High gas prices – what can be done?

I filed this entry as both for politics and crime. The reason for this being what they have done with gas prices is a crime.

Here is what I want you to wrap your noodle around. Does it seem strange to you that the price of gas keeps rising and rising and the energy department and oil industry start doing a full court press to start drilling more domestically?

Call me a conspiracy nut or whatever you want to call me but it seems all to convenient to me. They have tried since I believe it was the 80′s when we started stopping new drilling off shore for environmental reasons to get that reversed.

What better way to do that? Drive the price of gas to a point that people are really struggling and then dangle a carrot in our faces saying “just let us drill off shore and prices will go down”!

The oil producing nations are saying they will increase production even more but since they never lowered it to start with they don’t believe it will lower prices because they say “we aren’t the ones driving the prices up”!

I actually believe them. I believe there are certain individuals with much more power and money than they should have that purposely driving up prices.

Here is another point to ponder. If it is sooo easy to get more oil off shore, then why don’t they open up the strategic oil reserve right now and flood the domestic market with oil. Why don’t they? Cause they know it will take a decade or more to ever see a drop of that oil.

At this point I don’t even care who is to blame. I have made drastic changes in my old bad habits and only drive when necessary. I practice hyper mileage techniques and do my best to burn as little gas as possible.

Soon I will get an all electric vehicle and say goodbye forever to the outdated, inefficient combustion engine technology. Why you ask?

Even if they drill domestically it will never lower pries back down to were they belong. Besides that, even if they could I don’t want to be part of the problem but part of the solution.

Spending half of my income on fuel is ridiculous and I personally, have had enough. I refuse to make just a handful of people rich beyond imagination while destroying the Earth.

Our fresh waters are polluted, our oceans are disgusting as well already, drilling off shore will only make things worse and if by some chance it does lower prices it will be a short lived farce so they can say “see we told you prices would drop right away if you let us drill off shore”. The farce part being the price could be lower right now without drilling off shore and will probably go back up after we can do nothing about it!

Don’t let these lowlife’s fool you! Use your head and think about this. We can place robots on Mars that operate for years but we can’t make a decent vehicle that doesn’t use oil/gas? Of course we can!

The Judge

Our illegal immigration policy – are we wrong?

You know for quite a while now America has gotten a bad wrap around the world because we are finally getting smart enough to find out who is in our country and those here illegally removed.

People say we are being racist, we are picking on poor people just trying to make a better life for themselves, they say we need illegal immigrants because of their contributions. But people are confused or crazy I am not sure.

LEGAL immigrants are what make the US the best country in the world, they come here and adopt our culture but add their own culture to the mix as well. They work hard, carve out a life for themselves, open businesses and go through all work needed to gain their citizenship and are very proud to be fellow Americans.

Those people I applaud and welcome with open arms!

My issue is strictly with people who, for whatever reason I don’t care, decide to break the law and enter the country illegally. The only way they can work any kind of legal job is to commit identity theft to get a bogus social security card.

Now I don’t want to single out one group of peoples but since illegal immigrants are so vocal with their protests I figure they went there first. Let’s look a bit a Mexico’s immigration laws.

You see if you or I slipped across the border into Mexico illegally and get caught it is a felony which is punishable with up to 2 years in a MEXICAN prison followed by immediate deportation.

Not only that if you do become a legal resident the government can revoke your citizenship and throw you out of the country for any or no reason at all PLUS you are not allowed to serve in the military, be a police officer, hold any kind of political office or even become a clergymen!!!

Mexico deports 250K+ illegal immigrants from poorer central American countries like Honduras etc.. every year and those illegals tell stories of being beaten, starved, raped etc..

Mexican police are REQUIRED to enforce immigration laws unlike here in the US. SO I ask you how is what we are trying to do by securing our borders and removing criminals any different that what Mexico themselves do? Besides we don’t mistreat our illegals.

We need to back our government on this. We are not doing anything that every other country in the world doesn’t do to try and secure their borders so why are we expected to be different? Do we need another attack, this time from people who hate us and sneak across the border from Mexico?

We are not trying to persecute anyone, not telling good people who want to come here and make a better life to go away, not at all we want those kind of people. No, we just want to keep track of who enters the country for security reasons and because it makes sense.

Lastly, people talk about the children of illegals. This one is tough but let’s look around the world. Do other countries have the pop a baby out on our soil and it is a citizen whether you were there legally or not? I know for a fact in Germany doesn’t and am betting most other countries don’t either but it is hard info to find.

A friend of mine was born to an American father stationed in Germany and a German born and raised mother and my friend was considered an American not German even though he was born in a German Hospital.

This is an issue worldwide, if you do a search for: immigration issues (plug a country name here) you’ll see how much a mess this for most countries around the world.

What I understand the least are people flooding across borders illegally from countries where things are bad. Barring a hostile takeover or natural disaster things have been bad in those countries for many many years. So if they have hated living where they are since they were a poor kid why not have applied legally before it got to a point you had to start your “new life” off by committing a crime in your new “home”.

I know this make some people mad and quite frankly that is fine. I am not preaching hate or intolerance just common sense and the law. Legal immigrants = good while illegal immigrants = criminals hence the illegal part!

Write your legislators, back our government on this because if we don’t get control of this is will come back to bite us eventually.

The Judge

The man who wouldn’t die

When we think back, we tend to think of simpler times. Some years, in some ways that have been true. But then you have times of Prohibition and the Great Depression when crime ran rampant and people struggled to take care of their families.

This story is from back in the days towards the end of prohibition, 1933. Times were real tough with close to a 50% unemployment rate and a lot of people turned to alcohol for solace. 4 bad men came up with what they thought was a bright idea to scam money from insurance companies by taking out policies on drunks and hastening their deaths with booze.

The 4 men were Anthony Marino who owned a speakeasy in the Bronx, his barkeep Joe Murphy, an undertaker named Frank Pasqua and a friend named Dan Kriesberg. The first victim was a frequent patron of Marino’s speakeasy named Mike Malloy. He was a 50 year old ex firefighter who’s alcoholism was preventing him from keeping a steady job.

The 4 brainiacs figured he was perfect for the scheme because he was bound to drink himself to death soon. So they welcomed in, which he wasn’t used to as a bum, Malloy and began filling him with alcohol and even gave him a place to stay so they could keep an eye on things.

They talked a drunken Malloy into filling out 1 insurance policy for $800 and 2 more for $495 each and kept filling him full of alcohol for weeks. After a few weeks, Marino realized how much this guy was costing him and that his health seemed better than ever (cause he was happy as hell, full on free alcohol).

So they decided to be a bit more drastic. Murphy the barkeep tells Malloy about some “new stuff” that just came in and gave him some to drink on down. He drank it down not knowing he just slugged down a car anti freeze laced drink and collapsed to the ground. All happy they drag him to the back room to a cot and start planning on who they could bribe for a “rush death certificate”.

Like a cat with nine lives, about an hour later Malloy comes bouncing back in the bar rested and ready to drink. For the next few days the group kept poisoning Malloy’s drinks with even stronger amounts of antifreeze, then turpentine and lastly horse liniment mixed with rat poison. Much to theirs and mine quite frankly, Malloy was still alive and well!

So they figured since drinks were doing the job they would switch to food.They took raw oysters and soaked them in wood alcohol and fed them to Malloy, 2 dozen of them! Does he die, nope. Instead he tells Marino he liked the food so much and that Marino should open his own restaurant! hahahha Next they feed him rotten sardines mixed with tin shavings and once again he loved em!

Getting more desperate they take Malloy and get him drunk enough not to know what was going on. It was winter time in NY and there was snow on the ground and it was quite cold out so they strip him naked and pour gallons of water on him before throwing him into a snowbank and leaving.

The next night Malloy shows up at the speakeasy with a brand new suit on looking quite healthy. He tells the men that he must have got drunk and passed out in the snow naked and the police found him that night. They took him to a welfare organization who gave him the suit and fed him.

You know right now that had the movie Terminator come out back then these gyus would have believed they had one on their hands cause this guy just would not die! What do they do? They hire a cab driver to run Malloy over.

They get him drunk and put him in the road. Harry Green, the cab driver backs up a full 2 blocks to get the momentum to finish this guy off. Just before striking Malloy, he staggered out of the way to safety. Undaunted, they take him to a different place and try again, this time hitting him with the car. All the guys head back to the speakeasy to celebrate and await news.

Days go by but there is nothing in the paper and they have no idea what happened. Several weeks later Malloy comes rambling into the speakeasy looking to get drunk saying he had been in the hospital with a fractured skull and broken shoulder from being hit by a car! This guy is amazing.

Even more desperate they contact a hitman but he wants too much money so they grab another drunk, Joe Murray. They got him sloshed and put Malloy’s Id on him and then had Harry Green run him over with his cab. He doesn’t die either! After 2 months he is released from the hospital.

They realize the only way to kill Malloy is with good old fashioned murder. Marino challenged Malloy to a drinking contest but Marino drank regular alcohol and Malloy was given straight wood alcohol! After he was out of it they dragged him up to a room and stuffed a hose down his throat. The hose was attached to a gas jet on the wall and they basically carbon monoxided Malloy to death. Yup he was dead this time.

The guys paid Dr. Frank Manzella to issue a false death certificate stating he died from pneumonia and alcoholism and within 4 hours Malloy was buried with no wake in a $12 wood box. Their plan almost complete with only one step left, collect the money.

So the barkeep Murphy, pretends to be Malloy’s brother and collects the $800 check. When representatives from the other 2 policies showed up Murphy was nowhere to be found. He had been arrested on an unrelated matter and was in jail. Feeling something was wrong the insurance guy contacted police.

Now the police start investigating and with 7 people involved, people talk. The hitman started telling people that an insurance scam ring tried to hire him but couldn’t afford him. The cabbie Green, hadn’t got all of his money and started talking to police to cut a deal.

Police also learned of another victim, Betty Carlson, who had mysteriously died of pneumonia in the same speakeasy and the life insurance beneficiary for her policy was no other than Marino. So this wasn’t their first run at this just their worst.

Police arrested the men and within a year, all 4 of the group were electrocuted while Manzella, the Doctor was convicted as an accessory and sentenced to an indeterminate prison term!

Mike Malloy definitely had his issues and had he not been so bad of a drunk he would not have fallen victim to these men most likely, but with that said what these lowlife’s did to this unbelievably tough man was just evil. Thankfully though, they got fried for it! To read even more details see http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2007/10/14/2007-10-14_the_durable_mike_malloy.html

The Judge

McCain – just another 4 years of Bush

John McCain or I what I saw people calling him, McBush, is getting too far along in years to be President. I say this because he seems to forget his lies too much.

He says he is different from Bush because he cares about the environment. YET, today I see him speaking in Texas about the fact we need to do more drilling here in the United States.

How is that good for the environment? It isn’t, he is just pathetic. He says, like his counterpart Bush, that our killing our environment here in the US will help lower gas prices.

This is B.S., it will take years for them to find, drill, build refineries and process this crap into gas to lower costs so it is just another lie and a way for McBush backers to make money while killing our environment.

IF, McBush really cared about the environment, NOW is the time to phase out the combustion engine all together and to spend whatever it costs to find an alternative to the way we have done things for over a 100 years.

For Pete’s sake it is 2008! The combustion engine is an outdated, inefficient piece of trash that needs to be viewed in museums not be our only real option for transportation.

McBush is also a Nuclear supporter which also is horrible for the environment. We can land robots on Mars and have them walk around doing things for years yet we have no efficient, environmentally safe ways of generating our energy here?

Don’t let McBush fool you! He cares nothing more about the environment then his moronic predecessor and his evil minions. The republicans have shown their true colors, it is all about big business, screw the little guy!

I am not saying the democrats are right on everything either cause they love to tax you to death. But if they will help to remove our dependence on oil, foreign or domestic, that I will back them until a good independent ever shows.

We need someone who isn’t going to tread party lines which does nothing but cause things to never really get done. Instead I would like to see someone who works for the American people, all of us!

We need to remove this religious stance from the republicans. Are Christians really that stupid? Stupid enough to believe that these people really believe in God and care about living the way God says? I hope not.

Just look at all of the republican politicians who have been arrested or outed after homosexual incidents and even pedophilia. Remember all of the congressional pages? 16 year old boys…yikes.

Then you have guys like Craig trying to have sex in public bathrooms with men and let’s not forget Cheney’s daughter is gay.

People need to realize they are politicians and will say whatever will get them elected. The republicans jumped on the Bible bandwagon because they wanted the numbers. All they have to do is say they are pro life and every bible thumper in the country swoons.

In the meantime, we have people who shake, starve, beat and throw away their babies. Thousands of babies die every year at the hands of their parents. Yup pro-life is helping the children alright…..not!

People need to rethink their priorities. People need to worry about their own “house” instead of putting their noses into everyone else’s. Remember God gave us free will to choose right or wrong.

If you believe abortion is wrong don’t have one but how dare you be arrogant enough to think you are smarter than God and that you need to force everyone else to live by your beliefs. If a woman has an abortion that is between her and God and NONE of your business!

You have the right and the duty, according to the Bible, to witness to people and tell them what God wants. But you have ZERO right to force anyone else to do anything they choose not to do.

Wow, got off on a rant there. Long, long story short. Don’t let McBush or any other politician pull the wool over your eyes! The time for free transportation has come.

I am talking about vehicles that require only renewable fuels without being tied to a pump somewhere like with hydrogen. The technology is coming and if we don’t take the lead it will hurt our economy bigtime down the line!

Remember McCain = 4 more years of Bush!

Time for a change!

The Judge

14 year old fights off attacker with a bat

A friend brought a young man to my attention and it got me to thinking about something I haven’t really covered yet.

Who was brought to my attention was a kid from Arizona, 14 year old Michael Six. Earlier this year he was home as usual while his parents were at work and a lowlife named Thomas Garza decided to break into the home.

Michael saw Garza breaking into the sliding glass door and ran to his room to get the phone. He called 911 and hid in his closet but it had no door so it offered little camouflage. While on the phone Garza broke into his bedroom and started rummaging through his things. A mix of fear, panic and anger overtook Michael and he grabbed his good ol’Louisville Slugger and began to swing away!

He said he only struck him twice and then the kid apologized to Garza who took the bat from him and threatened to kill him. Thankfully the police were arriving and their sirens caused him to just run into a neighbor’s yard where he was caught by police.

I am truly thankful, as I am sure his parents are, that Michael is alive and well today to tell his story. This is what got me thinking. Do people actually have and teach emergency plans for various types of life threatening problems?

I asked many of my breeder friends and family and the answer was a resounding NO. I find that scary.

Do you realize how close Michael may have come to death? What would this man have done to him had the police not been arriving. Not pretty.

I believe all parents should have emergency plans for fires, burglars, bad weather and serious health issues. These plans should be tailored to your child’s age and taught to your children over the years evolving as they grow. You want to remove all guesswork from the equation.

Take Michael for instance, he did great by going to his room and getting the phone. Bad part is he had no “safe spot” to go and hide and call to wait for police. A closet with no door is no help. Second when he swung the bat I said BRAVO! But then he stopped and said he was sorry. When dealing with an intruder, since there is no way to know his real intentions, your kids need to take that as a fight for their lives!

He should have went for the back of the head to disorient him, then groin kicked as hard as he could and maybe even kneecapped him so he couldn’t chase him. Michael should then have run away out of the house as fast as possible to ensure that Garza never would get an opportunity to hurt him.

So that leaves me to ask you, are you prepared? Had Michael been conditioned to handle such an event he would have known that if you see the intruder coming in the back door you bolt out the front and straight to a neighbor’s house, 911 can wait. Call 911 from safety if they can. I would have preferred that Michael never had the face to face encounter with Garza.

You should also have a plan for when surprised by an intruder, where should they hide? Is there a phone there or on the way? Are there self defense weapons that they have been shown to use, hidden there for protection? These are the types of things you need to think about, prepare for and condition your children to respond to, exactly the way you want.

As those brave Boy Scout’s proved with the Iowa tornado disaster just recently. Be prepared it really can save lives. My thoughts and prayers to all the Scout families touched by this disaster.

Be sure to stop by and see us for your supplies as you set your plan. Self defense Products

You can read the whole story and see a pic of Michael here http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22726809/

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