How to properly use a stun gun

In order to learn how to properly use a stun gun you need at least some idea of how it works. In the most simplistic of terms, they use high voltage and low amperage to temporarily disable your assailant and provide you with what hopefully will be enough time to escape.

When you press the trigger the electricity stored in the stun gun will instantly dump into the assailant’s muscles causing them to do a great deal of work very rapidly. This instantly depletes the energy supply for his muscles and his body is unable to function properly. The stun gun also interrupts the tiny neurological impulses that control muscle movement and it overwhelms the assailant’s nervous system with electricity.

Although the word gun is in the name, stun guns do not fire out anything at all and can only be used up close by pressing and holding it against your assailant. In order for the stun gun to achieve its effectiveness, you need to hold it against your assailant’s body for more than 1 full second.

Less than 1 second will simply cause some minor muscle contractions and will have a repelling effect, the effect goes away almost immediately after removal from contact. Touch your assailant for 1 to 4 seconds and it should cause them to fall to the ground and it may also cause some mental confusion. The effect also goes away almost immediately after removal from contact. A full 5 seconds or more should cause the assailant to become disoriented and off balance causing him to fall to the ground. It should then leave him weakened and dazed for a few minutes afterward although the actual time will vary by person.

The stun gun is effective on all parts of the body but it is most effective when used on certain areas of your assailant. The lower abdomen area is a prime target area you want to aim for and this includes right under the ribcage and the upper hip areas as well.

Another prime target area should be the upper shoulder and neck region and using it in these areas will help to maximize the effectiveness of the stun gun you are using at the time. There is also no need to worry if your assailant happens to be touching you when you stun him, the electrical current will not pass through to your body. This is especially helpful if he grabs you to try and drag you off to a secondary location.

As I mentioned earlier, stun guns are designed to help buy you a chance to get away from your assailant. You should try and give him a full 5 second jolt if at all possible . If you have a self defense spray with you, spray him before you run off to try to stop him from being able to chase you. Also be sure you scream as you run away for help. You want to do your best to attract as much attention to your plight as possible.

Stay safe!

the Judge

Women’s Safety – Parking garage safety tips

Parking garages are common hunting grounds for many lowlife criminals who just lay in wait for some unsuspecting woman to come along. They seem to like these types of structures due to the fact that there are many ways to exit the structure and usually not much in the way of surveillance cameras or security.

Another benefit to criminals is that there are many places to hide and wait for a victim. This is a problem people, especially women, need to keep in mind as they walk through the parking garage to their vehicle.

There are a few simple tips you can follow that will help to lower your odds of falling victim to attack within a parking garage.

• If you have a car alarm, which you should, be sure that if it has the feature that allows you to turn on your inside lights with your remote be sure it is enabled and that you use it. It will help to expose anyone that may be hidden inside of the car should they find a way past the alarm.
• Be sure to carry at least one type of self defense weapon such as a pepper spray or a personal alarm or even a Stun gun. Not only do you want to have it but have it out and ready to be used.
• As you walk look around and listen. Don’t be on the phone and not paying attention as it makes you too appealing a target.
• If the building you are coming from or the parking garage has security, ask to be walked out to your vehicle or walk with a friend and then drive them to their vehicle.
• Take a self defense class. Not only is it a great way to boost your self esteem it is a great way to get healthier while preparing yourself should you ever need to save your own life.

One of the main ways to help lower your odds of attack whether it is in a parking garage or anywhere else is to make yourself look like a bad target. Criminals don’t want people who look like they are prepared to defend themselves, it is much easier to wait for a weak person to come by.

Be sure that weak person is not you!

Stay safe and keep your eyes open!

The Judge

Women’s safety – Vehicle Safety Tips

One of the key places that women can find themselves most vulnerable to attack is while getting into or out of their vehicle. With just a little prudent behavior on your part, you can lower your odds of ever being attacked this way even more.

Here are simple tips to follow:
• Be sure as you get in and out of your car you are looking around. Most of the women who get attacked at their cars are not paying attention to their surroundings.
• If your car alarm has the ability to turn the inside light on for you be sure it is active and that you take a second to check your backseat before you get into your car.
• Try and always park in a well light and public area. You don’t want dumpsters or bushes near where you will park as they are perfect hiding spots for criminals to wait for their next victim.
• It may sound silly but you really need to take a second to look underneath your car before you get too close.
• Be careful not to park next to any types of van. It is far too easy for someone to grab you and drag you into the van as you pass by the doors.
• You may have heard this a million times before but here is one million and one for you. There really is safety in numbers, it doesn’t guarantee your safety but it surely does help to lower your odds even further. So try and travel with a friend when at all possible and this goes for both day and evening hours. Plenty of bad things occur in the light of day so don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security.
• Carry and prepare yourself mentally to use, self defense weapons of some type. Preferably a Mace Pepper Spray and/or a Stun gun as well as a personal alarm. It is better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them with you.

The objective here is not to be scared but instead be informed and prepared. With just a little effort on your part, which could easily become routine, you can significantly lower your odds even more of ever being attacked while getting into or out of your car.

Stay safe and keep your eyes open!

The Judge

What good is a personal alarm?

It is sad but many people do not see the benefits to carrying a personal alarm, especially for a woman, child or senior citizen. I can personally think of quite a few instances where an inexpensive personal alarm could easily be used to save your life.

Say for example you are walking to your car in the back of a parking lot at night and some man jumps out and grabs you from behind covering your mouth. Even if there are people in the parking lot that could come to your aid, how would you get their attention if your mouth is covered?

If you had a personal alarm on your key chain you could set it off and then you can bet that anyone with your immediate area would be alerted to your plight. Mouth covered or not a 100+ decibel personal alarm will get you the attention you need if not scare off the attacker altogether.

The last thing that most of the violent criminals out there want during an attack on a victim is attention being drawn to the activity.

This goes for children as well. It is hard to find a responsible self defense weapon that we can give to our children, even the younger ones. But this is where the personal alarm is just the right tool for the job.

Since it isn’t an offensive weapon it can be given to much younger children to use in case some creep tries to grab them. Once again the hope being someone will hear and help or the scumbag will just run away.

Another perfect example would be when a woman finds herself being followed by someone. She can run off screaming fire while initiating her personal alarm to help ensure maximum attention being drawn to her.

As I am sure you can see the goal in each example is to take what could be a stealth crime which is what the criminal wants and make it as loud as possible and hopefully change the outcome as a result.

This is also useful for senior citizens. It is not always easy to signal for assistance when you need it even in public. With a personal alarm a senior citizen can up their odds of getting assistance when they need it be it for medical or security reasons.

Personal alarms come in various forms and features such as having built in lights and safety straps. You should be sure to think about what you will want to carry and use as a personal alarm so you find the best one for you.

Stay safe!

The Judge

Women’s Safety Tips on How to avoid looking like a good victim

It would be nice if the world we lived in was one where a woman could go about her business without fear of some predator setting his sights on her, sadly we don’t.

There have been many studies done with various violent offenders over the years where information was gathered on how and why they committed their crimes. They were asked what their idea of a “good victim” was and overwhelmingly the response was someone who wouldn’t put up much of a fight.

Most criminals are cowards and this is why they prey on the weak. So your main goal for safety and this is for both men and women, is to not look like a good victim.

This means that you follow some simple life rules that can help to save you from falling prey to some scumbag when you are out and about.

1. Always be aware of your surroundings when walking, biking or jogging. This one thing alone can help to keep you safe but most people don’t heed this warning. You need to know who and what is going on around you. You do this by turning your head and looking around. Most criminals if they had to choose between a victim that was looking around and paying attention or someone who wasn’t, they will choose the latter.
2. Confidence is key. We all know that someone who is confident appears stronger. This needs to be you! Getting informed and being prepared is a good start to this.
3. Take up a martial art. It is great for your health, confidence, safety, and even family time. I know a family who started taking Kempo as a family and now they have all lost weight, the kids are doing better in school and I pity the fool that breaks into their house because the entire family can kick some serious butt! Its all pros and no cons in my eyes.
4. Get some self defense weapons. Be that pepper spray, Stun gun or some type of key chain weapon, just make it something you will use. This also helps to boost confidence as well as help to give you the edge that may save your life one day should it be needed.
5. Lastly, follow your instincts. If you feel uneasy there may be a reason for it and better safe than sorry.

You can’t control everything that happens to you in life but you can take these simple steps to help to lower your odds of becoming a victim of crime.

How to help prevent coming home to an intruder

Many home burglaries can go from just a property loss crime to something much more heinous if the criminal is interrupted by the homeowner and usually the results are devastating to the homeowner and anyone with them.

But at least you can lower your odds of coming home to find some lowlife there for very little money by getting an alarm system. Most people think right away about monitored alarm systems when you mention home alarms and these can be very expensive to purchase and get installed not including the monthly monitoring fees.

The monthly fees and expensive contracts that can come with monitored alarm systems can put these types of alarms out of the reach of most us, especially these days. The good news is that thankfully there are other options from which you may choose.

I am referring to auto dialer home alarm systems which generally range in price from $75.00 to about $200.00. The real beauty of these devices being that once you purchase them there is no additional fees to pay as you have with the monitored type of alarm systems.

Now you may be thinking “so what is an auto dialer type alarm anyway”?

Simple, auto dialer alarms are generally motion activated and are connected to an active phone line. When the alarm detects any motion it will sound a loud alarm as well as call the first number on the phone list you programmed into it during installation.

Many of these alarms will allow you to listen in to the room to see if maybe a pet or authorized visitor accidentally just set off your alarm before you incorrectly dispatch police to your home. Some even allow you to broadcast your voice.

Most of the better models of this type of alarm will continue to dial a predetermined amount of phone numbers until the alarm has been properly deactivated by using a code.

This is especially helpful if you have family, friends or neighbors that you trust to be backups for you in the event that you cannot be reached.

Since an auto dialer alarm will call you to warn you that someone is in your home, I am sure you can see how it can help to prevent ever coming home to walk in to a bad situation with a criminal.

Whether you need to protect your family while you are working nights or you are a woman living alone, these types of home alarm systems can help you lower your odds of becoming a victim!