Caribbean crime rates are rising

We all know crime is on the rise here in the US, that is why you came to our site to begin with but this isn’t confined just to the US.

Some of the world’s most popular tourist destinations have become crime ridden and down right dangerous as too many people are learning the hard way. We are talking places like St. Lucia, Antigua, Barbuda and many others. It is so bad the British and US Governments have warned travelers to St Lucia to beware of violent crime after several rapes and robberies by gun-men preying on tourists.

The kicker is the Antiguan Prime Minister says “Those criminal deportees with skills developed in the US and UK are impacting tremendously on our society” is the problem. You see immigrants from Antigua are coming to the UK and US and committing crimes. They then get deported back to their home countries with newly found crime skills.

Just one big mess. Another issue in the Caribbean now is that the drug trade has moved there to avoid our anti drug efforts elsewhere. Like I said one big mess.

Many of these small countries aren’t prepared for the increases in crime they are seeing and their police force is to put it nicely is inadequate. Ok pathetic actually :)

You can’t carry self defense weapons in most of these countries as a resident or as a tourist which means you need to rely on local authorities to keep you safe.

Problem, they aren’t doing the job. Just the other day a 50 year old couple from Briton was attacked in their villa in St. Lucia. The man was beaten almost to death and his wife raped.

Another couple, Catherine and Benjamin Mullany both 31, were asleep in a bungalow in Antigua this weekend and 2 men came in and shot both of them in the head. Catherine died, they believe right away since she was shot in the head point blank and her husband was hit in the neck but the bullet went into his brain. He is in England in a coma and is believed to be brain dead.

I don’t tell you this to sell products, you can’t them to these places. I tell you this in the chance that you or someone you know is planning a trip to the Caribbean. You need to take your safety smarts with you even on vacation.

Remember, most of these places have nothing but the hotels and resorts. Outside of there everyone lives in squaller in very high crime. Little if any, of the billions of dollars that roll into these resorts finds its way back to the poor people of these areas. I went to a wedding in Jamaica a few years ago and we wandered off the resort grounds and found ourselves in some places we were quick to leave from, crime is rampant in the poorest areas.

When “we” go to these places on vacation, to the locals we must be rich; richer than them for sure! That’s makes us all huge targets for crime.

My advice, stay in the US. We have tons of crime but at least here you can at least attempt to protect yourself!

Pass this on to anyone you know that might be considering a trip to the Caribbean.

Read about the beating and rape here :
Read about the young couple’s murder here:

Forewarned is forearmed!

The Judge

Home invasions on the rise

I have noticed in the news as of late, an increase in home invasions across the country. If you go to google news and search home invasion you will get back thousands of recent news stories of home invasions, many of which ended in death.

The worse our economy gets, the worse crime will get; any third world nation can show you that. Eventually our economy should recover, we are pretty good at that but in the meantime, we need to take steps to try and avoid becoming a target.

This may sound silly but things like not placing electronics boxes out in front of your home, can help keep from drawing unwanted attention. Too may times we get the urge to, well frankly, show off what we have. Bear in mind that doing that just ups your odds of becoming a target.

I am not saying build fake walls and hide your stuff. Just be smart and not draw a lot of attention your way. Take electronic boxes (after breaking them down) to be recycled and then no worries about them sitting out for people to see and you help the environment so it is win win :)

Get some solar powered lights for your walkway and get motion activated lights for the all 4 sides of the house. If you can’t afford to do it all at once do it in phases. Something is better than nothing.

I have before and will again, recommend getting a door brace for both front and back doors and secure sliding glass doors (as much as glass can be secured). It may sound paranoid but better safe than sorry. Inside your house you have better control of your situation so keep it secure.

This includes not being lured out of your house at night or into opening the door for a stranger. Also, be sure to talk to the kids, they should not be opening the doors even in daylight. These crimes happen as often in daylight these days as they do at night. If only adults are in control of who enters your “safe zone” you will be much better off. More than one crime has started but some little child opening the door for the wrong guy.

As far as your own self defense, some may choose a gun next to their bed, I prefer they never get in by following the steps above. But if they do you need to be prepared. For those of you with kids, determine a hiding place where they should go should you tell them to. If they are safe then you can concentrate on getting help and protecting you and your family.

I like the steel baton approach. I keep one next to my bed, in close reach should I need to get to it. I also have pepper spray in various spots around the house so no matter where I may encounter an intruder, I can get something in my hands to help protect myself.

In my truck, I keep one of the new double trouble stun guns in my center console and have both a heartattack key-chain weapon and a pepper spray on the key-chain as well. I would make a good boy scout cause I am a firm believer in being prepared for any situation.

A while back I told you story about a deaf woman attacked while walking her dog along a busy street and no one stopped. A lot of my preparation goes into not just protecting myself but in being able, should the need ever arise, to intervene and protect someone else as well.

The Judge

Attacked by a cabbie

This story goes to show that you should always be prepared to protect yourself, day or night.

A young lady called for a cab which came to drive her the 10 minute ride to our local college. Fro the start she stated the guy was rude making comments that it was close enough that she should have drove herself. Real customer service oriented guy right? hahhaha

After she gets to the destination she fills out the slip to use her credit card to pay the fare which was about 6 bucks. On the form she writes something like “no tip, driver was rude” and hands it to him, she was smart enough to get out of the cab first.

He got mad and jumped out demanding money from her. He then grabs her and rips the jacket right off of her. Thankfully, that was the extent of the attack. Police arrested the man within minutes and now he is in big trouble.

This comes down to something simple. Never let them get close enough to put their hands on you, period. She should have screamed, run and if she had been prepared, she could have used pepper spray on him. His trip towards her would have ended quickly.

People seem to forget or ignore this rule far too much. Another perfect example from tonight. I walked to the grocery store across the street and as I was leaving I twisted my ankle and it was killing me.

I hobbled back towards home when I noticed a young lady finishing unloading her cart. Not thinking, I walked towards her and asked if I could take her cart since she was done with it.

Granted both of my hands were full and I was hobbling and I smiled and asked nicely BUT she got close enough to me to have grabbed her had I been a nut.

It was dark, only a few people in the parking lot and none were paying attention to this area. This was the perfect setup for an attack. She was lucky it was me and not some creep.

Well, she was lucky until I kind gave her a lecture about getting so close to some strange guy in a dark parking lot. hahha I know but I couldn’t help myself but I did admit to her that I should never had approached her to put her in that position.

NEVER let someone get close even in a public parking lot. I could list tons of stories of women taken from public places and raped, tortured and/or murdered by some scumbag.

What she should have done to be nice yet safe was slide the cart over to me, not hard enough to try and knock me down but enough that it keeps me at a distance. If at that point had she done that and I still kept approaching then it is time for her to fight!

The Judge

Michele Anderson asked for death..give it to her

Last year a pathetic, disgusting excuse for a human being and her equally worthless boyfriend, decided to buy and gun and kill her family if they didn’t show her more respect by Christmas Eve last year.

Now, what was she mad about? Her brother supposedly borrowed some money and hadn’t repaid it yet and then he had gotten married which she for some reason didn’t like. Then to top it off her parents had the gall to try and charge her 30 year old arse for rent for her and the scumbag boyfriend who had a trailer on the parents property.

I mean how dare they? Why should she have to pay her own way? She is only 30!

So what does this pair of lowlifes do? Exactly what they planned out. Christmas eve they took the guns they got over the summer in preparation, and went to the parents house. Once they entered they shot the father and killed him and then when mom came out to see what was going on she was shot to death as well.

Now to show how planned out this was, they dragged the bodies out to a shed and cleaned up the blood so that her brother and his family, who were coming over for Christmas eve dinner, wouldn’t be aware.

Once he got there with his wife and two small children he was killed first then they shot his wife to death, all right in front of the kids, 5-year-old Olivia and 3-year-old Nathan.

If all that was bad enough this pair of scumbags then shot both the little kids in the head so they wouldn’t be able to tell on them!

They caught these idiots when they came back to the scene with the plan of being the one that supposedly discovered the bodies. But at this point it was too late and police were on the scene and saw them in a car and arrested them after some questioning.

There are many more details I left out cause the crime itself isn’t my point. You can read the news story here

No, my point is this. Both of them admitted their guilt and Michele asked for the death penalty for what she did. But now that she got her wish and they are seeking the death penalty it seems she has changed her mind.

Of course a couple of scumbag defense attorney’s got involved and convinced her they could possibly get her off of death row! So now she doesn’t want the death penalty anymore.

I say too bad. She asked for it and should get it! Both her and that scumbag boyfriend should be put down like the rabid dogs they are and to waste taxpayer money going through a trial is a travesty.

This kind of stuff amazes me. She admitted her guilt, repeatedly. Told the cops the whole plan. So why should she get a trial? At this point she should just be killed. That simple. No wasting time on a trial. No life in prison. Just put down like the animal she is.

It is a sad state of affairs when the guilty have more rights then the victims.

You can see a picture of this beast here,2933,440241,00.html

The Judge

Child identity theft

What I wanted to talk about was an attack that could occur against your kids at any age, one you may not find out about for many years. Child identity theft. Yup, even the kids.

This is a problem that has been growing because it is much easier to get away with for many years, until your child gets close to 18 and tries to establish some type of credit. So it could go on from infant hood to young adult.

I am talking about this whole identity theft crap. Whether it is against kids or adults it is all a result of one thing, that dang social security number.

They make us use it for everything and sadly people are far to loose with our confidential information. Colleges and schools have been hacked and since they require social info that then all becomes compromised. For the longest time here in Texas, UT, had people using their social security as their login id’s. They got hacked and numbers were compromised.

This same thing happens in private and public schools and colleges all over the US. NOT to mention the government and military who are far to lax on their security when it comes to our identity.

There was a case recently where a recruiting office in a mall, had papers they left out in the open near windows that could be looked into from the mall, that had newly signed soldiers personal info including their soc’s and more than enough info to steal their identity. A local news reporter did a story on it.

All this trouble and pain, billions and billions of dollars, all for a friggin number they came up with as a way to facilitate social security a longtime ago.

It is time to say enough is enough. Why should we have to worry about this or pay for someone to try and protect us from this? Adding a pin or eliminating the use of it for anything but social security reasons would be nice. Just think about it, this is a fixable problem so why shouldn’t those who created it fix it?

If not for yourself get mad for your kids. As a crook I could get your babies social security numbers and assume their identities. Basically insuring that your child will start their adult years with a HUGE hassle. I could commit crimes tied to their social security numbers, open lines or credit and so on. All on your little ones’ dime, well at least their credit and their good names. How does that sit in your crawl?

If you are saying “but what about the age difference”? What about it? Do you really think they can check that before they arrest them under your kids name and soc? Do you think banks can check that the age matches the soc? Do you think car lots or online loan sites check that? The answer is hell no! They can’t!

As usual with this issue there is no easy way to protect your child from identity theft but there are some things you can do. You can police the credit agencies (transunion, experian and equifax) yourself. Remember no child or let’s say minor, should have a credit report.

Your credit report starts the day you have your first discovery (someone checks your credit) which should be the first time you apply for some type of loan. So there should be nothing when you run the check on them with all 3 of the agencies.

Don’t pay someone to do it for you, there are many companies who will fleece you for something you could do in just minutes. Remember there should be no report!

This has become enough of a problem that at least experian flags any credit reports that belong to minors, so if someone tries to pass it thru them it should get noticed but the rest have not followed suit yet. This should be law, plain and simple! Since NO child can open a bank account or get a loan or anything else that requires a legal signature there should be no reason to be able to even try and open up credit in their names. It’s that easy.

For minors that become emancipated, they can simply get the court to issue an order to the agencies to unlock their credit status. That covers all bases. No one could ever steal the identity that way. It should be a non issue for kids.

But until things change here are things you can do to try and protect your children (this advice works for you as well):

1. Guard their info like you would you own. Don’t just give it out to anyone that asks.
2. If you open a college fund or bank account for your child, be sure that the bank rep removes then from all affiliate lists and marketing. You don’t want them getting their names and soc’s and running credit reports on them. They do it as dumb as it sounds.
3. If your kid starts getting pre approved credit offers (told you they do it), bills or bank statements other than what you know about, contact:
•TransUnion: Go to its Web site, which gives you information on its Fraud Victim Assistance Department.

•Experian: Go to its Web site, or call toll-free 1-800-311 4769 and select the option for fraud victims.

•Equifax: Write to Equifax Minor Child Department, P.O. Box 105139, Atlanta, Georgia 30348
4. Teach your child not to give out personal information over the phone or Internet or in person (other than to police).
5. Don’t carry your or your child’s Social Security number in your wallet.

Once again for us, stop making us use it so much or find a way to secure it!

If you agree, write your legislators, if enough do it they will listen, they have to. If you don’t agree do it anyway! ;)

Remember to be nice, just state your point the best you can as nice as you can. Don’t want you winding up on some watch list right next to my name hahhahaha I learned it is best to sleep on it before you write them it turns out nicer that way ;)

The Judge

Homeowner attaked while showing her home

I know many families who are trying to sell of their homes because foreclosure is looming. The bad part is that more and more people are choosing to do it themselves to save the real estate agent fees.

The problem with this is simple, you are opening your home to strangers and if they come when you are alone and you still let them in you can find yourself in trouble.

We just had a homeowner attacked here over the weekend. She was selling her own home and having an open house. A guy showed up early and was supposedly interested in the home and wanted to see it.

Here is where desperation came in, she let him in thinking she might get the sale. Instead he pistol whipped her and then tied her up. She was lucky enough to break free and run for help.

She is VERY fortunate to only walk away from this with a beating cause you can imagine what could and probably was going to happen to her.

This goes for more than just selling houses, it goes for anything like that. There have been many people selling some type of item who have been robbed, raped and even killed by someone who used this as a way in.

People tend to drop their guard when potential money is involved but it can cost you big.

If you have something, whether it be your home, car or even a bicycle, there are some simple rules to follow.

The most obvious rule, keep your self defense weapon of choice handy no matter how harmless someone looks.

Tell your friends, family and neighbor if you plan on having strangers come over; especially if you are crazy enough to be alone doing this.

Make sure you never let them walk behind you. When walking them into your home, they go first and you follow. Better to be attacked from the front if it is going to come.

Keep yourself an out. What I mean is simple, keeping them in front of you like I just mentioned, allows you to have a clear path to a door out. If someone goes wrong you can run for it.

Like I mentioned, selling things to strangers when alone is just plain crazy. This goes for any female realtor you may know.

Be prepared to defend yourself which means a lot more than just having some type of weapon. You need to mentally decide you will NOT be a victim. Attitude can make a huge difference.

And the golden rule…..when in doubt kick em in the junk and run screaming your head off! Much easier to apologize to the now high pitched man than to take the chance and be attacked.

The Judge

If you knew what was in the water….

I came across some information that I thought you might be interested in.

We all have heard about how some companies have taken plain old tap water and bottled it up and sold it for quite a profit.

It seems that nothing has changed with this but what is scarier is what is in tap water bottled or not.

A group called EWG tested 10 different bottled waters and WebMD posted the results, which is where I found them.

2 of the waters, one I have drank myself, Wal-Mart’s Sam’s Choice and Giant grocery’s Acadia brand, “bore the chemical signatures of the municipal water treatment plants in the areas where they were bottled.” according to that report.

So they just took plain old tap water and rebottled it without marking that on the label, which is law finally. Check out what they found in some of the water.

“Specifically, the investigators found that:

*Five of the tested waters contained fluoride, six contained small amounts of the fertilizer ingredient nitrate, and two contained the drug acetaminophen, sold as Tylenol.

*Samples of the Sam’s Choice water purchased at a San Francisco area Wal-Mart had levels of the disinfection byproducts trihalomethanes that exceeded the California legal limit for these chemicals.

*Samples of the Sam’s Choice brand also had higher-than-allowed levels of the chemical bromodichloromethane, which is a known carcinogen.

*Samples of Giant’s Acadia brand water also had levels of the chemicals that exceeded California safety standards, although the brand was sold only in mid-Atlantic states, where it met standards.

*The report noted that levels of the chemicals in both waters also exceeded the bottled water industry’s voluntary safety standards.”

So what does the water industry come back with “He notes that the California requirement is much higher than the FDA standard.”. I am not sure about you but I find that reeeaaaall comforting, not!

Now since much of these waters seem to come from municipal sources. All that crap found is in various water supplies around the US. Makes ya thirsty right? hahaha

The real topper here is besides the crap listed above they found that “Bottled water may also contain chemicals that leach out of plastic bottles, which are made of PET, or polyethylene terephthalate.”.

I think I will stick with filtered water and if that ever isn’t good enough, I’ll boil it as well! My goal is to remove as much of my intake of caustic chemicals as possible. The sad part is that it looks like to get to that I will have to become 100% self sufficient so I can stop getting things from stores all together. Much more work but 40 years down the line and I am still alive and kicking, literally, it would be worth it.

If we all wise up and get annoyed by this kind of crap we can get better standards and get rid of this exceptable levels of nasty chemicals, fecal matter, bug parts or anything else disgusting. I’m not joking there is an “exceptable level” of those things allowed in our food and drinks!!!! I guess maybe I am high falooting and have my standards higher than most, but I want no levels of any of that crap in my ingestibles. hahaha

People wonder why I wont eat out or over anyone else’s house unless I bring my own stuff. hahhaha Yup I have become THAT guy. ;) Between what I have learned and Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmare’s I have seen too much. hehehe

You can read the WebMD posting with even more information here

The Judge

Mother supplies alcohol to party of children

When I see stories of crack or meth addicted mothers and/or fathers getting in trouble for the kids testing positive for drugs, it sickens me, but doesn’t surprise me. It happens far too often these days. Sad part is one day they can even get those kids back.

But what does really shock me is what seem to be normal, sensible people doing things just as harmful and stupid.

Tami Peel is one of these people. She is a mother and former High School softball coach who showed how stupid and lousy a parent she really is just recently.

Back in January she threw a little party “for her daughter”, who is 15. She tells all the parents there would be no boys or alcohol. Which was all lies. There were tons of kids both boys and girls ranging from as young as 8 up to 19.

There also was alcohol which Tami purchased and gave out. Twice! They ran out of alcohol and she collected money from the kids and went on a beer run.

It was said by kids that were there that she even participated in the drinking game called beer pong. This is what is killing off college kids from binge drinking.

This piece of work was also at the house at the time that an alleged gang rape of one intoxicated 15 year old girl happened. She found out the next day in school that 4-5 boys had sex with her while she was trashed.

Remember when I said the kids were as young as 8 at this party right? Cops found out from interviews of some of the young children at the party as young as eight years old are said to have witnessed sexual encounters.

This woman should be charged for each and every child that was at the party and it should all be concurrent. Stack the charges so she does some serious time!

Moronic parents out there need to know there will be a huge penalty for this stupidity. She should be made an example of!

If I was the parent of a girl who was lied to and told that no boys or alcohol would be there, I would be livid.

Things like this make me glad I am not a parent. I bet all of those parents figured this was a trustworthy person, being a former high school softball coach, someone who would protect their kids. But they were wrong!

What could make this worse? The cops screwed up and it is possible this woman will never get in trouble. Especially since one of the kids, who may or may not be one of the gang rapers. Is the son of a prominent member of the local legal community.

You can read the whole story here

Be careful who’s hands you place the safety of your kids in.

The Judge

12 year old killed by AK 47 while trick or treating

You know, I have given a lot of advice on how to keep you and your kids safe, including holidays like Halloween.

But never would I have thought to warn against what happened this Halloween to a poor 12 year old child and his brothers.

T.J. Darrisaw and his family decided to go out house to house trick or treating. Like you used to be able to do, back in the day. Yup I said it… ;)

Sadly this time, they made a deadly mistake. It doesn’t say if they knew this area or not but they must not have known who’s door they were knocking on.

The light was on and even I know this means welcome to the trick or treaters on this one day of the year. But 22 year old Quentin Patrick wasn’t planning on welcoming anyone.

He was recently released from prison for drugs and evading police. Most likely this idiot is a meth head which would explain the lack of thought process.

You see when T.J. pushed his way in front of his brothers and knocked on Patrick’s door, he thought someone was trying to break in and rob him.

So what did the scumbag do? Freaks out and grabs his Ak47, yup the jailbird has an automatic LOADED weapon, and he fires 30 rounds into the closed front door.

13 bullets hit the 12 year old and one hit his brother in the leg and the father in the arm.

All this happened in just a split second and none of the kids or the father even had a chance to react.

When they pulled off little T.J’s mask he had a bullet in his head just over the eye. He died there.

Knucklehead comes out the front door still holding the AK47 and says “oh no!” when he realized he just went ballistic on a group of little kids trick or treating.

He then tried to flee the scene with a sack of cash, which is what I guess he was so paranoid about, but the cops got him.

One knock on the wrong door ended a life a second later. How crazy is that. How f’d up in the head has this lowlife got to be to open fire on his front door like that? Halloween no less, the day people come to your door knocking sometimes even when you don’t have a light on let alone when you do.

This guy is nothing but a drain on society and has contributed nothing at all in 22 years. If they don’t put him to death they should set him free and give the dad a free pass to kill this scumbag.

Stories like this really piss me off if you can’t tell. This guy was out on parole. How the hell does he have a loaded AK47 automatic weapon and not have it found by his parole officer?

This goes back to my rant last week. These weapons have no place in civilian hands and should be restricted to military use as they were designed!

This type of situation, where too many innocents get hurt in the name of defense, that got me preaching the non lethal self defense methods.

You screw up with a gun, people die. You screw up with a pepper spray or stun gun and someone is mad but they are alive to be mad. It’s a shame.

My heart goes out to the Darrisaw family.

The Judge