Young man attacked with a hammer

You know researching crime can become a very depressing thing if you let it get to you. There are so many people out there that can leave you saying “HOW?”.

You may or may not have heard about the attack the other day in Philadelphia on the subway, out where I am there hasn’t been anything on the news.

As I began reading the story and the updates in the story I could only shake my head. For those that don’t know, a 20 year old lab tech was coming home from work on the subway.

He sat down and fell asleep without any incidents beforehand. Some nut walks on the subway with his CHILD and begins wailing on this kid with a hammer!

The attack went for what they say was close to 5 minutes as this guy tried to kill this 20 year old kid with a hammer. The sad part is that there was at least 10 people (other riders) and not one helped.

Now after watching the attack I can understand why some would have just run. It was incredibly brutal and started so fast. Now had even one of those people had a pepper spray or steel baton on them (stun guns are illegal) or if they had been trained in self defense or martial arts they could have stopped this.

The fact people were too scared to help doesn’t really surprise me much but what did was this. These two didn’t know each other, never spoke or even glanced at each other, the guy just went nuts and why he chose this kid is unknown for now at least. Now the guy turns out to be a known criminal who has a long record but it still doesn’t explain the motive for the attack. It is crazy.

Now to really show how people can be, during the attack the kid lost the ipod he was listening to but it turned up. One of the witnesses/fellow riders, stole it and sold it to some girl for 150 bucks.

Some people are just scum!

This brings back up my point from Monday. Just because you are in a crowd, in a public place it doesn’t mean you are safe. The only way to even attempt to be safe these days is to carry and be prepared to use, a self defense weapon and if at all possible take up a martial art. It is great for your health, family bonding and safety and well worth your time I assure you.

You can read the story and see the surveillance video here

Philadelphia needs to rethink its concealed handgun and stun gun bans. Their crime rate is insane, I feel bad for those that life in this warzone of a city.

The Judge

Mother of 8, murdered

I was checking out the news earlier and saw a story about a single mother of 8 that was just murdered.

I believe this was most likely a wrong place at the wrong time thing. I would bet that no matter who walked out the door, they were getting killed and robbed.

The door I speak of was to a check chasing place. Stephanie Seabrum walked 2 steps out the door after cashing her check and was shot in the back of the head and dead in a split second!

Her only mistake was ever going to a check cashing place. Those places for both the patrons and the employees, are magnets for crime.

Think about it, compared to a bank, a check cashing place is guaranteed money. When someone walks out of the bank it could have been to deposit or to apply for a loan, there is no guarantee they have cash.

But with a check cashing place, as the name applies, you’re walking out with cash in hand. Another issue I have is that they are many times in unsafe settings.

With a bank, when they pick a location, they take visibility and safety into consideration. A check cashing place can be a mom and pop shop anywhere and there is little regulation.

When it comes to your safety, you have to play the odds. If you know running out in the middle of the road in front of a bus is a bad idea because odds are good you’re gonna get splatted.

Then going to a place that attracts crime and basically has you walking out wearing a banner that says “rob me” with better than normal odds of possible attack, would also be a bad idea.

Best way to stay safe is not put yourself in a bad situation. In this case not even a self defense weapon would have helped unless she had noticed the men before she exited the door.

After she stepped out she was dead in a split second. He just walked right up and shot her as soon as she came out the door. Sad.

When they catch these bastards (there was at least 2), they should send em over here to Texas; we’d be happy to stick a needle in their arms for the last time for ya!

These men are animals and should be treated as such. We are far too lenient and crime needs to become much more painful!

You can read the whole story here

The Judge

A serial groper is on the loose

Sadly too many people wait until something bad happens before they react. Take for instance here in my area, a man has been groping women, so far something like 8 victims but we don’t know if that is all or exactly how long this has been going on.

He has been stalking women around the University campus here in Austin. What really surprised me was the way they found some of the 8 victims. It wasn’t by them reporting the attack it was a news report.

One of the victims, Sarah Kelly, a young UT student said she was groped while walking her dog outside of her apartment but she didn’t even report it until she saw the sketch of the attacker in her email inbox from the campus police.

She said she didn’t feel like it was enough to call police, until she saw a sketch. Not enough?? He walked up and asked for directions in broad daylight while walking her puppy and grabbed her butt. How could that not be enough?

I even saw comments on news stories about this that said things like “what’s the big deal?”. I assume people must not realize that these guys that do this and get bolder as they go will eventually cross the line to full fledged sexual assault or even worse; it is all just a matter of time.

Some of the worst animals to commit crimes were people that build as they go. They have to keep crossing lines to keep getting thrills and it usually ends with some poor child or unsuspecting woman dead.

Never let stuff like this go and tell your daughters the same thing. It isn’t normal behavior to force yourself on people like this and it shouldn’t be ignored.

Another thing, keep that safety zone around you when out alone in public even during the day. The zone should be kept free of all strangers and if you do that as much as possible you can help to eliminate the risk of some scumbag cop’in a feel on your fun parts.

I did see one student interviewed and she actually had her pepper spray out while walking. I applauded, it wasn’t one of ours but hey it was something; not that I’ll guarantee it will work ;) Now with one of ours! hahahha

Since there are still new victims of this guy, including today with a jogger, not enough people are taking their safety seriously. Don’t be one of those people!

Stop by and see us to stock up on pepper spray and stun guns for the ones you care about.

Here is a link to the news story

Stay safe and keep your eyes open!

The Judge