How Bank of America screwed me, personally.

I have been a Bank of America account holder for many years. When I moved my money into their bank I went ahead and got their credit card since the rate was good at 6.24%. Over the last few years as times got tougher I carried a balance on the card of about 7k which is higher than ever before but at the rate I got it was fine.

Then I get the letter. The we’re gonna bend you over letter, from Bank of America, which states that no my credit rating didn’t drop, no I was NEVER late on a payment even one day one time but they were going to jack my rate to 12.99% anyway.

I called and asked why and they said they were doing it across the board. So in other words not just screwing me but screwing all of their customers (but that isn’t true either I would lay money the wealthy card holders will not get messed with at all).

I called today and spoke to a smart ass little punk in their retention department. I ask “why are you screwing over a loyal customer with multiple bank account types in your bank whose has never been late even once on a payment?”. The answer I get is “we aren’t screwing you over” in a very smart assed tone. I responded “really so more than doubling my credit card rate for no reason isn’t screwing me over?”

He answers “We have a reason, BOA needs to be able to make money too!”

Well isn’t that lovely. Not only am I and every other American footing the bill to help bailout these lowlife banks but not they think we should pay outrageous rates which they change in the middle of a contract.

I borrowed the money at one rate and just cause they want to be greedy bastards they jack the rate and say “well if you don’t like pay it all off now and get rid of the card”.

This is the type of company Bank of America is these days. I hope they fold like the others.

They are greedy and just as poorly run as AIG or any of these other lowlife companies who have totally screwed us all!

First chance I get, all of my money comes out of Bank of America and I am shredding their cards. I will never do business with them again.

A big well done to Bank of America. They just chased away yet another customer. Hope I am not the last.


18 yr old college woman fights off attacker with pepper spray

An 18 year old college woman from Virginia was attacked on her way home a few days ago but she can thank herself for safety now.

She was heading home last week when an “older” male approached her and tried to take her backpack by punching her in the face.

After he punched her in the face she turned and pepper sprayed him which gave her the opportunity to get to safety.

I am really happy to hear she was smart enough to not only purchase and carry a pepper spray but actually decide to use it!

The only issue with this whole story was how long she waited. If you are ever in the same situation, don’t wait until he is close enough to punch you.

Pepper spray him as far away as you and your pepper spray can manage. Most go 6 feet + so the decision to fight made earlier would have saved her some pain.

If you feel threatened warn and then attack and do so quickly. If you say back off (while he is still away from you) and he doesn’t stop….blast the bastage!

The pepper spray will make em back off!

Stay safe and keep your eyes open!

The Judge