don’t know about you but I find this situation unacceptable.

This wasn’t a heavily armored man wielding automatic weapons, shooting everyone in sight. No, this was some idiot 357 pistol wielding moron.

I can’t imagine any reasoning on these officers part that can justify firing 42 times at a car containing 3 innocent victims. The police should not be the cause of harm to innocent citizens.

This isn’t the old west and we don’t go around having absolute crazy, unnecessary shoot outs in our heavily populated streets! Furthermore, 42 shots? 42? Really?

It sounds like the Jacksonville police department needs to learn HOW to shoot a gun properly and all of those officers involved in this mayhem should be brought up on charges and fired from their jobs.

I can only hope and pray that poor little boy is able to make it through and that his entire family can somehow put this behind them as much as possible.

You can read the entire new story here.

It is too bad Joann didn’t have a pepper spray or Stun gun to repel this idiot before he could get into her car to begin with before they were shot at.

Stay safe!

The Judge