Same old polictial B.S.

Yet again Congress shows it doesn’t matter whether it is controlled by the republicans or democrats, the only thing that matters is big business.

Congress just passed another farm subsidy bill to cover more types of agriculture. We are talking about 290 BILLION dollars!!!

Why? So multi million dollar farmers can make even more money all under the guise of helping to keep food cheap. What kills me here is this, where do they think the 290 billion is coming from?

I’ll tell you, our pockets! It is all just a facade. Yup food is cheaper at the time you buy it but after getting bent over by the tax man, the price of food isn’t so cheap anymore.

Now who is one of the biggest backers of this bill? Nancy Pelosi, who owns massive farms and is the 15th richest member of Congress, will profit from this bill through her husband. The income producing assets of her family are in her husband’s name. Pretty slick!

How slimy can people be? Well I am pretty sure that is obvious now.

Our government is corrupt on both sides of the political coin and before we run around the world telling other countries how they should do things, maybe we need to clean the crap out of our own countries’ government first.

Between Bush and Cheney and of course this Congress, we have no room to speak to anyone about how they should do things.

You can read the full news story here for more details

The Judge

Woman Sexually Assaulted in her Car at 9am on a weekday

Last week there was an attack on a woman on a busy street in a neighborhood at 9am on a weekday. What makes this really bad is how it went down.

The 20 year old young lady was not out after dark alone, she was not in a particularly bad part of town nor was she not paying attention. It was 9am and she was doing what you would think you can do, drive down the road and go to work or school.

She was driving through an intersection to a major highway here in my area when a car with 4 scumbags in it pulled up and one of the guys waved a gun and told her to pull over. Which she did, right on a busy neighborhood street.

The guy with the gun got in her car and then beat, robbed and raped her. He stopped after she began to scream and they drove off. Police say since she walked away alive this is a win and one from viewpoint it is. But they are still free and she was still beaten and raped so I have trouble saying it was a win with any enthusiasm even though it definitely could have been worse.

The police commented when asked what to do in this situation that they couldn’t give specific advice because every situation is different. This is all true. With this type of situation it can play any number of ways.

Personally though, in this situation, I would have got acted like I was going to comply until they got behind me then I would have jumped on the highway calling 911 to alert police. In my eyes my truck is my only real armor against an armed idiot so pulling over isn’t going to be on my agenda. They key would be to not let them get along side of you again for a clean shot until cops can arrive to arrest the morons and that is if they even bother chasing you to begin with.

Like I said before, this could have been much worse, once this man got into her car with her he could have taken her anywhere he wanted and did whatever he wanted. As I have said, you cannot allow yourself to be taken to a secondary crime scene because the odds of you returning start to get bad.

Another option here being 9am and that she pulled onto a neighborhood street would have been while they were still behind you to lay on the horn and pull into the first driveway that looked like it had someone home.

I say this because even though they were brazen enough to do this when and how they did as soon as she started screaming he stopped and they left. So attention was something they did NOT want and would have been the first thing I would have given them!

Attackers want at least some level of stealth and if can draw attention to your plight it can make a world of difference. Be careful out there even in daytime hours and always carry some type of self defense weapon with you in your vehicle.

Stay safe and keep your eyes open!

The Judge
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